Sunday, 11 February 2018

Project 365 - Week 6

4th February {Day 35}

Project 365 - Day 35

5th February {Day 36}

Project 365 - Day 36

6th February {Day 37}

Project 365 - Day 37

7th February {Day 38}

Project 365 - Day 38

8th February {Day 39}

Project 365 - Day 39

9th February {Day 40}

Project 365 - Day 40

10th February {Day 41}

Project 365 - Day 41

It has been a long week, D woke up on Sunday acting pretty odd. He didn't want to do very much just lay up on the sofa with a blanket. We knew something was wrong when he suddenly stopped wanting to eat after one bite. If you knew him you'd see big red flags flying up around his head at the mention of not wanting more. It seemed he caught a bug which came and went over and over again. He would feel fine and suddenly have no energy and not want to eat then he had an abundance of it! We mostly spent the week inside and off from school.

I only managed to snap one or two pics on Monday and Tuesday so I had to add those in. One is a beautiful picture we got from a family member at Christmas. Isn't it adorable? The other is of my slimming World Super Speed Soup which had to be kept in pint glasses after I completely forgot I had dumped all our containers last week and hadn't bought more, oops! 

I must say as relaxing as it was to stay at home I have missed getting out and about. Even just doing the school run and getting some air. I am looking forward to getting out and doing things next week.

How has your week been?



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