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Baby S at 10 Months Old

Baby S at 10 months old Baby S at 10 Months old B&W

I can't believe I'm typing this already, Baby S is 10 Months old! The last 10 months have been a crazy ride. Baby S has just fitted into our little family like she was always there. Looking back I feel like she has always been with us, making us feel complete. She does, it feels as though she was always meant to be the final piece to our puzzle. So much has changed this month with Baby S. I'm starting to think she's growing in overdrive right now! Every time I turn around or grab a second to think she has learnt something new!


Baby S at 10 Months - Happy

Baby S has such a great little personality. She has become so vocal at the minute, if she knows what she wants then she certainly isn't afraid to shout all about it! Her vocabulary range is still Mama, Dada, Hi and her little nickname for D. You can see that she is trying to say new sounds and words, she sits and moves her tongue around in her mouth testing the sounds it makes. If she gets a sound close to something we said she beams a huge proud smile!

She's recently become so curious about everything, she is constantly trying to find somewhere new to discover. She gets so excited about new toys. In fact it doesn't even have to be a toy. She has a great attention span when it comes to everyday items, such as bottles from juice, wooden spoons and pretty much anything she probably shouldn't! Her current favourite is sticks. Baby S has started to show us her favourite things. I love when she discovers something new that she really loves. Her favourite thing to do at the minute is to shake the maracas. She adores the sound, it always makes her happy to shake them in all different ways and hear the sounds they make. Her and D have been having great time playing the instruments together.

Another new favourite pass time this last month has been to dance along to music. She seems to really like all genres so far but she really enjoys the weekends or early morning wake up from D. They both wake up and have a good old early morning boogie in the bed while we all sing along to cheesy music on the radio. They make for some of the best early starts we've had! It's not just hits that are grabbing her interest now but nursery rhymes and children's songs can keep her entertained for a good half hour! She just loves Baby Shark at the minute.

Baby S has started to test the boundaries, I really thought we had a bit more time before she decided she wanted to do everything her way. Can girls already act like teens at 10 months old? She's got quite the temper when she hears the word no. I love how strong she is already, at the same time I wish she'd stay small for just a little longer! I can see her becoming quite the little boss around here.


I feel like we are moving backwards when it comes to sleeping at night. Baby S doesn't have a real routine for sleeping, well in a way she does but it isn't great. She tends to sleep from around 9pm one night and would sleep through with just 2 feeds but the next night is more of a polar opposite. We could spend most of the night with her fighting her sleep before we manage to sleep around 2am. It's not ideal and we are trying to get into a routine over the next couple of weeks. Nap times however are a totally different story! She loves to nap and we will get a good hour or two for a morning nap just before lunch. Baby S will usually get another half hour nap between D getting home from school and dinner.

Physical Ability

Baby S crawling

Baby S has learnt so much this month. Towards the start of the month she started crawling! I honestly thought she just wouldn't crawl, she had no real interest on being on the floor at all. I think when she saw another baby crawling through a toy tunnel at Mum's and Tot's it gave her a little motivation.

This month has also saw her take even more interest in walking. She has been using the walls to walk around for the last few weeks but this month has seen her start to discover wheeled toys that she can walk along with. She's so delighted that she can get going without anyone helping her! I can't quite believe we have already reached this stage! D didn't even have an interest in walking using those toys until he was over one. She's moving along so much faster than he did.

Not only has Baby S started to get much more mobile but she has learnt how to climb! Which has shown us that she seems to have no fear either. We have been using her little play tables when I have mopped the floor or am doing a little tidying to try keeping her on one side of the room. Well we used to. She know how to climb right up on top of them now. D was never a big climber other than the stairs, I'm constantly running after Baby S trying to keep her from climbing up something. I already know she is going to be keeping me on toes!


Project 365 - Day 91 - April 2nd

Baby S has started to really enjoy sensory play much more now. This month saw her discover paint, she had a feel of the texture, squished it in her hands along with the brush and dabbed the brush around on some paper. She really seemed to enjoy it. I'm looking forward to getting the paint out and letting her go a bit crazy in the next month or two.

We've been playing Peek a boo with Baby S for months but she has started to try playing along when she wants to. She'll lift the blanket up over her eyes and pull it down smiling and shouting "aahhhhhh". It's so cute! She has started to put both her arms up to cover her eyes if she can't find a blanket too.

Over the last week I have started to notice a change in how Baby S plays with her little toys. In particular her vehicle toys. She doesn't bash them around or just dive them straight for her mouth anymore, she puts them on the floor and pushes them back and forth to play. She seems to be very happy just watching the cargo forward a little and back again. It doesn't have to be up the right way or really touching the floor but it can mesmerise her. It's lovely to watch her start to figure out what each toy can do differently. I'm looking forward to all the fun exploring ahead.


There have been so many Milestones the last few weeks and I am going to start with the biggest. Baby S took a step! Yes, singular. She took one step towards me stopped, stood there and looked at me as if she was saying "There are you happy now?" before she sat down and crawled away. I couldn't help but laugh! I don't think it will be very long before she toddling herself away now. Such a scary thought!

Baby S eating chocolate at Easter Baby S's first Easter

Baby S has experienced her first St Patrick's Day along with her first Easter! It has been amazing watching her eyes light up with delight at the events we attended for both. I must say Easter was my favourite. We had egg hunting, Baby S loved finding all the brightly coloured eggs, not to mention all the chocolate! We also took days out where she got to pet some adorable little animals.


We have been so lucky the last few months. Baby S has managed to avoid many of the bugs D has caught or everyone else has got. She even dodged a bug I had for the most part. She has caught a cold this last week which has been waking her through the night. I hate that there isn't more you can do for them when they are ill. She has been coping so well with this cold and it only seems to be really annoying her through the night.


Baby S eating

Weaning has been going so well! Baby S really loves her food. We've still only found a few foods she isn't as keen on. She really enjoys having foods she can eat without any help. So independent! We are still very much in the playful, touchy phase of weaning. Any new texture and taste is still so exciting for her. She is still discovering new foods and combinations too. It's amazing to think how far and fast she has come on her weaning journey. Her current favourite foods are pasta, chicken, carrots, broccoli, apples, grapes and Bananas. She really loves her fruit and vegetables! Such a stark contrast to D who enjoys a select variety. It's lovely to see her go straight for her fruit or veg at the start of every meal. She's becoming little miss independent at meal times now too. She is starting to take an interest in using her spoon on her own! If I load it up with food she can get most of it into her mouth. She's so clever already.

Baby S breastfeeding

We are still breastfeeding together. It still amazes me that we have gotten so far in our breastfeeding journey. We seem to fit breastfeeding in around meal times most days. Until recently Baby S would only take some juice in a cup. She's never really taken to bottles at all, we struggled for a long time getting her to use a cup. She's now taking a little water with most of her meals which has meant we have dropped 2 - 3 small feeds every day. She's still having around 7 - 9 feeds including her two feeds through the night. We don't have any real plans on stopping breastfeeding until Baby S is ready. Now that we are so far into our breastfeeding journey I plan to share it in a post later this month so do keep an eye out if you'd like to hear more.



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