Saturday, 31 March 2018

The Me & Mine Project {March}

Me and Mine March 2018
It has been one hell of a month! D turned five, I got ill and slept for a week, it snowed, spring has arrived at last and life has been ticking on by. Despite trying my best, I have managed to not take a photo of all four of us which is recognisable. Ops? 

We did have this beautiful image of all four of us looking at the camera arrive this month! So what if it was technically taken back in January? I love it! We have had lots of issues getting a good photo of us all while everyone isn't looking at with D or Baby S. Usually they do something 5 seconds before the camera snaps. Who knew getting 4 people to look in one direction was so difficult? Any who, I was lucky enough to win a 30 minute photo shoot with a local photographer in January. We got lots of photos which I am so excited about but we did choose this one to get a proper print of, it arrived this month and is now proudly added to our home.

This month I have loved:

*Early morning dance parties before starting the day*

*Watching RuPaul's Drag Race*

*Movie nights*

*St Patrick's Day*

*The warmer weather!*

*Family days out, exploring*

*Seeing family*

This month Simon has loved:

*Personalising and updating his desk area*

*Movie nights*

*trying new elements of graphic design *

*Cuddles on the sofa*

*Visiting the park and fun family outings*

*discovering a new beard oil*

This month D has loved:

*Playing family games*

*Getting out to explore new places*

*His birthday!*

*The snow*

*Early morning dancing on the bed*

*Playing superheroes*

*We're wearing out the naughty step by Nick Inkpen*

This month Baby S has loved:

*Baby books*


*Playing at the park*

*Mummy's attention*

*Discovering the whole house from new angles and views*

*Being sung to*

*Long cuddles*

What have you enjoyed this month?


Thursday, 29 March 2018

Mummy and Me { February & March 2018 }

I first joined in with a lovely little link up called Mummy and Me in January. I love that it is pushing me to get i the photos with both children instead of hiding behind the lens.

Mummy and Me - February selfies
I missed the February post but I did take a shot in February of all three of us together on a cold afternoon snuggled at home and taking a few selfies. I love these little days in winter when you can really enjoy the short time at home while the wind howls outside.

Mummy and Me - February

Another favourite from February was this one of D and I, D usually isn't interested in getting a photo with just me but during half term he joined us at our Mums and Tots group. We stopped on our way there and D wanted a photo so we did just that!

Mummy and Me - March

March has involved even more cold days huddled up inside, this time they decided we quite literally needed to huddle up, on top of me! Many of my days look like this at one point or another and honestly, I wouldn't change it for the world! This one may be blurred and I look a bit odd but it's kinda hard to juggle two children and a camera all at once. Especially when one is pretending to sleep on your arm.

Mummy and Me - March - St Patricks day

We got to celebrate St Patrick's Day this month with a little event type thing in a shopping centre. We got to meet Skye from Paw Patrol and again I look rather awkward but then I don't really care. The fact that 1. I am in this photo and 2. I am not juggling both children and the camera to take said photo is a minor miracle so I am going to love this one, even if I do have one enormous chin.

I am so excited that we look to be getting over the horrible weather and spring is finally starting to spring! I am looking forward to Easter break, day trips, outings and walks as a family. Getting out in the good fresh air.


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Dear my not so little boy..

Dear D,

I can't believe another year has past so quickly. Your 5 already!
IMG_9539 IMG_9535

So much has changed over the past year, it feels like I blinked and you became a proper little man. I've always thought of you as my little boy, but you're not all that little anymore. Your tiny hands have grown so big they are already catching up on mine! Did I mention you've grown to be over half the height of me? It really won't be long before your towering over me! Now that is a scary thought.

Your already nearing the end of your first year at school, it hasn't been an easy year but your feeling more settled in now and you've made some lasting friendships. You really hated the change in routine from nursery when you first started back in September. You'd tell me everyday how your teacher left you at lunch and you would have dinner in the big dinner hall. It was scary and new and you hated it. Guess what? You love lunch time now!

You've even starred in your first school play, it looked unlikely that you would even be in the play for a while in the weeks leading up to it. You tried really hard to behave, to listen to all the teachers and not to take any frustration and anger out on anyone or anything else. All your work to be really good paid off and you played a wise man, you smiled the whole way through! We spent most of Christmas break singing the songs from the play too.

