Tuesday, 10 April 2018

What We're Reading - The Smartest Giant in Town

It has almost been two years now since I shared our favourite book of the month. D is taking more of an interest in the book itself now that he is learning to read. He's such a little book worm! This months favourite is The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffer. We got this book around Christmas time in our book advent. D has loved it from the first time we opened the cover.

The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldon - Review

We are huge Julia Donaldson fans, in fact each month when we change up the books D will always pick at least one Julia Donaldson book to put in the bookcase. The Smartest Giant in Town is about a giant who wears old sandals and a patched up gown while all the other giants look smart. When a new tailor comes to town and opens up a shop the giant buys a whole new look. A very smart look. A look which makes him feel fantastic! On his way home he comes across some animals who really need some of this new clothes. Being such a kind Giant he helps them. I won't divulge any further but it's certainly worth a read!

D's favourite part when the Giant gives his tie to the giraffe.JPG

D loves that the giant is such a kind person. His favourite part of the whole book is when the Giant first leaves the tailors shop and runs into a Giraffe who has a very cold neck. The Giant takes off his brand new tie and gives it to the Giraffe to keep his long neck warm. What a kind Giant!

I love that The Kindest Giant in Town really shows that you don't have to have a lot to give to others. The giant wanted to help the animals he met and they really needed his clothes and shoes much more than he did. D was able to recognise that the giant needed his clothes and shoes too but that he was helping everyone he met.

The whole book is filled with the beautiful artwork of Axel Scheffler. His unique style of illustration really bring Julia Donaldson's story to life within the pages. Axel Scheffler really shows the difference between the giant at the start who has his ragged gown and worn out sandals to the smart Giant who emerges in a fine suit with black shoes. A happier, prouder giant who feels on top of the world. It is so important that the illustrator can portray what is really happening in the story. Since the book is for children and many children can't read they need to be able to understand what is happening in each page by just the illustrations. I think Axel Scheffler does this perfectly in The Smartest Giant in Town.

If you have not yet added the Smartest Giant in Town to your collection, I highly recommend you do. It's perfect for children of all ages and makes for a great bedtime story for siblings too.

You can purchase The Smartest Giant In Town from Amazon for £4.19


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