Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Siblings Project {January & February}

It's February already! It's so hard to believe how close to March we really are right now. I have tried a few times to join in with The Siblings Project and I have remembered in the last few months to take photos. Joining in has been another story but since I am getting myself a bit more organised and into a routine I will be writing and joining in as much as I can this year.


Siblings Project - Jan Discovering ChristmasSiblings Project - Jan D holding Baby S in co ordinated outfits

January was of course the beginning of 2018 and where I will start. D and Baby S have come so far since I last wrote a Siblings Project post. We've had so many firsts but in December they both got to experience their first Christmas together! I was a bit worried there would be lots of snatching and crying/ tantrums when it came to toys, D loves baby type toys at the minute. We didn't have one! It was lovely watching them both get so excited about everything. The delight of ripping wrapping paper, eating dinner, discovering toys, stockings, family and all the other amazing Christmas traditions and joys of Christmas being experienced together was amazing.

Siblings Project - Jan D looking at Baby S

Since Christmas both D and Baby S have started to really pay more attention to each other. Baby S has been taking more interest in toys and playing which D has loved throughout January! He has waited so long now for the time when she can hold and play with toys that he can join in with. They both enjoy each others company which is just a joy to watch.

Siblings Project - January D and Baby S

D is still so besotted with Baby S and as time goes on you can just watch their love for each other grow. It's really amazing to see how they look up to each other. In January we attended a friend's wedding and both Baby S and D came with us. I somehow managed to get this photo of them both which is now my favourite of them both together! I can't believe how well they play and just are together. I know there will be sibling fights to come but I am really loving how great they are together at the minute.


Siblings Project - Feb - D and Baby S out and about

It's February now and I can't get enough of D and S together! Over the last few months they have slowly bonded and their love has been growing as I mentioned above. This last month Baby S has become so much more vocal and one of her favourite things to shout is to call D. She can't say his name but she shouts her own little nickname for him which just makes it all the more cute!

This month Baby S has found D hilarious and D loves it! One of D's aims in life is to make people happy. He does so many funny little things and Baby S giggles away at him. Simply laughing can be enough to set them both off!

D is still amazing with Baby S all the time. He does have little lapses and will try to snatch toys from her if he really wants them but I think that is just something that is going to happen every now and then. Baby S certainly already knows how to get her own back in the snatching department too.

I am really enjoying watching as D and Baby S develop a more complicated and advanced relationship, I am excited to see what they will do in the months to come. It really is one of the great parts of being a parent to more than one child. Something they forget to tell you about!


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

Monday, 26 February 2018

Project 365 - Week 8

19th February {Day 50}

Project 365 - Day 50

20th February {Day 51}

Project 365 - Day 51

21st February {Day 52}

Project 365 - Day 52

22nd February {Day 53}

Project 365 - Day 53

23rd February {Day 54}

Project 365 - Day 54 (1) Project 365 - Day 54 (2)
24th February {Day 55}

Project 365 - Day 55

It has been half term for us over the last week, I have loved having D with us every day! It has been crazy busy and we managed to fit so much in! I do have a little confession, I managed to completely miss a day! I forgot to snap a photo on Sunday so there is no day 49. Ooops!  I have included an extra photo from later in the week which I couldn't resist. Thankfully the weather has been great and we've spent many days out having fun in the sun, so what if the temp has been low?

We've taken day trips to the park where D and Baby S both loved playing on the slide and swings together! They even played chasies with some of help, I don't remember it being so tiring! Played football, had play dates with friends, made play dough and we even tried our hands at some dinosaur digging! We made jelly with (not so) hidden dinosaurs inside which D and Baby S had a field day excavating! You have to try it! So much fun and I will share everything about it in the coming weeks, keep your eyes peeled! We finished the week at home playing Monopoly, during which Baby S had reached her limit and fell asleep in her high chair half. Thankfully it lays down enough to not have to move her.

It has been a great week and I have loved the weather, seems it won't be lasting though! We are set to get more snow in the next few days, I am hoping it doesn't get too bad for us as I have lots to do with the coming weekend being D's Birthday.

