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Project 365 - Week 15

8th April {Day 97}

Project 365 - Day 97 - April 8th

9th April {Day 98}

Project 365 - Day 98 - April 9th

10th April {Day 99}

Project 365 - Day 99 - April 10th

11th April {Day 100}

Project 365 - Day 100 - April 11th

12th April {Day 101}

Project 365 - Day 101 - April 12th

13th April {Day 102}

Project 365 - Day 102 - April 13th

14th April {Day 103} 

Baby S at 10 months old

D has returned to school for the last term of the year. We've all missed him. The last few weeks it really seemed that he was home more than at school. Between the days the school has been closed and the snow days we've seen a lot of him. We've been slowly adjusting back to our routines. Baby S has started to get her nap times back to normal too, her sleeping pattern always changes a little when D is around. She probably thinks she will something exciting if she sleeps! This week Baby S has turned  10 months old. I'm still in denial that so much time has past us by.

We've been trying to keep up the fun and taking one little time out of the day to do a little one on one time with D. On Tuesday we did just that with a little maths game. We both love maths and it helped us all stay busy while Simon took a trip to A & E. The Saturday before Easter while we all played at the park he had a little incident with the roundabout which hit him pretty hard in his left ribs. After well over a week and waking up in a fair bit of pain he finally admitted he needed an x-ray. Turns out he has two cracked ribs! He's on strict instructions to do as little to aggravate it as he can. So we will have to be careful what we plan to do over the next 3 months while they heal.

We've still got out and visited family this week. I am rather enjoying the nicer weather which has let us get out in the few days between the rain. It's not been great weather considering it's spring but you gotta take what you can get sometimes. We've stayed home these last 2-3 days now but we plan to get out a lot more next week if we can get good enough weather.

How has your week been?



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