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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We are now just days away from Mother's Day, with the recent snow covering the UK everything seems to have been put on hold. For us it has and Mother's Day has been pretty far from my mind these last few days. With the day now looming I've realised just how much has been left to the last-minute this year. With many women in our lives from Mothers to Grandmothers and even a Great Grandmother to think about there is a whole host of likes, dislikes and interests which we can find a gift from. Since I can't be the only one who finds themselves needing some last minute gifts this Mother's Day, I thought I would share some idea's with you.

Dorco Eve 6 Razor and Blades


This is more than just a mere razor. The Dorco Eve 6 has 6 uniquely bent blades which can be placed even closer together to give you a safer shave with less skin irritation. The blades are paired up with a rubber guard which you can see up close below. This guard is designed to prepare your skin and hair for the effects of the blades followed by the blue lubricating strip which are all positioned on a pivoting head which bends to ensure a smooth shave over all those areas you hate shaving. I love that the whole head for the Dorco Eve 6 can bend almost in half allowing you to get all the harder to shave areas without having to make odd shapes with your body! Is that just me?


I think most Mother's out there would be amazed to receive a gift that is so practical and would get used regularly. I would have to recommend that this would be a perfect gift for a new mother especially. I know it seems a bit more unusual as first Mother's day gift, stick with me. Just under five years ago I celebrated my very first mother's day, within a week of giving birth to D. I wasn't long home from the hospital, still sore and just starting to figure out how to be a Mother. I would have been so grateful to have someone think about the practicality of a gift like the Dorco Eve 6 Razor. After not being able to even see, never mind shave my legs and feet properly for a good few weeks or months this would have been perfect! If your buying a gift this Mother's Day for a new mum, I would have to recommend you get her the Dorco Eve 6 and give her a good long (as long as possible) uninterrupted bath/ shower/ relaxing time. You will be her hero!

You can get the Dorco Eve 6 along with blades from just £4.58 thanks to the current sale. (Sale available at the time of publishing this guide)

Eyejusters Adjustable Reading Glasses


These reading glasses are exactly what they sound like. Reading glasses which you can adjust! The whole idea is so obvious that you wonder why they aren't everywhere. The Eyejusters are the only pair of reading glasses you will ever need. It's no secret that as we age our eyes have a harder time and for many of us reading glasses will become part of our daily life.


Most of the Women in my family wear some form of reading glasses, a few even have various pairs for different tasks. The great thing about these Eyejusters is they won't need whole host of glasses anymore! With a range of strengths to choose from Eyejusters can be changed to suit every activity you need from hobbies and reading to seeing items close up. It's simple to change and choose any strength between +0.5 through to +4.0 D. The easy to use dial you see in the photo above is used by twisting to your desired strength. With one dial on each lens you can even adjust the Eyejusters to suit each eye if you need a different strength. I love that they can even be adjusted on your face! Yes, it is really that easy.

Eyejusters are the perfect gift for Mother's who wear reading glasses for any reason and you don't need to worry about buying the wrong strength at all. I know these would be loved by so many of the Women in our lives. With a whole range of styles and colours available there is something for everyone too.

You can get Eyejusters Adjustable Reading Glasses starting from £69 with the Multi layer pair featured above at £79.

Mummy & Baby Bunny


How cute are these? Stuffed animals are everywhere around Mother's Day. Soft fluffy animals can be adorable. It's almost guaranteed that I will get one each year. I do love little cute animals and this year will be just the same! I simply had to include this little duo which are just beyond adorable! A matching Mummy and Baby Bunny set with a lovely pink floral fabric used on both the feet and ears on the Mummy bunny along with the Ears on the baby bunny. The set has super soft fur perfect for cuddling. The Mummy Bunny even has velcro attached to the front paws which lets the Mummy cuddle up to the Baby. The set is also available in bears, which are equally adorable.

You can get this Mummy and Baby Bunny set at Poundland for £5. (You can check availability by clicking on the link and entering your postcode.

Botonique - Non Alcoholic Botanical Drink

Botonique Non Alcoholic botanical drink - Mothers day ift ideas

This bubbly botanical drink is perfect for wine lovers who can't or don't drink alcohol. Botonique has more to offer than just delicious taste, containing Prelixir® this non alcoholic drink has health benefits! Yes, you read that right Botonique has its own Prelixir® which is a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that we know are diminished by alcohol. This Prelixir® allows Botonique to provide benefits such as detoxifying, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant and hydrating. You get to enjoy all the pleasure of drinking without any of the negative effects. Paired with the fact there is no added sugar, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours what is not to love?

Not only will Botonique help you feel great instead of depleting those all important vitamins and mineral but it is even low calorie, perfect for those who are watching their waistline. Botonique contains  1/6 the amount of calories found in a bottle of wine.

Botonique is perfect for those who choose not to drink or who are unable to drink. As a breastfeeding Mother myself I think Botonique is a great treat for both expectant and breastfeeding Mother's to enjoy this Mother's Day.

You can get Botonique Non Alcoholic Botanical Drink for £6.99 (750 ml bottle) or a case of 6 Botonique Non Alcoholic Botanical Drinks £39 (case of 6, 750 ml bottles). Botonique is also currently available at Ocado while set to appear on more major retailers over the coming months.

