Monday, 23 April 2018

Our Family Photo shoot

In January I was lucky enough to win a photo shoot session with a local studio, Little Fox Photography . I was so excited! We had been talking about wanting to book in and get some professional photos taken of both D and Baby S. We had a fantastic time despite my worries of it being awkward or the children just going crazy through the whole thing. Ricky, the owner and photographer of Little Fox Photography is so friendly and mostly let both D and Baby S do their own thing, they played, laughed, found some toys and played more. Baby S got a little fussy every now and then, we just let her come get a cuddle and D played around with Simon. It couldn't have gone any better!

I was delighted with the photos which we decided to purchase after. They are all just so good! I've got a few favourites and I had planned to choose my top 10 favourites from the shoot but it was just too difficult, instead I have my top 12 which I wanted to share today.

D's cute face - Little Fox Photography

D's 'cute face' we see this face quite often but it is rarely caught on camera.

Baby S looking to the right - little fox photography

This has to be my favourite of Baby S, drool and all!  A friend recently told me that she loves how Baby S looks at me, like I am her whole world. Right here I can really see what she meant.

D looking at the camera - Little Fox Photography
I have a thing about D's eyes, I could spend hours taking photos with his big brown eyes gazing at me. They just draw you in.

D smiling - Little Fox Photography

You may have noticed that I do love a little black and white. Each of the shots came in both black and white as well as colour but this is one of my favourites in black and white.

D's Star Wars & Batman pose - Little Fox Photography

D is superhero obsessed. He particularly loves Batman, which he'd worn on the day. He'd recently started to love Star Wars too. Although they clash here, it's in a pretty epic way!

D and Simon lightsabor fighting - Little Fox photography
Light saber fight! Play fighting happens on a daily basis in our house so this is so natural for Simon and D.

D - Little Fox Photography
What's not to love about that little smile?

D and Baby S with a unicorn toy - Little Fox Photography
D and Baby S adore playing together. They both loved this little crocheted unicorn as you can see. Although neither is looking in this shot. I love how natural it is.

D and Baby S up close together - Little Fox Photography
Baby S and D look so similar, maybe not now but Baby S has so many features that D had as a baby. I love that right here their eyes are so contrasting. His brown beside her blue.

Simon, D, Baby S and I - Little Fox Photography.jpg
The final favourite is this shot of all 4 of us. I've said before about how I struggle to get a shot if us all looking at the camera. This is perfect.


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