Thursday, 31 May 2018

Me & Mine Project {May 2018}

I love this time of month, the Me & Mine Project has forced me to remember to get behind the camera with the whole family and take photographs. We've had a whole load of days out since the sun has been out more. It's been a great month and I did only manage to get a few photos of all four of us together but I'm starting to really cherish these memories of us all. 

I just couldn't help but include this little snap from one of our days out this month. Baby S isn't looking, Simon is in a world of his own but D's cheeky smile just made this photo! 

This month I have loved:
*Exploring new places*
*long days basking in the sun*
*Going and enjoying the Maritime Festival and having a picnic lunch*
*Good Coffee*
*Making time every day for Simon and I*
*Getting prepared for Baby S's first Birthday*
*Taking photographs!*

This month Simon has loved:
*learning how to do a man bun, then constantly wearing the man bun*
*red checkered shirts and black skinny jeans*
*Really good coffee*
*Quitting smoking*
*Going to Ormeau Park to explore *
*Going to the Maritime Festival together*

This month D has loved:
*Power Rangers! He's still in love with them all.*
*Getting to go outside and explore new places*
*Playing at the park almost every day*
*Wearing new sunglasses*
*Learning about sentences in school*
*Going to all the new after school clubs*
*Ice cream in the sun*

This month Baby S has loved:
*Cruising around the house and outside*
*Playing at the park*
*Playing on the trying to eat all the flowers she finds*
*Climbing/ walking along fallen trees or tree stumps*
*Discovering new books and how to open them up*
*Animal sounds and toys that make animal sounds*
*Rocking out to music during the day*

What have you enjoyed this month?

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Mummy and Me {May 2018}

It's already came around to that time of the month when we join in with Mummy and Me. I am normally found behind the camera and even when I am in front it will be in a selfie type photo. May has seen us get out a whole lot more enjoying the beautiful city we live in. It's also seen Simon get behind the camera! Which I love. We've managed to capture some pretty nice shots.

Standing under the green leafy arches (Mummy and Me Photo)

Up close photo of us under green leafy arches with D showing off his daisy and Baby S holding her hand out to Daddy (our Mummy and Me Photo for May)

One of the days we spent out was at the Botanical Gardens where we stood under these beautiful arches which we had also done with D around this time when he had just turned one. It was both lovely to recreate the photo we had taken back then and it was a little bitter sweet to realise just how quickly time is passing by. Never the less, I love that I have both D and Baby S and that sometimes we even manage to all be happy, smiling and enjoying the days of sunshine.

Standing under the blossom tree in spring with D and Baby S ( Mummy and Me Photo for May)

Playing Under the same blossom tree in spring with D and Baby S at the botanical gardens. (our Mummy and Me Photo for May)

While we explored at the Botanical Gardens this blossom tree was just begging to be stood under. Don't you think? I love how much it screams spring time! We had fun playing underneath in the shade before heading off for more adventures.

(our Mummy and Me Photo for May) Baby S and I walking down a lane with green leaves in the background. Sun shinning on us.

Of course we did take our usual selfies this month too. We've been finding lovely places to walk along and this photo of Baby S and I was taken along one of the little gems I now love!

D and I at a bus stop with the sun behind us smiling for a selfie (our Mummy and Me Photo for May)

D and I on the other hand took a few silly selfies at a bus stop after we had just missed the bus. Who cares if the angle is off and the whole photo is side ways? Not me. I still love it.

How was your May?

Monday, 21 May 2018

Project 365 - Week 20

13th May {Day 132}

14th May {Day 133}

15th May {Day 134}

16th May {Day 135}

17th May {Day 136}

18th May {Day 137}

19th May {Day 138}

The glorious weather has been here all week and we couldn't help but get outside to enjoy every moment we could. We've visited the park, taken long family walks, seen the botanical gardens, had a picnic, explored new places and we enjoyed the local maritime festival. We did get to catch some of the Royal Wedding too! We managed to pack so much into the last week. It has really been lovely to spend so much time together. It makes me think forward to how the summer will be with beautiful sunshine, smiles, laughter and lots of family fun.

How did your week go?
Did you celebrate the Royal Wedding?