How was your week?


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Project 365 - Week 7

11th February {Day 42}

Project 365 (42)

12th February {Day 43}

Project 355 (43)Project 355 (43) 2

13th February {Day 44}

Project 355 (44)

14th February {Day 45}

Project 355 (45)

15th February {Day 46}

Project 355 (46)

16th February {Day 47}

Project 355 (47)

17th February {Day 48}

Project 365 (48)

This week seems to have passed by in a haze of routine and family time. D was back to school after his break while feeling ill last week. We all seemed to just slot back into our routines so easily. The one exception of course was Wednesday, since it was Baby S's very first Valentine's Day as well as Simon and I celebrating our 10th Valentine's together. We all had family time, delicious food, chocolates and exchanged some small gifts. I tried really hard to capture a few photos of D and Baby S, they had other ideas! The one above was the best I got. It will still be treasured to us even if it is blurred. I took both children to the park after school on Thursday where D enjoyed this great swing and Baby S got to enjoy her first time on the swings ever!

How was your week?


Piccolo Organic Baby Food Review

We are just over 2 months into our weaning journey with Baby S and even now we are still find new, exciting recipes and foods to try every week! Weaning can be a daunting time for the whole family with so many foods to try, that's before we even mention textures, lumps and finger foods. So when Piccolo got in contact about trying their range we got pretty excited to try their range with Baby S.

Piccolo is an organic range of baby food with Mediterranean roots. It's founder Cat was brought up on good, wholesome Mediterranean food her whole life and now it is the roots for her own family. She set out to provide guidance to parents in the disadvantaged areas of London about baby nutrition and healthy eating with The Food Education Foundation. Cat found inspiration in the work of the foundation and that was how Piccolo was born. A way to give busy parents the means of giving their babies the best start in life and in their food journey. Each pouch of Piccolo is made using organic ingredients and is full of exciting flavours. Even now Piccolo give 10% of their profits to food education charities, helping other parents to be more food aware for their children.

Baby S enjoying Piccolo Pure Williams Pear Organic Baby Food

Piccolo have Two different ranges of foods with a stage 1 and a stage 2. Stage 1 include three different ranges but is made for the start of your weaning journey with its Pure pouches which are suitable from 6 months. We tried the Piccolo Pure Williams Pear pouches which Baby S enjoyed on the go. I think these are a great place to start when weaning but also to keep in the cupboard or changing bag as a quick on the go snack or to pair up with other food items. Pear puree can be a great dip for bread sticks! Baby S loves to try some new flavour pairings with bread sticks, fruit/ veggie sticks and other little snacks the Piccolo Pure range is perfect for doing that when you're in a rush or running late. With mango, banana and Stanley plum being the other pure tastes in the range there is a good bit of choice. I was surprised how strong the taste was but Baby S seemed very interested and the Banana is on my shopping list to grab for dipping gingerbread, pancakes, rice cakes and other exciting snacks and treats into.

Piccolo Organic Baby Food - Yoghurt range Piccolo Organic Baby Food stage 1 range

Stage 1 also includes the next step in weaning, pairing foods. I really struggle with which foods you should try pairing up for babies. I probably over think it all but finding good matches can be hard once you stray past the 'norm'. Piccolo have their Vegetable Patch selection as well as a large selection of combination pouches. I love that Piccolo create some usual and  some very different combinations. In the Stage 2 selection there are some yogurt and porridge combinations too. These are perfect for breakfasts and since they are in pouches you can pop them in your bag if your off out and baby has decided it's the perfect day for a lie in. Baby S always picks the one day I need to head out early for a lie in so I have really found these handy to have in the cupboard.