Project 365 - Day 66

This year you became a big brother! Last year you had been so excited about your sister coming, well after you came to terms with the fact she was a girl that is. We spent every morning in bed singing to my tummy. I was worried when she came that you would be upset that we couldn't do as much together. I needn't have. It was love at first sight. When you first met I don't think you knew what to think. You sat on my hospital bed looking through the clear plastic of her little crib and you sang her 'your song' the same song that we sang every morning. It was beautiful to watch. I will always remember your sweet little voice singing so lightly in a room full of people with eyes only for her. Not much has changed, you still sing to her every day. You play and help to get anything she needs when you can. I know when she gets older that you will protect her and be the amazing big brother that you are.

Your still small but you already have a big personality, you love to be loud and in charge. I love that your so confident! I might not have any idea where it comes from, it's certainly not from me but I love it. Although you like to be quite bossy you are still such a kind and caring boy. Last week after school when Daddy was talking to your teacher, you had been playing with a friend you met at the park who started your school. Another little boy came over and wasn't being very nice. You stood in the middle and told him that 'you have to be nice and you shouldn't be nasty to people'. You got told off for shouting at the little boy but when Daddy told me I was so proud that you helped your friend who was scared and upset! Your such a happy person and you still enjoy making everyone else laugh and be happy. I think you could be a comedian when you grow up. You never fail to make us all laugh and smile with you!

I'm sure if I sat here typing long enough I could write you an entire novel on the past year alone but I won't. it's been an incredible year and we have so much still to come.

Love Mummy xx

Monday, 26 March 2018

Project 365 - Week 12

18th March {Day 76}

Project 365 - Day 76

19th March {Day 77}

Project 365 - Day 77

20th March {Day 78}

Project 365 - Day 78

21st March {Day 79}

Project 365 - Day 79

22nd March {Day 80}

Project 365 - Day 80

23rd March {Day 81}

Project 365 - Day 81

24th March {Day 82} 

Project 365 - Day 82

Although I started the week out feeling much better than last week it didn't last long. I have spent the majority of the week asleep. No idea what I managed to catch but it seems that I was the only one who would get it! Everyone else has been feeling good. I was actually really surprised to discover I did have a photo for every day this week! Granted I have used a selfie D took on the only day I hadn't caught a photo and there is a very blurred photo of Baby S when she decided to climb inside the bag I had just removed washing from. Yes washing while ill, us Mama's never really get a break even when we are so ill we are barely awake. I have been feeling much better over this weekend and I finally think it has gone. This week saw D complete his sticker chart in school. We are so proud of him. He got some little treats for his reward. we start to get back to normal, just in time for Easter break which started this afternoon.

How has your week been?


Sunday, 18 March 2018

Project 365 - Week 11

11th March {Day 69}

Project 365 - Day 69

12th March {Day 70}

Project 365 - Day 70

13th March {Day 71}

Project 365 - Day 71

14th March {Day 72}

Project 365 - Day 72

15th March {Day 73}

Project 365 - Day 73

16th March {Day 74}

Project 365 - Day 74

17th March {Day 75} 

Project 365 - Day 75

We started this week with Mother's Day. A day of relaxing, drinking coffee and watching the children play since Simon did almost everything. It was a lovely break and I did enjoy just relaxing and doing nothing. It quickly followed by D catching and awful cough over night and staying home from school. Him and Baby S played tea party while I tried to get some cleaning and sorting done on Monday. By Wednesday I was feeling pretty poorly myself and we ended up staying home most of the week. With of course the exception of yesterday. It was Baby S's first St Patrick's Day! Still feeling quite poorly but we had to head out to celebrate with a family fun event at a local shopping centre. It was fun and we all enjoyed our day which included trying candy floss, meeting some stars like Skye from Paw Patrol, Optimus Prime and an awesome dinosaur! It was worth it in the end. The week is just ending as I type this while enjoying a well deserved glass of wine.

How has your week been?


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Me & Mine Project {February}

Well February has been and gone, this year seems to be moving even faster than last year did! I may have cheated this month and used a photo from January as well as one from February. They aren't the best Photos but we are certainly working on the family selfies!

Me & Mine Project - January - February
I had to share this one of us all dressed up in January as I managed to miss January's post. Oops!

Me & Mine Project - February

Since I tried in February to get a good photo of us all and failed miserably I had to share a fun one where Simon took the moment to tickle D at the same time I hit capture! I still love it.

Me & Mine project - February, improtu selfie by D

D even managed to get an odd selfie of us all by accident which I of course had to include!

I am really looking forward to the warmer weather that I am hoping will come with March!