Monday, 14 May 2018

Armor All Interior Car Cleaning Kit Giveaway

The sun has been shining a little more recently which has let us get out to enjoy the weather and our surroundings. It hasn't just been us taking advantage of the weather either. I know most people probably are which for many will mean that the car is getting a bit more use to venture on days out. I'm willing to bet that along with those trips come some mess, especially if you have children. We have teamed up today with Armor All to help you combat any dirt in your car.

Armor All is a complete range of products made for the care of both the inside and outside of your car. With over 50 years of experience Armor All is the industry leader in car care. Their very own 'miracle formula' protects against rubber, plastic and vinyl from the effects of UV radiation, ozone and other harmful effects of nature. This formula was discovered by Joe Palcher who is the inventor of Armor All Protectant, the first product ever made, he found this way back in 1962! By 1966 a local auto shop owner got in contact with Joe and convinced him that he should bottle up his formula and sell it. It caught popularity quickly and was being used across the US in both the industry and at home by regular car owners. It wasn't until 1972 when Alan Rypinski bought the rights to the 'miracle formula' and set about renaming it to Armor All Protectant. Armor All have since been advancing their products to the entire range available today.

One of those products now available is the Armor All Interior Car Cleaning Kit, containing four products from the Armor All range it's everything you need to clean the inside of your car. Since it is all contained inside one box the kit is perfect for keeping in the car.

In each Armor All Interior Car Cleaning Kits you can find two packs of wipes. One pack of Armor All Glass wipes designed to be streak free while still combating the harsh effects of the road on your windscreen. These Armor All Glass Wipes can remove road dirt, bugs and even the grime of the road. Since the interior windows can still be effected by the harsh surroundings these are perfect for keeping around! They are suitable for all windows including those with a tint since there is no ammonia inside. To make them even better it only take one wipe to clean an entire window!

You will also find the Armor All Leather Wipes which are made to be extra stong letting you clean the leather upholstry in your car without worry of the wipe ripping. These leather wipes contain bees wax to protect your leather and to give a nice matt finish once clean. With the protection given by Armor All Leather Wipes your seats will be protected from spills and stains while being easy to clean with just a wipe. A great product to keep your leather looking new. I think these would be especially handy to have around if you've got children who travel with you.

To help you clean all the other surfaces in your car is the Armor All Multi-Purpose cleaner. With it's ability to clean many of the surfaces inside the car it is the answer to removing the need for cleaners for a specific surface. It can be used on vinyl, plastic, cloth and rubber so you really are covered on all fronts!

The final Armor All product found inside the Interior Car Cleaning Kit is the Semi-Matt Protectant which was designed to combat the suns damaging effects on the dashboard of your car. The Semi-Matt Protectant cleans away the dirt and grime that builds up on the dash board and causes damage. It continues on protecting the dashboard after use too. It's formula protects the surface against the suns effects preventing fading and discolouration. A great product to have around.

Inside you'll also find a free microfibre cloth to help you get all those jobs done. There really is everything you need inside. This kit is perfect for everyone who drives. With such a great range of products inside to help you clean up your car at a moments notice! Everyone from families with children to taxi drivers and even those who only drive themselves.

You can grab your own Armor All Interior Car Cleaning Kit with an RRP £14.99 the kit is also available at The Range.

Armor All have very kindly given us one kit to giveaway to one of our lucky readers! To be in with a chance to win your own Armor All Interior Car Cleaning Kit just enter the Gleam widget below. Please take a moment to read over our Terms and Conditions just below before entering.

Terms and Conditions

  • Entrants must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Competition is open to UK residents only.
  • Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
  • The winners will be selected at random from all the correct entries received before the closing date and time.
  • All prizes must be accepted as offered. There can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise.  
  • There will be one winner who will receive the product(s) featured in the above post
  • The PR is responsible for prize fulfillment.

  • Sunday, 13 May 2018

    Project 365 - Week 18 & 19

    29th April {Day 118} 

    30th April {Day 119}

    1st May {Day 120}

    2nd May {Day 121}

    3rd May {Day 122}

    4th May {Day 123}

    5th May {Day 124}

    April has rolled on by and we've said hello to May this week. Is it just me who is losing track of how fast this year is disappearing? 

