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Project 365 - Week 13

25th March {Day 83}

Project 365 - Day 83

26th March {Day 84}

Project 365 - Day 84

27th March {Day 85}

Project 365 - Day 85

28th March {Day 86}

Project 365 - Day 86

29th March {Day 87}

Project 365 - Day 87

30th March {Day 88}

Project 365 - Day 88

31st March {Day 89} 

Project 365 - Day 89

Goodbye March! This year is flying by, I know I say this all the time but I really can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing. This week saw the start of Easter break for us with school ending for D on Monday afternoon. Since he was only in for a half day we have been making the most of all our time together. We've had trips to the park, visiting family, baby group along with a local Easter event with Rebecca from over at Mum of A Premature Baby and both her little ones. On the few days we have stayed home we have packed in playing together, dancing, relaxing and watching a little TV when we need a break.

I love having Both Baby S and D at home all day. It can be tiring and it's guaranteed, come the end of the day I am struggling to stay awake (currently fighting my tired eyes as I type). However it's worth it. Creating memories and having fun as a family is important to me. We like everyone else have bad days, lazy days and we have fun days. The routine we get into during school term is great, it works for us and we try to get out when we can but life sometimes comes first. That is why I love the holidays when we can get out, explore and try to pack in as much as we can together. Who cares if that means we are tired and ready for bed by 8pm some days?

I am so excited for the next week, Baby S will experience her first Easter! We have lots planned for the week, fitting in as much fun as we can. Now just to hope the weather isn't bad and we can get out enjoying our time off together as a four. Happy Easter!

How was your week?



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