Sunday, 26 November 2017

My Sunday Photo {26/11/2017}

My Sunday Photo 26-11-17.JPG

This past week we've been so busy doing pretty much everything from appointments to celebrating Simon and I being together for 10 years, yes 10 years! We've all caught some kind of bug too which hasn't helped. However last weekend before all the craziness began I spent an extra hour lying in bed with D and Baby S being incredibly cute together. Luckily I had the camera nearby, and caught a few lovely shots of them both bright eyed and bushy tailed on a Sunday Morning.

I think this will be making it on to my list of favourite photos of them together.


  1. Congratulations on your 10 years and your beautiful children.

  2. His little face is the cutest thing ever. Happy anniversary (although sorry to hear you've all been poorly)! #MySundayPhoto

  3. Beautiful photo, and Happy Anniversary

    Thank you for linking up

  4. What an adorable photo! #mysundayphoto

  5. Happy anniversary!
    They are so sweet! Such a lovely moment to capture x

  6. He adores getting in photos. :) Thank you. We are slowly getting over it now I think.

  7. Thank you Darren. Also thank you for hosting

  8. Thank you Kim.
    They usually have little moments like this every morning when we have some time to just lay in bed. It's mostly why I now bring the camera to bed. Just in case I might want to capture some moments.

  9. Wow! 10 years! Congratulations. Sorry you've all had bugs! Hope it's shifted now. Great photo! Sorry I didnt comment last time but thought I would come and comment on this weeks instead! Looking forward to seeing tomorrow's! #mysundayphoto


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