    The sun mostly hid away this week and Baby S still wasn't 100% herself again so we mostly stayed at home. We ventured out for the school runs joining in with the Sustrans Big Pedal by taking D's bike or scooter all week. He loved it! We started using night nappies that are cloth which has cut us down to using no disposable nappies! We did manage a trip to soft play this week which was Simon's first ever. Yes he's gotten away with never being at soft play until now! It's something we tend to forget is there but I know it will become more regular.

    6th May {Day 125}

    7th May {Day 126}

    8th May {Day 127}

    9th May {Day 128}

    10th May {Day 129}

    11th May {Day 130}

    12th May {Day 131}

    With the May Bank holiday and teacher training at the start of the week we had a lovely long weekend to enjoy together. It has been lovely outside and we've taken advantage of it! We had a Birthday party and a day out together followed by our first family meal out as a 4! It was stressful but totally worth it! D decided to raid my make up and make himself over early one morning while Baby S has developed an obsession with shoes and can usually be found pulling one around with her or trying to eat it. Not sure that is entirely normal! This week also saw me conquer my fear and visit the dentist for the first time since I was a teen. We ended up going twice in two days! Not my favourite bit of the week. We did end the week at home playing games and getting some housework done. 

    Have you had a good week?

    Friday, 11 May 2018

    Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Giveaway

    I have been lucky enough to have breastfed both of my children. With D I breastfed for 3 months, while I am still breastfeeding Baby S now at almost 11 months. It's an amazing journey to go on. It can also be tiring, especially in the early months when there's not much time between feedings. Using a breast pump to express milk during these long weeks can really take the pressure off and let you relax a little, get that extra hour or two of sleep or just get a long bath alone. We've joined up with Lansinoh to give one lucky reader the chance to win a Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump to celebrate our big blog move. 

    Lansinoh know how important a good help and support system is to breastfeeding mothers. With their founder, Resheda Hagen having been a breastfeeding mother herself. I feel they really understand what it can take to breastfeed and what could help make the journey a little easier. The saying 'It takes a village' really resonates with me when it comes to thinking of the support system breastfeeding mothers need. It's a long and sometimes hard journey and I love that Lansinoh can be part of that 'village' to so many breastfeeding mothers through their products and advice. 

     The whole Lansinoh range is aimed to help mothers on their breastfeeding journey and the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is no different. Designed to be compact enough to allow you to express discreetly without any compromise. With a two 2 phase technology the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump allows you to use the 'let down phase' which helps to get your milk flowing through faster pumping action and the 'expression phase' which allows a regular, slower pumping to get as much milk as possible. Switching between modes is super easy with a single switch at the top of the pump. 

    Not only is the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump perfect for discreet expressing but it's a great size for on the go too. Since it is simple to put together with just a few parts to connect the pump is really great for when your travelling, at work or even on a journey. With no electronic parts there is no noise either! The design of this Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump includes two comfort features, the first being the ComfortFit Breast cushion which is there to get the best fit and suction from your pump. The second comfort feature is the Ergonomic Easy-Express Handle which helps give you a more comfortable pumping experience. 

    There really isn't much this Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump doesn't offer, it even won three awards! A great tool for breastfeeding mothers everywhere. The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is perfect for a wide variety of pumping needs while being easily assembled and great for on the go. It makes for a fantastic piece of kit to have around if your on or about to embark on your breastfeeding journey. 

    You can purchase the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump (RRP of £35) in Boots (by clicking on our link), Ocado, Mothercare and Amazon.

    We have got one Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump to giveaway to one of our lucky readers. You can enter using our Gleam widget below. Please read our Terms and Conditions before entering. 

    Terms and Conditions

    • Entrants must be aged 18 years or over.
    • Competition is open to UK residents only.
    • Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
    • The winners will be selected at random from all the correct entries received before the closing date and time.
    • All prizes must be accepted as offered. There can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise.  
    • There will be one winner who will receive the product featured in the above post.
    • Lansinoh is the sponsor of this giveaway and is responsible for prize fulfillment.

    Good Luck! 

    D's Birth Story - The Early Stages of Labour

    I have been meaning to share D's birth story for a while now. I've shared Baby S's Birth story already. It ended up having a part 1 and a part 2. I thought it was finally time I got around to sharing D's which was a whole other world in comparison.