This month I have loved:

*Family walks*

*Watching Good Mythical Morning*

*Cuddling up on lazy days*

*Selfies with D and Baby S*

*Long baths in candle light*

*Hot chocolate on cold days*

*Clearing out the house (slowly!)*

*Our new downstairs layout*

This month Simon has loved:

*Completing a daily stream for 30 days*


*Late starts*

*Monster Hunter World*

*Getting out as a family to quite and relaxing places*

*Meeting up with friends*

This month D has loved:

*The Snow*

*Valentine's Day*

*Playdates and reconnecting with friends he's known since birth*

*Playing Lego Batman on the Xbox*

*LEGO building*

*building Junk art monsters*

*Rock climbing for the first time*

This month Baby S has loved:

*Digging for dinosaurs in jelly*

*Walking when holding onto people's hands*

*Seeing the world by looking around the edge of the pram*

*D making funny faces*

*Discovering Tulle*

*Teething toys*

*Watching the world out the front window*

What have you loved this month?


Sunday, 11 March 2018

Project 365 - Week 10

4th March {Day 62}

Project 365 - Day 62 (1)

5th March {Day 63}

Project 365 - Day 63

6th March {Day 64}

Project 365 - Day 64

7th March {Day 65}

Project 365 - Day 65

8th March {Day 66}

Project 365 - Day 66

9th March {Day 67}

Project 365 - Day 67

10th March {Day 68} 

Project 365 - Day 68

Well it's official, I have a 5 year old. I have no idea how that happened so quickly but D turned 5 years old on Sunday! I will get a new post up very soon about D turning 5.  He had a ball of a weekend despite the weather. We spent the big day itself at home, relaxing, playing and just enjoying whatever D wanted to do.

This week involved D and Simon teaching me to play Pokemon and playing my first ever game. Totally love my little nerds and their enthusiasm! I was not so great at the game but hey, he didn't know that. Baby S has become much more mobile.  I'm finding myself rushing to do anything that leaves her out of my sight for even two seconds, after getting ready to leave on Tuesday resulted in her escaping her chair and standing beside the sofa? Still trying to figure that one out! Smiles and family fun have rounded out the week.

D has also gone back to school this week. It was a bit strange without him after the last 3 weeks of closures, half term and fun days out. Baby S  has been missing him with a few upsetting mornings when D is leaving. By the end of the week we had started to get ourselves into our usual routines, typically just before the weekend!

What have you been up to this week?


Saturday, 10 March 2018

ACE Cleaning Products Giveaway

Back towards the end of last year we shared our thoughts on some of the cleaning range from ACE. I had never tried most of the range and was really surprised by how well they worked! We are joining up with ACE again today to giveaway a bundle of products from their range.

ACE are always testing and discovering new ways they can be environmental sustainable, with a whole team dedicated to doing just that. When I hear environmentally sustainable I do pause to think if they are compromising on some cleaning power in the process. With concentrated laundry products that work at low temperatures and are versatile to be used in many ways there is no need to compromise.


We of course have to start with the original ACE fabric stain remover which is ACE for Colours. With the ACE 8+ system that helps ACE for Colours remove grease, food, trapped dirt, drinks, cosmetics, body soils, vegetable oils and outdoor stains on all fabrics.

Another great product in the range for laundry is ACE for Whites, perfect for brightening up all those dull whites in the laundry pile. It has been specially formulated to work on lighter colours while still being gentle on the fabrics, thanks to it's exclusive and patented fibre protection system!

When it comes to house hold cleaning ACE have got you covered with ACE Multi-purpose Spray. Containing all the power of ACE for colours in a spray bottle. ACE Multi-purpose Spray allows you to get a precise spray coverage with active foam making it perfect for cleaning all those hard surfaces around the home.

When you need some extra cleaning power you can use ACE Power Mousse with it's innovative mousse that allows precise spray with no drips or splashes! Paired with ACE Power Mousse's special formulation of bleach and degreaser the ACE Power Mousse is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom when you just want that little bit of extra power when cleaning.

You can purchase ACE for Colours (RRP £2.00), ACE Multi-Purpose Spray (RRP £2.99), ACE Power Mousse (RRP £2.99) ACE for Whites (not currently available online at the time of publishing). Click the links above to visit Ocado and purchase online. ACE products are available at most major supermarkets, Poundland, Superdrug  and Savers to name a few. The full list is available on the ACE website.

We have two bundles of all 4 ACE products to giveaway to two of you! If you would like to try the ACE range for yourself you can enter using the Gleam widget below. Please read the Terms and Conditions listed below and good luck!

  • Entrants must be aged 18 years or over.

  • Competition is open to UK residents only.

  • Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

  • The winners will be selected at random from all the correct entries received before the closing date and time.

  • All prizes must be accepted as offered. There can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise.

  • There will be two winners who will receive one of each of the four ACE products featured in the above post.

  • ACE is the sponsor of this giveaway and is responsible for prize fulfillment.





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