Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Siblings Project {January & February}

It's February already! It's so hard to believe how close to March we really are right now. I have tried a few times to join in with The Siblings Project and I have remembered in the last few months to take photos. Joining in has been another story but since I am getting myself a bit more organised and into a routine I will be writing and joining in as much as I can this year.


Siblings Project - Jan Discovering ChristmasSiblings Project - Jan D holding Baby S in co ordinated outfits

January was of course the beginning of 2018 and where I will start. D and Baby S have come so far since I last wrote a Siblings Project post. We've had so many firsts but in December they both got to experience their first Christmas together! I was a bit worried there would be lots of snatching and crying/ tantrums when it came to toys, D loves baby type toys at the minute. We didn't have one! It was lovely watching them both get so excited about everything. The delight of ripping wrapping paper, eating dinner, discovering toys, stockings, family and all the other amazing Christmas traditions and joys of Christmas being experienced together was amazing.

Siblings Project - Jan D looking at Baby S

Since Christmas both D and Baby S have started to really pay more attention to each other. Baby S has been taking more interest in toys and playing which D has loved throughout January! He has waited so long now for the time when she can hold and play with toys that he can join in with. They both enjoy each others company which is just a joy to watch.

Siblings Project - January D and Baby S

D is still so besotted with Baby S and as time goes on you can just watch their love for each other grow. It's really amazing to see how they look up to each other. In January we attended a friend's wedding and both Baby S and D came with us. I somehow managed to get this photo of them both which is now my favourite of them both together! I can't believe how well they play and just are together. I know there will be sibling fights to come but I am really loving how great they are together at the minute.


Siblings Project - Feb - D and Baby S out and about

It's February now and I can't get enough of D and S together! Over the last few months they have slowly bonded and their love has been growing as I mentioned above. This last month Baby S has become so much more vocal and one of her favourite things to shout is to call D. She can't say his name but she shouts her own little nickname for him which just makes it all the more cute!

This month Baby S has found D hilarious and D loves it! One of D's aims in life is to make people happy. He does so many funny little things and Baby S giggles away at him. Simply laughing can be enough to set them both off!

D is still amazing with Baby S all the time. He does have little lapses and will try to snatch toys from her if he really wants them but I think that is just something that is going to happen every now and then. Baby S certainly already knows how to get her own back in the snatching department too.

I am really enjoying watching as D and Baby S develop a more complicated and advanced relationship, I am excited to see what they will do in the months to come. It really is one of the great parts of being a parent to more than one child. Something they forget to tell you about!


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Kayleigh Watkins16 March 2018 at 13:13

    Aww what beautiful photos, my five and one year old daughter have also become really close since Christmas time, my five year old was really jealous when the baby come along, like you I love watching them playing and giggling together, they are now the best of friends and all day while my five year old is in school the baby calls Egan for Megan she really misses her xXx

  2. Awe, it is such a lovely age gap isn't it? They really understand it all at this age and with the younger ones wanting to join in and play more there is so much fun to be had.
    I hope the jelous stage wasn't too hard for you. It's never easy to see them so upset. I felt so guilty about spending so much time with Baby S and not being able to always do things with just D.
    Oh gosh that is so cute! We are the same at the moment. I love them calling each other cute names!


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