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Christmas Gift Ideas for Children & Babies

Christmas has been sneaking up on us and with the festive season about to hit my mind has turned to gifts, as I am sure has yours. Over the next few weeks I thought I would share some ideas with you for Christmas gifts. Starting today with a few gift ideas for the children and babies in your life.

It could be just me but I am always worried about what gifts you should get children, after all they will be getting gifts from Santa and from everyone else too. Many of which will be toys, I mean there are plenty of ideas out there and such a huge range of toys available. Each year I try to make an effort to get the children a gift that is a little different. Not something odd that they won't use but a gift that maybe isn't expected, A surprise to open. With that in mind I've put together a few ideas of gifts for children and babies.

Gift Ideas for Children

Starting off with two great ideas for the children on your list this year.

Childs Farm Top to Toe Gift Set

One of the go to gifts for adults has always been bath product sets. They are everywhere this time of year. I don't know about you but I love getting new products for the bath at Christmas! D loves bath time too, in fact he usually gets really excited and loves to stand beside the bath and watch the bubbles form in anticipation. One of our favourite bath time products is from the Childs Farm range. I recently discovered that Childs Farm have gift sets with bath products for children! How had I never discovered this before?

Childs Farm was started back in 2010 when Joanna founder and mum of two set out to find a conditioner which didn't contain parabens and other nasties while being suitable for her girls sensitive skin. Childs Farm make a range of bath products for children and babies which are suitable for all kinds of skin and hair types, including sensitive skin. To make it even better they do it right here in the UK! The products have all been approved by both pediatricians and dermatologists too, giving you peace of mind that they are safe for even children with eczema.

Childs Farm Top to Toe gift set

We just love Childs Farm hair & body wash! Which is actually one of the products found inside the Childs Farm Top to Toe Gift Set. Inside the set you will also find Childs Farm Bubble Bath and Childs Farm Moisturiser all kept in this lovely little zip lock bag above.

Products inside Childs Farm Top to Toe set

Each of the products inside has its own scent which is easily recognizable and strong enough to be smelt while using the product but yet not over powering. Just perfect for children! Childs Farm Bubble Bath contains tangerine, while Childs farm Hair & Body wash contains sweet orange and Childs Farm Moisturiser contains grapefruit and tea tree. All of which are organic. Although both the Bubble Bath and Hair& Body wash smell similar there is a distinct scent to each. I love smelling the sweet scent in D's hair when we get a hug or cuddle!

Childs Farm Hair & Body wash bubbles

We have previously stuck to Childs Farm Hair & Body wash or body products from Childs Farm. Childs Farm Hair & Body wash creates a great foam with very little product which is perfect for children. D adores getting covered in soap and getting to rinse it off a little at a time.

Adding Childs Farm Bubble Bath into the bath creates foamy type bubbles. Which are great fun to play with. D always has to have bubbles and I have no idea why we have never used Childs Farm Bubble Bath before. It smells divine!

The final product in the Childs Farm Top to Toe Gift Set is Childs Farm Moisturiser which I think might be my favourite one from the set. It literally feels like silk while you rub it in, with a gorgeous scent that just drifts to your nose. D loved smelling his hands and arms after we had applied it. Since it is all natural the skin absorbs it really quickly, with no chemicals slowing the process.  Plus the skin immediately feels softer! I must admit that I have also been using Childs Farm Moisturiser on my arms where I still get a little eczema flare up. I also noticed it's been fading since I started using it.

The lids on all the products in Childs Farm Top to Toe gift set.

All the Products in Childs Farm Top to Toe Gift Set come in 100ml bottles with the lovely bright, child friendly packaging. All of which have an easy to use pop open lid that can be opened with one hard push and doesn't let liquid leak out without a squeeze.

The Childs Farm Top to Toe Gift Set would be a great gift for children who like D love  bath time, bubbles and bath products. I think the set would make a great gift on its own or as part of a larger gift with PJ's and other little bits! The Top to Toe Gift Set would also be the perfect size to be an addition for bath time on Christmas Eve inside a Christmas eve box if you do one. Since they can be used by all children it could even be added to a shared box adding some excitement to the bath time on Christmas Eve.

You can purchase your own Childs Farm Top to Toe Gift Set (RRP £8.99) From the Childs Farm Website by clicking on the link. The Childs Farm range is available from Childs Farm, Boots, Tesco and Superdrug just to name a few stores.