The Makery Craft Kits

It's no secret that I enjoy getting crafty. I love to make new items and trying new crafts for myself. A lot of the women in my family are the same and each has their own little niche of crafts. My Mother and Grandmother are very talented as are both of Simon's Grandmother's. Which of course means I love to find crafty/ creative gifts and Mother's Day is no exception. The Makery Craft Kits are perfect for those with a creative streak, since each kit is geared to one craft and contains every item you will need to complete an entire project along with easy to follow instructions.

The Makery Clasp Purse Craft Kit

The Makery Craft KIt - Clasp Purse - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A clasp purse is a lovely accessory especially in the summer months. Being able to make one that is completely unique and made by yourself just adds a little something extra. I must say this kit gets me a bit excited, I love the idea of making something so practical that I could use myself. Purse making is such a lovely craft and so versatile too.

Contents of The Makery Craft KIt - Clasp Purse - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Deciding to start a new hobby like purse making can come with a very long list items you need. This The Makery Clasp Purse Craft Kit allows you to avoid putting a large investment into try something new getting all the kit, how to book and any other little items you could need. Each kit contains everything you need to create your project inside the box as you can see above. You will find anything you need from the fabric right down to two needles. With instructions that are easy to follow in steps and even the pattern for cutting the Clasp Purse shape. You really can't go wrong! This kit would be perfect for anyone who enjoys purse's, bags, trying new crafts and even those who are just into fashion could really enjoy this The Makery Clasp Purse Craft Kit.

You can get the Makery Clasp Purse Craft Kit for £14.95 fromThe Crafter's Companion.

The Makery Letter Embroidery Hoop

The Makery Craft KIt - Letter Embroidary Hoop - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Letter embroidery is very popular at the minute. Everyone loves being able to add a personalised touch to items in the home. The Makery Letter Embroidery Hoop Craft Kit allows you to give embroidery a try in an easy to follow pattern for each letter you might want to use. I love personalised items myself but embroidery seems pretty daunting. This kit makes it possible to try with some help and easy starter project that will let you gauge just how you feel about embroidery as a craft with the end result of a lovely wall piece to feature somewhere in your home.

Contents Of The Makery Craft KIt - Letter Embroidary Hoop - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The Makery Letter Embroidery Hoop Craft Kit also comes with every item you will need to create the entire project including easy to follow step by step instructions and a pattern sheet which gives you every letter in the alphabet. I love that this kit is suitable for ages 6+ meaning you can get your child involved and make it a project to do together.

I think this kit would be perfect for a Mother who loves personalised items and/ or has an interest in crafts. I must say you really don't need to know anything about crafting or embroidery to really enjoy this kit.

You can get The Makery Letter Embroidery Hoop Craft Kit for £9.95 from Crafter's Companion.

The Makery Felt Cuckoo Clock Craft Kit

The Makery Craft KIt - Felt Cuckoo Clock - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This kit from The Makery is a little more unusual as the other two, however it is just as cute. This Felt Cuckoo Clock is pretty cute and I know my a few women who would love a little kit like this! The whole kit comes ready to go with pre-punched holes in all the little felt pieces which you will apply following the step by step instructions before assembling the actual clock element.

Inside the box you will find all the pieces wrapped in a bright and funky tissue paper which feels a little exciting to open up. With all the elements in separate bags you can use each as you need them without the fear of losing any pieces. You can see all the elements included in this Felt Cuckoo Clock Craft Kit from The Makery in the image above. I think this kit although quirky is lovely! It would be perfect for anyone who loves crafting and enjoys clocks, animals and nature or quirky items.

You can get The Makery Felt Cuckoo Clock Craft Kit for £9.95 from Crafter's Companion.

Nestle® Dairy Box 

Dairy Box - Chocolates - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day just wouldn't be complete without a lovely box of chocolates to indulge in. There's just something about relaxing with chocolates on Mother's Day that feels like bliss, add in a good book or TV binge and I am in heaven! I had to include some chocolates in the list and since the Dairy Box from Nestle is one of my favourites, it simply had to be included. With 4 new milk chocolates in the Dairy Box to try there is guaranteed to be something for everyone to enjoy. The perfect gift for chocolate lovers and anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth.

You can get a Dairy Box at most major supermarkets. Currently on offer for £4 at Tesco at the time of publishing.

Yankee Candle Petal Bowl Wax Burner

Yankee Candle Wax Burner -Mothers Day Gift Ideas

I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't love candles or wax melts. One of the biggest and most widely loved is Yankee Candle. I personally love Yankee Candle and since they don't just do candles but also accessories which can be used with candles and wax melts. Just like this Petal Bowl Wax Burner which is one of my favourite items. With its elegant, yet simple design and the range of colours available you can add it to any room and colour scheme. The Yankee Candle Petal Bowl Wax Burner is perfect for anyone who loves wax melts and candles. Why not add a wax melt or two and make it a little gift set.

You can get a Yankee Candle Petal Bowl Wax Burner for £7.99.

 Just a few idea's which have hopefully helped you find a great gift for the Mother's in your life this Mother's Day.


*This post contains some PR Samples*

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  1. Kayleigh Watkins14 March 2018 at 10:22

    Great gift ideas, my mum would love most of these, and I would have to, I got her a CD this year, she is so hard to buy for, she always says to keep our money and spoil our children, but my sister and I don't listen xXx


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