Monday, 30 April 2018

Mummy and Me { April 2018 }

Spring has arrived! At last we've seen ourselves getting out a lot more.
Mummy and Me April - At the spring fair
Mummy and Me April
April brought with it a little heatwave for the UK. We got out as much as possible with both D and Baby S. We made it to the Belfast Spring Fair which was full to bursting with family fun. I even managed to relinquish the camera for a while and Simon caught a few snaps of me and both children! It's such a rare occasion that I get photos with both that aren't just selfies so these will be treasured.
Mummy and Me April - Baby S and I
Simon managed to get this one of Baby S and I playing before we headed off for more fun. It's nice that we aren't posing, I kind of like that this was just a moment for us. You can't see Baby S's face but she loves being up in the air like this. I am usually found holding her up and making her laugh so I do love this one.
Mummy and Me April - D and I selfie
D and I managed to get our usual selfie too. This month it was just after an event over Easter when he got his face painted like a Gecko lizard.  We had taken ourselves up to his room and had a little read of a book, just us two. It's hard to find time for just the two of us when Baby S is awake. I try to do a little something with D after she has gone over for a nap. Which I think I should try to do more often!
It's so hard to believe that it's almost May! Lots will be happening for us over the next month and I hope that with this lovely weather we can get out for more days as a family as well as finding a good balance between school, homework, housework, actual work and family. I'm looking forward to the longer days that are ahead and to many more days together next month.
How has your April been?


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