    My pregnancy with D was pretty normal. I had no real complications, I wasn't high risk and I only had my normal doctors and hospital appointments. With just under 3 weeks to go before my due date I had not been expecting my 'show' but in the late morning it came anyway. I remember panicking about it and rushing to the phone to call my midwife. She calmed me down, it's normal and doesn't mean labour is going to happen right away. I knew this already of course, after going through the birthing classes and all the research I did while pregnant, I knew it. It didn't seem to matter, I still panicked. Over that same day I did start getting contractions, they did stay regular and slowly they got more painful. By that evening we called my dad and headed for the hospital. I was in a fair amount of pain at this point. We took our bags with us and waited to be seen. After a check on the monitors and some of the usual tests, we got sent home. I was 2cm! This thing was really going to happen way before 40 weeks! I took some pain relief and tried to sleep.

    Come the next morning the contractions hadn't stopped, they had eased a little although I am still not sure if I had just gotten used to them over night. The important thing was that they hadn't gotten worse. I remember trying to keep myself busy, I cleaned our little flat from top to bottom in a panic that time really was running out. We'd been told to stay active and walk around in an effort to keep up some sort of progression. We decided to take a walk into and around town which did get things moving along a little bit. By the time we got home and tried to relax for the night the pain was getting worse and we ended up back at admissions. Not much had changed and I'd gone to 3 cm. I remember feeling so frustrated, I was in a pretty good amount of pain but it seemed to be nothing. I was already wondering what this was going to be like at 10 cm if I was in a lot of pain already. 

    Another day and again I hadn't had much change. The contractions had stopped over night but slowly came back throughout the day. I had cleaned as much as I possibly could and we had taken a short walk. I thought we should try a longer walk, I'll never forget this decision. We thought it would be a good idea if we walked to what we thought was a local big shopping centre that was 'only up the road'. We had actually planned to get a taxi there and walk back since we didn't know all the directions. Ahh how bad I was at Google Maps back then! There just happened to be a small car accident right at the corner of our street which was also on a really busy main road right to the city centre, during rush hour! So that plan quickly went out the window. The lady who worked at the taxi place gave us directions and said "It's not that long a walk, you'll be fine. A nice walk while pregnant." I strongly dislike this woman. We headed off and after an hour it became very clear that 1) This place was most certainly not anywhere near us nor was it in walking distance for a pregnant woman and 2) We had no idea how much longer it was going to take to get there but going back would also take another hour. We decided to keep going. I swear it was at least another hour before we got there! It probably wasn't but it was already dark and we'd left while the sun was out. I was just thankful it didn't rain. We did stop a few times and have a little break. After we eventually got there we grabbed some bits we might need if I did go into hospital along with the usual bread, milk and extras as a treat after that walk! We did get a taxi home and after a quick shower we tried to relax a little together. I had been wearing a pantie liner since anytime D moved in the right place I was finding I was peeing a tiny bit. (Nothing an 19 year old wants to be doing I can tell you.) It was feeling damper than usual after a short space of time. I was now standing over beside our kitchen counter moving my body from side to side to try and ease the pain. 

    Yet again we headed to the hospital. I was feeling bad at this point about having my dad travel down to us over and over again. This time things had actually changed, I was still 3 cm and having regular contractions but my water bag had started leaking. Which meant that in the next 24 hours we would be in hospital until baby was born. It was around this point that they told me he was still back to back, which at the time didn't mean much to me. They did say he should turn during labour. What they didn't mention was that back to back labour is incredibly painful, more so than a labour where the baby is in the right position. We did get sent home again, this time we had an appointment for 12pm the next afternoon to come in for induction. We didn't actually head home, we ended up at my dad's house.It made more sense to be there should something happen he could take us straight to the hospital in the middle of the night. I remember someone suggesting I would be able to get a long hot bath and thinking how great that would feel. I couldn't, once your water breaks you can't get a bath without risking an infection to the baby. It didn't matter anyway, my contractions completely stopped and I got some much needed sleep. Just before 12pm the next day we headed to hospital after getting freshened up and getting everything we needed ready.

