Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Baby S at 6 Months Old


It's so hard to believe that my tiny little baby has hit 6 months old. It feels more like weeks since she was born. She has gone from a teeny little baby right up to a happy healthy 6 month old!



Each month Baby S is letting us see a little more of her personality and all the little things that make her excited. She's a happy, playful baby who adores getting attention in any form! She is very affectionate and is happiest when she is holding onto someone hand, getting cuddles and feeling that you are there.

Now that she has started to really babble and trying to talk Baby S likes us to know that she has an opinion. We are now at the point where she can change the volume of her voice to a degree. She loves to shout if your not paying her enough attention.


Along with her growing voice control Baby S has started to use lots of facial expressions. We usually find her funny when she first makes a new expression, she is never impressed when we laugh at her expressions.  They are adorable though!



Not much has changed on the sleeping front. Although the colds and blocked noses have been coming and going, sleep has become less and less as the last few weeks have went past. Baby S sleeps most nights in my arms which I don't mind, she will only be small for such a short time and D mostly slept in the same way. Most nights for us start around 1-2 am with a few feeds between then and waking up with D. I do hope she will naturally find a routine where she sleeps a little earlier soon.

Physical Ability


Baby S can now sit unaided for minutes at a time! She loves to sit down on the floor surrounded by cushions and play with toys or with us. It's lovely to see how proud she is each time she sits up and hasn't fallen over.

Towards the end of this month we changed the pram to allow Baby S to sit up instead of always lying down. She loves seeing the world and is always trying to move herself to get a better view of the world!



I have noticed this month that Baby S has been much more interested in seeing what goes on around her. She is paying attention to everything. When we are outside she is always trying to find new things to look at, at home she watches as we clean the house, play games with her and D, she even watches D while he plays. I am really enjoying watching her discover new sights and experiences. One big exciting new discovery has been Christmas decorations. Ours usually go up in mid November and since they ended up going up a little later she got to touch and feel so many of them while we put them up.


As I mentioned above Baby S can sit unaided for minutes at a time now! She is doing so well with sitting up on her own so far.

A very exciting milestone for Baby S to hit this last month was her first experience of snow! Since we had some amazing snowy weather she has enjoyed getting out in the carrier and both feeling the snow and watching as it drifted down around us. It was quite the experience to get around with both children in the snow.


We have been pretty fortunate this winter so far and other than colds and a flu Baby S has been generally well. She does catch the usual coughs and colds which D brings home from school. I am quite surprised by how well Baby S has coped with being sick, she isn't a fan of blocked noses but not much else annoys her. When she is feeling ill I find she wants more cuddles than normal.



Just after Baby S turned 5 months I decided I would give expressing a go and let Simon try giving her a bottle. A much needed break from breastfeeding (I really do love it but sometimes you just need some time alone). I managed a good few ounces and took myself away from the room leaving Baby S with Simon. It wasn't long before her crying was followed by Simon calling me back. She wouldn't take it,she had no problem with holding the bottle or putting it in her mouth, she thought it was great! She wouldn't suck on the teat or drink the milk which was leaking out. We've tried a few times over the month but she won't entertain the idea at all or any kind of bottle. I feel like we are hitting the dummy problem all over again.


This month was a big moment for both Baby S and I, we breastfed, hands free for the first time! It just so happened to be outside on the day it snowed really bad and I was waiting for D to come out of school. (excuse the blurred selfie) Not the best timing, my boob was freezing!!! Breastfeeding in the snow is not something I would recommend but when the baby wants fed, she gets fed!



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