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Project 365 - Week 1

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Project 365 - Day 1

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Project 365 - Day 2

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Project 365 - Day 4

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Project 365 - Day 5

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Project 365 - Day 6

I have long admired project 365. A link up for bloggers who will share a photo for every day of the year. I love this idea! I adore taking photos especially photos of the children. I do usually take at least one photo every single day and I have thought about joining in with project 365 for at least the past year. Now that we have reached the very start of  2018 I knew I had to start now or I never would.

It has been a pretty crazy week to start with to be honest! We of course started the week on Monday since it was the first of the year. Monday was the day to say goodbye to our Christmas Tree. I couldn't resist one last photo before it went away for another year. I was quite surprised by just how long it stayed up this year! D was sad to see it go and the end of Christmas for another year. We took time and tidied each decoration into its box. The whole clean up process took most of the day with two little ones.

Tuesday seen our Health Visitor appointment for Baby S who is doing really well and coming along as she should. I will get a proper update up in the next two weeks. We also headed out for our weekly shop. I had forgotten just how hard it can be to do a shopping trip with both children, a trolley and a pram! Towards the end of the day I got a few spare minutes to take a few photos of Baby S and D. I love this one of Baby S in her new outfit and bow.

Wednesday wasn't any less crazy. It was a dreary miserable outside since Storm Dylan was passing the UK. Regardless I still headed to Mums and Tots with both D and Baby S since School was still on Christmas break. Once we got home I did put off leaving again but I had to head into town with Baby S to pick up a pair of tights. (one pair!!) On the bus into town I got this lovely Photo of Baby S all cosy in her pram.

We did spend most of Thursday at home. D started back to school after Christmas. After school we took some timeout from doing all the jobs we needed to get done before Friday. D and I used this time to play another game of Funny Bunny. His current favourite! I got a few good photos but I really love this one where D is in the background doing his concentration face.

Friday was a big day for us Daddy was standing as best man for his best friend on his wedding day! We all got dressed up properly for the first time since Baby S was born. Which of course was the perfect excuse for me to take a million and one photos of D and Baby S all day long! Everyone had a lovely day and enjoyed celebrating together. I managed to get this photo of D and Baby S together. It is officially my new favourite! I just love the whole photo and I plan to get this one put on canvas for our hall.

After such a crazy week I knew that when Saturday came it would be a PJ day for us all. A nice day to sit back and relax at home without having to rush around or head out. Both D and  Baby S spent a good part of the day playing or watching movies. I decided to go with this photo of Baby S playing as it was the least blurred that I could get! Am I the only one who has children that move the second the camera shutter goes?!

I'm looking forward to sharing each week with you as we head through the year. It will be nice to look back at the end of the year and see all 365 photos together.

How has your week been?


  1. Welcome to 365, look forward to following your adventures in the year ahead. Love the tongue of concentration! #365

  2. Welcome to Project 365 and good luck.
    Gorgeous photos! It really sounds like you earned your pj day on Saturday. What a busy week you had x

  3. What lovely photos and a well deserved pjs day. Sounds like a busy week x #366

  4. Welcome to 365! Your children are gorgeous. Look forward to catching up with all of your news every week.

  5. Welcome to the Project and look forward to getting to know you and your family.
    Gosh sounds like a busy week. My daughter use to struggle shopping with the twins until they could both walk as getting 2 out of the car into a trolley was very difficult.

  6. Project 365 was always about catching the little moments of the every day normal, that's why I started the linky years ago, and I hope that this year gives you many little smiles to look back on.

  7. Aww your kids are so cute! Can't beat a PJ day !

  8. Thank you, I look forward to joining in and seeing how everyone has spent their weeks.
    I too love that face, I'm sure it comes from me! Haha

  9. Thank you, I really am looking forward to joining in every week.
    I think we did. It was unusually busy but getting to look back helped to remember the little moments that got forgotten through the week.

  10. Thank you Susan,
    I like to think we deserved it, felt a bit like we had been running a marathon all week.

  11. The 5th is my favourite too. It is the best one I have gotten of them together. I love it.
    Yes PJ days are wonderful. :)

  12. Awe thank you!
    I am looking forward to reading through everyones posts. About to do it now in fact

  13. Thank you Elaine, I look forward to keeping up with everyone and finding some lovely new bloggers too.
    It was a bit crazy this week. They aren't usually quite so much get up and go!
    Oh my goodness that sounds even crazier than my son and daughter. We struggle with getting the older one around all the shops without b-lining for the toys and sweet isles!

  14. It is such a lovely idea. I'm so glad I have taken the plunge and started at last. I look forward to joining up with you :)

  15. Thank you :)
    I must agree with you on the PJ days. They are the best!

  16. Good luck completing your #365. Your children and so cute, I love that photo of them both together. I spy your window gels in the background of the tree photo and we have those too :) Happy New Year.

  17. Glad you enjoyed your last few days before back to school, I'm impressed with your staying power with leaving the tree up, mine came down on new years eve and it took me all day and I don't have kids to help out/interfere. Lovely pic of the kids for the wedding

  18. I'm a newbie to #project365 too! Looking forward to seeing how you get on and finding out more about you

  19. Welcome to Project 365, I am looking forward to following your lovely little family during 2018.

  20. Sounds a busy week. Your tree makes me miss Christmas

  21. Welcome to 365.Loving your little girl's outfits. I'm with you on PJ days.


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