Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Me & Mine Project {February}

Well February has been and gone, this year seems to be moving even faster than last year did! I may have cheated this month and used a photo from January as well as one from February. They aren't the best Photos but we are certainly working on the family selfies!

Me & Mine Project - January - February
I had to share this one of us all dressed up in January as I managed to miss January's post. Oops!

Me & Mine Project - February

Since I tried in February to get a good photo of us all and failed miserably I had to share a fun one where Simon took the moment to tickle D at the same time I hit capture! I still love it.

Me & Mine project - February, improtu selfie by D

D even managed to get an odd selfie of us all by accident which I of course had to include!

I am really looking forward to the warmer weather that I am hoping will come with March!

This month I have loved:

*Family walks*

*Watching Good Mythical Morning*

*Cuddling up on lazy days*

*Selfies with D and Baby S*

*Long baths in candle light*

*Hot chocolate on cold days*

*Clearing out the house (slowly!)*

*Our new downstairs layout*

This month Simon has loved:

*Completing a daily stream for 30 days*


*Late starts*

*Monster Hunter World*

*Getting out as a family to quite and relaxing places*

*Meeting up with friends*

This month D has loved:

*The Snow*

*Valentine's Day*

*Playdates and reconnecting with friends he's known since birth*

*Playing Lego Batman on the Xbox*

*LEGO building*

*building Junk art monsters*

*Rock climbing for the first time*

This month Baby S has loved:

*Digging for dinosaurs in jelly*

*Walking when holding onto people's hands*

*Seeing the world by looking around the edge of the pram*

*D making funny faces*

*Discovering Tulle*

*Teething toys*

*Watching the world out the front window*

What have you loved this month?


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  1. Kayleigh Watkins13 March 2018 at 22:17

    These photos are the best, they are real and show you all happy xXx


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