    As usual I have ended up writing much more than I had intended and unless I plan to write as though there is no tomorrow I will have to cut this story in half too. The last half will go up next week, come back to see how my back to back labour went, other than getting to meet my perfect little boy. 

    Friday, 4 May 2018

    Welcome to Us Two Plus You, Our New Online Home

    I finally did it! 

    Welcome to our new home on the web. I've been behind the scenes using so much of my very little free time to get all of our posts and photos moved over. That's before I even mention creating a whole theme, photos new layouts buttons. I never knew there was quite so much to do! I've learnt so much more than I ever expected to, my brain is fit for bursting at this point! I now know how to code (well I know enough to keep me going), how to add and use actual widgets, the nitty gritty of them, the in's and out's of coding for photos and placement. It's been a journey to say the least.

    Now however, we are here, at a new beginning of sorts. I'm so excited but I'm also quite anxious. We are evidently starting again. Moving has meant that all our followers and readers have probably been left behind (unless your on social media that is). It also means lots of background changes and I may have made a few mistakes that won't show up until later down the line. (I really hope not!)

    Anyway. Life is beginning a new chapter for us all here at Us Two Plus You. I'm getting to grips with my new layout, features and all the extra fiddly bits this new wondrous home is letting me use. It's so bloody cool! There will be lots happening over the next week, I have some great giveaways planned for you as well as our regular posts. Tomorrow I am starting with our first proper post, sharing my birth story with D. It's incredible that over 4 years after starting Us Two Plus You, I have never done it before! I thought it would be fitting to start here as we started our first day as a family of 3. Oh how far we have come from then.

    For now I will toast my freshly poured glass of wine in celebration that we are here and for now I can relax. If only for tonight.

    To new beginnings,

    Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies Review

    The sun is out and we are set to get even more of it just in time for the bank holiday weekend. Which is great news! As soon as the sun comes out D always asks for ice cream or ice lollies of every kind, I'm pretty sure he'd live on them if we let him. I knew he'd just love the new Paw Patrol Ice Lolly range.

    Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies Box

    Paw Patrol is loved by children all over, I know D is still obsessed with the pups and their adventures. These Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies are just perfect for him, they come in packs of 6. Each lolly is individually wrapped in a plain white, sealed pack which protects them once the box is opened in the freezer. The box itself is bright, colourful and features four of the famous pups Rubble, Marshall, Skye and Chase.

    Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies are shaped like Paw Prints

    Each of the Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies is shaped like a pup print with a vanilla middle and chocolate outer edge. The perfect combination for children. D loved the shape and the flavours. I must say they reminded me of really thick chocolate and vanilla milkshakes, who doesn't love chocolate milkshake?

    Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies Review - Nutritional Information

    One of my biggest concerns is that D and Baby S are getting a good balanced diet without having too much high calorie foods. The official Change4Life guidelines state that children should be getting snacks which are below 100 calories at the most twice per day. It can be surprising just how many Calories can be found inside ice cream lollies made for children. The Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lolly range is perfect for grabbing and going without any need to worry since each lolly contains just 86 calories! Below the recommended snack allowance.

    D enjoying his Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lolly D enjoying a Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lolly

    As you can see D really enjoys the Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies. He has asked for one every time it has been sunny, didn't matter to him that most days it had just finished raining! He said "This lolly is just so nice" which is as good as it gets for him.

    Baby S enjoying a Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lolly

    Even Baby S has got to enjoy the new range of Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies with the great weather. She seemed to wolf them down after lunch! It's great that I can give both children a nice treat which they can both have to enjoy. Admittedly Baby S gets covered in ice cream when having a Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lolly.

    The new Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lolly range is perfect for the whole family. With the UK heating up again over the coming days these are perfect as a nice snack to keep the children cool while staying inside the Change4You guidelines for snacks. They are perfect for long days in the garden. The lollies keep their shape really well and we found a quick 20 minute trip to the park with a cool bag kept the Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies at a good temperature to cool them down after running around.

    The new range of Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies (RRP £2) are available from Asda Tesco, Iceland (using the above link), Farmfoods and Co-op (6 pack). There is also a 4 pack available from Aldi (RRP £1).


    Disclaimer: The feature products got sent to us for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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