Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Project 365 - Week 7

11th February {Day 42}

Project 365 (42)

12th February {Day 43}

Project 355 (43)Project 355 (43) 2

13th February {Day 44}

Project 355 (44)

14th February {Day 45}

Project 355 (45)

15th February {Day 46}

Project 355 (46)

16th February {Day 47}

Project 355 (47)

17th February {Day 48}

Project 365 (48)

This week seems to have passed by in a haze of routine and family time. D was back to school after his break while feeling ill last week. We all seemed to just slot back into our routines so easily. The one exception of course was Wednesday, since it was Baby S's very first Valentine's Day as well as Simon and I celebrating our 10th Valentine's together. We all had family time, delicious food, chocolates and exchanged some small gifts. I tried really hard to capture a few photos of D and Baby S, they had other ideas! The one above was the best I got. It will still be treasured to us even if it is blurred. I took both children to the park after school on Thursday where D enjoyed this great swing and Baby S got to enjoy her first time on the swings ever!

How was your week?



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