Baby S loves the Piccolo Organic Baby Food range Stage one combinationsPiccolo Organic Baby Food Beetroot, sweet potato, pear and apple mixed into pasta, peas, broccoli and chicken

Baby S enjoyed the Parsnip, Carrot and Leek combination from the Piccolo Vegetable patch range but she got really excited about the Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Apple and Pear which is a combo I would never have made myself! I like this range in particular as it is suitable for babies to enjoy from 6 months and there isn't really any limit! We loved pairing up the stage one combination pouches with pasta, couscous and rice for quick and easy lunches with pieces and textures in. Baby S does prefer to have some texture added over just puree. She always wolfed down those lunches. A particular favourite has proven to be the Piccolo Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Apple and Pear when paired up with pasta, peas, broccoli and chicken. I use the Piccolo pouch like a sauce mixed in and she loves it!

Piccolo organic Baby Food stage 2 range

Baby S was moving on to textured foods when our Piccolo pouches arrived and we had been sticking to very typical tastes and meals. All that was about to change however! Piccolo have an amazing range of tastes and combinations that even had my mouth-watering. I knew Baby S would find the range exciting and very interesting with new colours to explore as well as the textures and tastes.

Baby S love the Piccolo Organic Baby Food pouchesPiccolo Organic Baby Food - Baby S loves them!

Baby S seemed to really enjoy both the bigger size and portion of the stage 2 pouch as well as the new tastes they had in store. We tried all the pouches but the clear winner was the Spring Vegetables and Chicken. As you can see she always got so excited about that one! It was clear she knew what was inside the pouch. As the last few weeks have went on it has become more apparent that Baby S much prefers her food to be very thick and to have bits in which I do think could be a new range for Piccolo past the textured stage. I like that the pouches in stage two come textured rather than with chunks or bits in as I do remember that D hated the chunks in stage 2 foods when he was weaning and it is much easier to add chunks than to remove them.

Piccolo Baby Food Ingredients list

I really love that when I turn the Piccolo pouches over and read the ingredients there is not one that I feel the need to question! I know each and every food item that has been added to each pouch and more importantly I know why it is there! I have no doubts and no worries when I open a pouch and give it to Baby S. There is nothing inside apart from good wholesome and well-balanced food made especially for babies and parents. What's not to love about that?

We have really enjoyed the whole Piccolo range, the handy pouches are just perfect for popping into the changing bag when your off out and they mean you aren't carrying around a bowl too. I would recommend trying Piccolo on your weaning journey no matter what stage you are currently at. The Pouches from all the stages of the Piccolo range can easily be adapted, added to or used just as a delicious dip for quick snack at all ages! Piccolo is the answer for busy parents who really want to give their babies and toddlers a new experience of tastes and combinations that are truly unique to the piccolo range and very exciting.

Piccolo Organic Baby Food is available in Boots, Asda, Waitrose, Morissions and Mothercare to name a few.*  The range starts at  just 90p.

*For the full list of stockists check the Piccolo website.

Disclaimer: We received the products featured in this post in exchange for an open and honest review. All the thoughts and opinions which have been expressed are my own.
Sunday, 11 February 2018

Project 365 - Week 6

4th February {Day 35}

Project 365 - Day 35

5th February {Day 36}

Project 365 - Day 36

6th February {Day 37}

Project 365 - Day 37

7th February {Day 38}

Project 365 - Day 38

8th February {Day 39}

Project 365 - Day 39

9th February {Day 40}

Project 365 - Day 40

10th February {Day 41}

Project 365 - Day 41

It has been a long week, D woke up on Sunday acting pretty odd. He didn't want to do very much just lay up on the sofa with a blanket. We knew something was wrong when he suddenly stopped wanting to eat after one bite. If you knew him you'd see big red flags flying up around his head at the mention of not wanting more. It seemed he caught a bug which came and went over and over again. He would feel fine and suddenly have no energy and not want to eat then he had an abundance of it! We mostly spent the week inside and off from school.

I only managed to snap one or two pics on Monday and Tuesday so I had to add those in. One is a beautiful picture we got from a family member at Christmas. Isn't it adorable? The other is of my slimming World Super Speed Soup which had to be kept in pint glasses after I completely forgot I had dumped all our containers last week and hadn't bought more, oops! 

I must say as relaxing as it was to stay at home I have missed getting out and about. Even just doing the school run and getting some air. I am looking forward to getting out and doing things next week.

How has your week been?


