Tuesday, 2 January 2018

All About My Year 2017

I'm not usually one to join in with the tag posts that are around. It's probably been a few years since I did one! However I was tagged by Jen over at Chic Geek Diary and it seemed like a lovely way to recap on some of the memories and best parts of 2017 as a whole.

1. What did you do for your birthday this year? 

This year I did nothing! Well not quite I did still do the usual breast feeds, weaning (we'd not long started) and child related activities but I got to just relax, enjoy some delicious treats and copious amounts of hot coffee all day long. It was bliss! 

2. Whats the biggest thing to happen to you this year? 

A family of 4 for the first time -Us Two Plus You
The biggest thing to happen to me this year was giving birth to Baby S who came into the world over 3 weeks early all of her own accord and the wrong way round! To say that morning was eventful would be a major understatement! I can't quite believe she is almost 7 months old now.

3. What was the biggest thing to happen for your child/children this year? 

butterfly kisses for Baby S and D

For both children it would have to be Baby S being born. They just adore each other so much. Baby S is very much in adoration of her big brother while D is mesmerised by every new thing Baby S learns! It is such a joy to watch them grow a relationship while they are always changing.

D Starting School

D also had his own big thing happen this year which is right up there with gaining a new life long sister. He started Primary School! It is still so hard to believe that he is now half way through his first year at school. He is doing well and I do have an update to share this month so keep an eye out if you want to find out more on how he is doing.

4. Could you pick a favourite week of the year? 

I don't think I could pick just one! The top three would be the week Baby S gave us all a shock with her impromptu early arrival while my sister was visiting, My mum visiting for my nieces Christening and my sisters 18th Birthday and The week over the start of autumn when we spent days going out as a family and enjoyed seeing all there was at the Autumn Fair.

5. Do you have a favourite photograph of yourself from 2017? 

My favourite photo of me in 2017

My personal favourite is this one of Baby S and I. I take 99% of the photos with me in them as a selfie or 'old fashioned selfie' (camera facing the wrong way and blinding pressing the button in hopes for a good one!). So this one of us is a rare occurrence and I love it just a little more because it doesn't happen very often.

6. What was your best day out? 


In the summer we decided to walk to a park where I remember going countless times as a child with my family. It was a beautifully sunny day and the walked seemed like nothing despite the fact we walked for miles and miles! We had ice cream, a picnic, took an off the track trail through the forestry with Baby S in her pram (what where we thinking?!) got stuck in the mud more than we didn't! It was a great day full of laughter and silly fun for us all. I loved every second!

7. What is the best film you have seen this year? 

The LEGO Batman Movie. Simply because it was the only film released this year I managed to watch. It was still pretty awesome. I had great intentions of watching many. In fact I have watched the first 15 minutes of the remake of Beauty and The Beast (I love the original!) about a million times now but something always happens and I press pause for another month. I actually think it is still in the DVD player as I type this! That will my treat tomorrow night. Movie night the minute the children go to sleep!

8. Is there anything you wish didn't happen this year? 

I don't think there is. It has been a pretty incredible year filled with lots of firsts. There has been the usual ups and downs with life and stress at all time highs this year but that was to be expected with a whole other person to worry about daily (and nightly!).

9. What would you like to achieve or improve for 2018? 

There are a few things which I would like to achieve but my main aim for 2018 is to find a little time each day for myself. Towards the end of 2017 I realised I rarely find time for just me. I find it hard to carve out time after D, Baby S, Simon and Housework etc. I will be sharing more about my hopes for 2018 in the next few days. Behind as per usual! Although this year I will hopefully be changing that! I will getting organised and trying my best to blog more and better myself when it comes to blogging. Feel free to share your tips with me on that one!

10. How will you be celebrating/did you celebrate New Years Eve?

I celebrated with Simon at home this New Year. It was nothing exciting, we watched a film and our usual Big Fat Quiz of the Year after D and Baby S had gone to sleep. While we enjoyed a little alcoholic drink, a rare occurrence for us. Baby S did wake up just in time to ring in her very first New Year. A lovely relaxing night together.

Happy New Year to you!



  1. Love this post! Still can’t believe D is at school n baby S is just adorable! Love them both ❤️

  2. Thanks for sharing 2017 info. Best Wishes for 2018.

  3. It is such a lovely way to look back on the yera isn't it? I may need to remember to do one every year now.
    It is so crazy that D is already half way through his first year at school. He is really looking forward to going back now.
    Awe!She is adorable, I am just slightly biased! <3


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