Monday, 16 April 2018

The Siblings Project {April}

D and Baby S on St Patrick's Day 2018.JPG

The last half of March and into April has really held some amazing moments for D and Baby S. They have shared their first St Patrick's Day. Living in Northern Ireland it is a big day with lots of family events for children. Both children had a great day, we all did.

D and Baby S at Easter _ The Siblings Project D & Baby S at Easter

D and Baby S also spent their first Easter together. I don't know what it is about holiday events and fun but I always feel that they make each other so much more excited. D loved showing Baby S how to search for eggs during our egg hunt.

D and Baby S Egg hunt - Siblings Project
He is such a doting big brother. He even helped her to get her big bunny prize at the end before diving (quite literally!) at his own.

I've loved every second of watching them together this month, just as I have every month. They are both such strong and independent little people and sometimes that means they totally disagree. D can have his moments when he doesn't want to share or he really just wants Baby S to go away. We all do, don't we? The problem now is that Baby S is most certainly not afraid to hold her own! They can already fight like cat and dog. It's inevitable with siblings to have their little squabbles, I'm just glad that so far D and Baby S forgive each other quickly and get back to playing.

I love watching how their relationship changes so much in just a single month. Baby S is really getting interested in toys now and she quite enjoys playing with toys that are similar to those which D is playing with. D is in his element showing her how great toys can really be.


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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