Saturday, 10 February 2018

Mummy and Me { January 2018 }

Mummy and Me - January
Mummy and Me - Jan

We are well into 2018 now and I have started to realise although I now try to make the effort with family photos I am very lacking in those of just me, D and Baby S. With that in Mind I want to join in with Mummy and Me, with Nicola from Life Through My Eyes and I am of course starting with January. So what if it is technically it is February?This month we attended a friend's wedding at the start of the month when we all got dressed up to the nines and had a fantastic day celebrating with our friends. There was some time in the middle of the day where we ended up at home and took the opportunity to take lots of photos together. I even managed a good few with both D and Baby S! 

Mummy and Me - Me and D

I am really looking forward to have new and exciting adventures with D and Baby S this year. There are so many events which will still be new for us! Birthdays, celebrations and D will finish his first year at school! I am feeling like we need to get out which has made January drag through, don't you think? I will really enjoy when the hails, snow and rain start turning to warmer brighter days and we can really get out to explore with the children!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Am I just a bad friend?

I've written before about  Finding my family at the cost of my friends. A lot has changed since I wrote that post, I think I as a person have changed but I know my friendships have. Mainly I have them! 

I have met people I consider to be friends. It hasn't been easy and it may only be two or three people who I mostly talk to online but they are lovely, thoughtful people and I can talk to them.

I feel like something is still missing from my friendships, I still feel alone. I don't think it is anyone's fault or that I should expect a friendship to happen and be something it isn't. I hold dear the friendships I have made, some days they keep me standing up even if they never know.

I do however find myself craving a friendship like I see so many people have around me. One where you can say anything and share how hard life can be. I feel like I am hiding and I have no way to let the world know. (How ironic as I literally write my feelings to the world!) The truth is I know everyone will always have a lot going on in life and my problems, issues, nights of empty tears are my own. Why should I impose on someones life when they have a million things going on in a day?

I wonder in those nights and days if maybe I am just not good at being a friend? I try my best to be there when they may need to talk or just to say hello. I try to think of them and wonder how to brighten their day when I can. I still find myself wondering if maybe I am just not good at being a friend? 

I don't have that type of friendship when you see something great that you want to share it with them. I find something funny and wonderful on social media and suddenly it hits me how alone I feel. It's just me.

I have so many questions, ones I ask myself in the dead of night when I lay alone during the night feeds or when I am hoping my children will go to sleep.

  • How can I make myself a better friend?

  • Is there something I am missing?

  • Do I not do enough, be enough or share enough?

  • Am I the only one who has no one there?

  • Where should I meet these friends?

  • What should I  say?

  • How should I act?

  • Am I doing it wrong?

  • Am I just not good enough?

  • Will I always feel this way?

Maybe as adults we should have already made the types of friendships and I am just too late for it to matter.


Sunday, 4 February 2018

Project 365 - Week 5

28th January {Day 28}

Project 365 - 28-01

29th January {Day 29}

Project 365 - 29-01

30th January {Day 30}

Project 365 - 30-01

31st January {Day 31}

Project 365 - 31-01

1st February {Day 32}

Project 365 - 01-02

2nd February {Day 33}

Project 365 - 02-02

3rd February {Day 34}

Project 365 - 03-02

It is officially February! This week has been busy! Daddy got a new tattoo last Saturday which meant we needed some photos to share of it! We remembered in the very early hours of Sunday! Since we barely sleep now.

We have entirely switch our living and dinning room areas around in an attempt to actually use more of the space. The actual moving of furniture happened on Monday, a big perk of our new layout is that the living room is bathed in natural daylight for a good period in the  morning and afternoon now!

Generally the rest of the week has been all about enjoying the new space and slowly sorting through everything that we had to take out of the rooms like boxes, storage units and toys. Other than our usual shopping trip that is, D found some pretty awesome looking Star Wars cars which he obviously had to have! I love the Yoda one! We are now ending this week with D being ill, we are't sure what is up just yet but he's got a high fever and just wants to lay around watching TV. Poor little guy.  Hopefully it won't stay around long, I feel so helpless when they are sick!

How has your week been?

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