Saturday, 31 March 2018

The Me & Mine Project {March}

Me and Mine March 2018
It has been one hell of a month! D turned five, I got ill and slept for a week, it snowed, spring has arrived at last and life has been ticking on by. Despite trying my best, I have managed to not take a photo of all four of us which is recognisable. Ops? 

We did have this beautiful image of all four of us looking at the camera arrive this month! So what if it was technically taken back in January? I love it! We have had lots of issues getting a good photo of us all while everyone isn't looking at with D or Baby S. Usually they do something 5 seconds before the camera snaps. Who knew getting 4 people to look in one direction was so difficult? Any who, I was lucky enough to win a 30 minute photo shoot with a local photographer in January. We got lots of photos which I am so excited about but we did choose this one to get a proper print of, it arrived this month and is now proudly added to our home.

This month I have loved:

*Early morning dance parties before starting the day*

*Watching RuPaul's Drag Race*

*Movie nights*

*St Patrick's Day*

*The warmer weather!*

*Family days out, exploring*

*Seeing family*

This month Simon has loved:

*Personalising and updating his desk area*

*Movie nights*

*trying new elements of graphic design *

*Cuddles on the sofa*

*Visiting the park and fun family outings*

*discovering a new beard oil*

This month D has loved:

*Playing family games*

*Getting out to explore new places*

*His birthday!*

*The snow*

*Early morning dancing on the bed*

*Playing superheroes*

*We're wearing out the naughty step by Nick Inkpen*

This month Baby S has loved:

*Baby books*


*Playing at the park*

*Mummy's attention*

*Discovering the whole house from new angles and views*

*Being sung to*

*Long cuddles*

What have you enjoyed this month?



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