Thursday, 29 March 2018

Mummy and Me { February & March 2018 }

I first joined in with a lovely little link up called Mummy and Me in January. I love that it is pushing me to get i the photos with both children instead of hiding behind the lens.

Mummy and Me - February selfies
I missed the February post but I did take a shot in February of all three of us together on a cold afternoon snuggled at home and taking a few selfies. I love these little days in winter when you can really enjoy the short time at home while the wind howls outside.

Mummy and Me - February

Another favourite from February was this one of D and I, D usually isn't interested in getting a photo with just me but during half term he joined us at our Mums and Tots group. We stopped on our way there and D wanted a photo so we did just that!

Mummy and Me - March

March has involved even more cold days huddled up inside, this time they decided we quite literally needed to huddle up, on top of me! Many of my days look like this at one point or another and honestly, I wouldn't change it for the world! This one may be blurred and I look a bit odd but it's kinda hard to juggle two children and a camera all at once. Especially when one is pretending to sleep on your arm.

Mummy and Me - March - St Patricks day

We got to celebrate St Patrick's Day this month with a little event type thing in a shopping centre. We got to meet Skye from Paw Patrol and again I look rather awkward but then I don't really care. The fact that 1. I am in this photo and 2. I am not juggling both children and the camera to take said photo is a minor miracle so I am going to love this one, even if I do have one enormous chin.

I am so excited that we look to be getting over the horrible weather and spring is finally starting to spring! I am looking forward to Easter break, day trips, outings and walks as a family. Getting out in the good fresh air.



  1. You've got some love shots there, love that last one particularly. Have a great Easter #mummyandme

  2. Aww, I love all these photo's! I'm a sucker for B+W too!

  3. Sometimes thing just look so much better in Black and white. I probably try it on every photo tho haha!

  4. Thank you. It's not very often that the other half gets behind the camera and actually gets a shot so that one has to be a favourite for me too. Happy Easter!


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