Saturday, 3 February 2018

Project 365 - Week 3 & 4

14th January

Project 365 - 14-01

15th January

Project 365 - 15-01

16th January

Project 365 - 16-01

17th January

Project 365 - 17-01

18th January

Project 365 - 18-01

19th January

Project 365 - 19-01

20th January 

Project 365 - 20-01

I have fallen a little behind with posting our Project 365 over the last few weeks. I have been keeping up with the daily photos so I thought I best catch up. I will be doing a lot of that over the next week too! The start of this third week of 2018 was rather relaxed, at home and getting used to our normal routine of naps, playing, bedtimes and all the little daily things we do. Come Tuesday and I really did need some time to relax, just me. I found a little time to do just that, a hot bath with some candles and a hot cup of coffee. Just what I needed! The rest of the week was pretty go, go,go. Baby S had fun discovering these amazing lights during a sensory play day at Mums and Tots on Wednesday. I managed to only snap a few photos of items we will be reviewing later this week. Check back to see what we have though of the Piccolo baby food range. Friday and Saturday we ended up being out all day since my mum was visiting. The weather was dreary and pretty miserable but we had a lot of fun anyway and got some outdoor photos.

21st January

Project 365 - 21-01

22nd January

Project 365 - 22-01

23rd January

Project 365 - 23-01

24th January

Project 365 - 24-01

25th January

Project 365 - 25-01

26th January

Project 365 - 26-01

27th January 

Project 365 - 27-01

The last week of January and I have been in complete denial that we are a month into the year already! It seems that 2018 is going to fly past just like 2017. Most of this weeks photos ended up being quick snaps taken on my phone, which doesn't have a great camera. We are finding out feet again when it comes to our usual daily and weekly routines. It's still bloody freezing outside and we ended up staying home a good bit this week. Wednesday was a big day, a very tiring one, Baby S has been really iffy about sleeping at night for a while now but it's got to the point where I we are still awake at 3am! D has now decided he no longer likes to sleep either and since Wednesday has been waking to start the day around 4:30am! The end of the week ended up being pretty tiring even if we managed to get out. Saturday was actually pretty exciting, we got to go for a photo shoot with both children and got all types of photos. I was delighted as it was a prize which I won! I cannot wait to see how they turned out.


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