Sunday, 8 April 2018

Project 365 - Week 14

1st April {Day 90}

Project 365 - Day 90 - April 1st

2nd April {Day 91}

Project 365 - Day 91 - April 2nd

3rd April {Day 92}

Project 365 - Day 92 - April 3rd

4th April {Day 93}

Project 365 - Day 93 - April 4th

5th April {Day 94}

Project 365 - Day 94 - April 5th

6th April {Day 95}

Project 365 - Day 95 - April 6th

7th April {Day 96} 

Project 365 - Day 96 - April 7th

What a week! Easter has come and gone faster than I thought it would. This Easter was Baby S's first, we enjoyed egg hunting, chocolate eating, bun making and dressing up like bunnies! They're both so adorable as little bunnies! We didn't really expect the forecast of snow to be true but it snowed! It wasn't exactly a 'white Easter' as the news was reporting but we did see snow. Which led to our Easter Monday plans changing and we stayed in doing some art. Baby S even joined in and discovered paint for the first time. I plan to do a big messy paint morning in the next few weeks with her and D. They would love it!

The rest of the week included visiting a petting zoo, another two egg hunts, Visiting family, D joined us at Mum's and Tot's again, jumping in muddy puddles, a 14.5k family walk, exploring new places, playing at the park,  bike rides and family movies. We've managed to fit so much in! I'm a little sad that next week will see us getting back into our family routine and D will go back to school. We saw the starting signs that spring is really here with sunny day and I hope we will have lots more to come this month. We plan to get out much more with D and Baby S over the weekends and trying to make as much family fun time as we can together.

How was your Easter?



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