Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Baby S at 5 Months Old

It's so hard to believe that Baby S is actually 5 months old as I write this. Time is just flying by and before I know it (more than likely before I get round to posting this) Christmas will be upon us. I sometimes wish I could just freeze time and keep both Baby S and D small forever.


Baby S is showing us little bits of her personality all the time now. It's lovely to see her own little quirks shine through. She has learnt how to blow raspberries in the last month and thinks it is brilliant!  She adores attention from everyone, especially me.

I think we have hit that age when Baby S is starting to realise I can leave her. Any time I leave the room she cries and cries, it is so heart breaking! She does calm down almost immediately when I return and loves to smile when she sees me.

Baby S has been smiling for quite some time now but over this past month she has really started to smile sociably and laughs at funny faces rather than just when you tickle her. She thinks D is funny and loves to laugh at him, although she does have a little mean streak and loves to laugh if he gets in trouble! 


Baby S refusing to sleep

Now that baby S is more able to move around and turn over to her sides I am noticing that she is not a fan of lying on her back. She much prefers to lie down on her side and seems to sleep a little better when she does. The hardest part of sleep at the moment seems to be getting her to sleep and putting her down. It isn't much of an issue in the day as I can sit holding her but in the middle of the night when I can't even lay her down without waking her, I'm running into problems. We are pretty much functioning with 20-30 minute naps between an hour or so of feeding and calming Baby S down again.

Physical Ability

Baby S using her teething ring
Now that baby S has started taking more of an interest in toys she is more able to grab and move them with her hands. She is really starting to use her gross motor skills a lot more recently too.

Most of the items she wants to get to her mouth now get there in the first try or two. A great plus since she is now starting to show more signs of teething from the back sides rather than the front.


Baby S is starting to notice more every day items around the house and is taking an interest in more than just those we give her.

She is already trying to pull herself up any time we hold her hands and she much prefers to stand up when we hold her. She hasn't really taken much interest in trying to crawl, since she learnt to roll onto her back she seems to do it not long after going on her tummy. That or she cries until you lift her up! She is able to move a little on her tummy and push herself around to try getting closer to what she wants.

When she does want to sit up and play with toys she is much more able and interested in sitting up properly rather than leaning over to one side like she had been before. The further on in this month as we got the straighter she seems to be getting which is a big relief, I was worried she was going to keep sitting on to the one side.


Baby S on her first Halloween

October saw Baby S celebrate her first Halloween. She seemed so excited by it all. Completely in awe of the fireworks. She got to explore new textures from the costumes to the pumpkins and decorations.

This month Baby S has sat up unaided for a few seconds! A big first for us to add to those milestones! She has been doing really well seems to enjoy trying to sit on her own. SO long as someone is nearby. We do still have lots of pillows surrounding her but she doesn't seem bothered by them. She is certainly not a fan of waiting while we get them all on the floor for her to use!


This past month has seen Baby S get the cold again. She doesn't cope to well with being sick especially when it concerns her nose being blocked up. I have found it increasingly hard to get her to feed properly if she can't breathe freely through her nose. Other than the cold she has been in pretty good health this last month even when D is bringing home what seems to be bug after bug! I am hoping that my breast milk is giving her some help in that department!


Like I said above we have been having some issues with breastfeeding when Baby S isn't able to breathe through her nose properly. Those are to be expected. Our main issue is that she has to keep stopping which means we both end up covered in  milk! Now that we have reached the end of the cold I do hope we will be going back to normal now.

We have reached that point when thoughts will soon be turning to weaning and I am so unprepared to deal with weaning from breastfeeding. It has been such a different experience than I had with D and I will miss the amount of feeds but I am also looking forward to some time without feeding while she is having food!



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