Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Dear my not so little boy..

Dear D,

I can't believe another year has past so quickly. Your 5 already!
IMG_9539 IMG_9535

So much has changed over the past year, it feels like I blinked and you became a proper little man. I've always thought of you as my little boy, but you're not all that little anymore. Your tiny hands have grown so big they are already catching up on mine! Did I mention you've grown to be over half the height of me? It really won't be long before your towering over me! Now that is a scary thought.

Your already nearing the end of your first year at school, it hasn't been an easy year but your feeling more settled in now and you've made some lasting friendships. You really hated the change in routine from nursery when you first started back in September. You'd tell me everyday how your teacher left you at lunch and you would have dinner in the big dinner hall. It was scary and new and you hated it. Guess what? You love lunch time now!

You've even starred in your first school play, it looked unlikely that you would even be in the play for a while in the weeks leading up to it. You tried really hard to behave, to listen to all the teachers and not to take any frustration and anger out on anyone or anything else. All your work to be really good paid off and you played a wise man, you smiled the whole way through! We spent most of Christmas break singing the songs from the play too.

Project 365 - Day 66

This year you became a big brother! Last year you had been so excited about your sister coming, well after you came to terms with the fact she was a girl that is. We spent every morning in bed singing to my tummy. I was worried when she came that you would be upset that we couldn't do as much together. I needn't have. It was love at first sight. When you first met I don't think you knew what to think. You sat on my hospital bed looking through the clear plastic of her little crib and you sang her 'your song' the same song that we sang every morning. It was beautiful to watch. I will always remember your sweet little voice singing so lightly in a room full of people with eyes only for her. Not much has changed, you still sing to her every day. You play and help to get anything she needs when you can. I know when she gets older that you will protect her and be the amazing big brother that you are.

Your still small but you already have a big personality, you love to be loud and in charge. I love that your so confident! I might not have any idea where it comes from, it's certainly not from me but I love it. Although you like to be quite bossy you are still such a kind and caring boy. Last week after school when Daddy was talking to your teacher, you had been playing with a friend you met at the park who started your school. Another little boy came over and wasn't being very nice. You stood in the middle and told him that 'you have to be nice and you shouldn't be nasty to people'. You got told off for shouting at the little boy but when Daddy told me I was so proud that you helped your friend who was scared and upset! Your such a happy person and you still enjoy making everyone else laugh and be happy. I think you could be a comedian when you grow up. You never fail to make us all laugh and smile with you!

I'm sure if I sat here typing long enough I could write you an entire novel on the past year alone but I won't. it's been an incredible year and we have so much still to come.

Love Mummy xx


  1. Aww that’s so lovely to read 💙

  2. Thank you Michele, I love writing this one each year <3


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