Sunday, 4 February 2018

Project 365 - Week 5

28th January {Day 28}

Project 365 - 28-01

29th January {Day 29}

Project 365 - 29-01

30th January {Day 30}

Project 365 - 30-01

31st January {Day 31}

Project 365 - 31-01

1st February {Day 32}

Project 365 - 01-02

2nd February {Day 33}

Project 365 - 02-02

3rd February {Day 34}

Project 365 - 03-02

It is officially February! This week has been busy! Daddy got a new tattoo last Saturday which meant we needed some photos to share of it! We remembered in the very early hours of Sunday! Since we barely sleep now.

We have entirely switch our living and dinning room areas around in an attempt to actually use more of the space. The actual moving of furniture happened on Monday, a big perk of our new layout is that the living room is bathed in natural daylight for a good period in the  morning and afternoon now!

Generally the rest of the week has been all about enjoying the new space and slowly sorting through everything that we had to take out of the rooms like boxes, storage units and toys. Other than our usual shopping trip that is, D found some pretty awesome looking Star Wars cars which he obviously had to have! I love the Yoda one! We are now ending this week with D being ill, we are't sure what is up just yet but he's got a high fever and just wants to lay around watching TV. Poor little guy.  Hopefully it won't stay around long, I feel so helpless when they are sick!

How has your week been?


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