Saturday, 10 February 2018

Mummy and Me { January 2018 }

Mummy and Me - January
Mummy and Me - Jan

We are well into 2018 now and I have started to realise although I now try to make the effort with family photos I am very lacking in those of just me, D and Baby S. With that in Mind I want to join in with Mummy and Me, with Nicola from Life Through My Eyes and I am of course starting with January. So what if it is technically it is February?This month we attended a friend's wedding at the start of the month when we all got dressed up to the nines and had a fantastic day celebrating with our friends. There was some time in the middle of the day where we ended up at home and took the opportunity to take lots of photos together. I even managed a good few with both D and Baby S! 

Mummy and Me - Me and D

I am really looking forward to have new and exciting adventures with D and Baby S this year. There are so many events which will still be new for us! Birthdays, celebrations and D will finish his first year at school! I am feeling like we need to get out which has made January drag through, don't you think? I will really enjoy when the hails, snow and rain start turning to warmer brighter days and we can really get out to explore with the children!

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  1. Thank you so much for joining in. i can't wait to watch your year develop. Lovely pictures of you all dressed up.Thank you for linking up with #mummyandme x


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