Monday, 26 March 2018

Project 365 - Week 12

18th March {Day 76}

Project 365 - Day 76

19th March {Day 77}

Project 365 - Day 77

20th March {Day 78}

Project 365 - Day 78

21st March {Day 79}

Project 365 - Day 79

22nd March {Day 80}

Project 365 - Day 80

23rd March {Day 81}

Project 365 - Day 81

24th March {Day 82} 

Project 365 - Day 82

Although I started the week out feeling much better than last week it didn't last long. I have spent the majority of the week asleep. No idea what I managed to catch but it seems that I was the only one who would get it! Everyone else has been feeling good. I was actually really surprised to discover I did have a photo for every day this week! Granted I have used a selfie D took on the only day I hadn't caught a photo and there is a very blurred photo of Baby S when she decided to climb inside the bag I had just removed washing from. Yes washing while ill, us Mama's never really get a break even when we are so ill we are barely awake. I have been feeling much better over this weekend and I finally think it has gone. This week saw D complete his sticker chart in school. We are so proud of him. He got some little treats for his reward. we start to get back to normal, just in time for Easter break which started this afternoon.

How has your week been?



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