Personalised Book: My Golden Ticket from Wonderbly

In our house we are all avid readers, D and Baby S love having story time at least once a day. Getting a new book can be so exciting for them which is why I of course had to include a book in our gift ideas. However this is most certainly not a normal book!

Wonderbly is a company who create personalised books for children, with a difference. Wonderbly was started by 4 friends who wanted to create a unique personalised book like no other. They did just that with a book called Lost My Name, which became a company and after selling thousands of books the collection of uniquely personalised books became Wonderbly. One of the newest additions to the Wonderbly collection is My Golden Ticket. No, I know what your thinking. It's not just a repeat of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with a child's name added here and there.

My Golden Ticket by Wonderbly is a book about your child's own adventure through the magical wonder that can only be Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! With incredible personalisation added during the making the whole book is formulated using the unique make up of your child's name.

Adding a personal message into My Golden Ticket by Wonderbly

The journey starts through the ordering process. Creating My Golden Ticket is so easy on the Wonderbly site. The options start right at the beginning when you can pick hardback or soft cover. I chose soft cover. You are walked through each section of the book which can be personalised starting on that very first page where you can add not only the child's first and last name (I have added D's but have covered it for the purpose of this post) but you can leave a special message in the bottom right hand corner of the page like I have done above. The personalisation doesn't stop there either, you have the option to add in another person to accompany them through the journey. I added myself in since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one of the Novels D and I adored reading together.

Personalised Oompa Loompa Song

Once you have added one or both people you can go through the book page by page. Allowing you to really see just what Wonderbly can do with their amazing algorithm which takes your child's name and makes a chocolate bar and even an Oompa Loompa song about it! Any Wonka fan will be utterly thrilled! 

My Golden Ticket additional options

The final step in creating My Golden Ticket by Wonderbly (well before delivery) gives you the option to add a unique Wonka gift wrap which is only available with this book and the option to add a candy scent! I simply couldn't resist adding the scent. 

My Golden Ticket By Wonderbly Cover

The day of delivery arrived, upon opening the box I was immediately hit with the sweet smell of candy. It took me a while to figure out that the whole book isn't scented but that the Golden Ticket printed on the cover is. Both D and I had been amazed at the golden ticket on the cover. It not only looks amazing but each line is etched into the ticket itself. Running your finger along the book really lets you add a little more magic to the experience.

[gallery ids="12285,12284" type="rectangular"]
The very first page in the book is the page personalised with the child's name and the message I wrote to D. As you can see above D was amazed to find out that he was the main character and was going to go on an adventure! From the moment you open the book you can really tell how great the quality is. Each page is made with quality paper which feels smooth to the touch.

D loves reading My Golden Ticket
As we dived into the story D loved hearing all about the adventure and seeing all the little mementos which had been added. My Golden Ticket by Wonderbly doesn't seem like a story at all. It seems more like a scrapbook of an adventure ready to be rediscovered over and over. Wonderbly really paid attention to the little details. So many of the ticket stubs, maps and wrappers added have got creases, tears and signs of use! While clearly showing that each item has been taped in just like a scrapbook. D loved that there was drawings on most pages which looked like something D himself may have drawn.

[gallery ids="12316,12318" type="rectangular"]
The added personalised oompa loompa song to My Golden Ticket by Wonderbly is  brilliant! D loved that the song was about him and really allowed him to think he was in the magic of Wonka's factory. D also liked that he had a whole bar of chocolate named after him. My favourite has to be the family tree! D comes from a line of Mumnuggets. A fruit that literally explodes! How cool. I love that Wonderbly dedicated a whole two pages to just the personalisation of D's last name.

My Gold Ticket includes a post card

We also found this cute postcard hidden inside the My Golden Ticket. A great little keepsake which I plan to frame and add to the reading corner we will soon be adding to the children's bedroom. It is beautiful and such a lovely idea!

I must say that although My Golden Ticket is geared towards children aged 5 - 12 years D has loved it. I lost count of how many times we have read it now and he still gets excited!

My Golden Ticket by Wonderbly would make the perfect gift for any book-worm. I think it would be a great gift for any child aged 5 - 12 years this Christmas. Book lover or not, the personalisation is so unique and exciting I think many children will love getting inside the story, maybe even be inspired for their own adventures too.

You can purchase your own personalised My Golden Ticket from Wonderbly Starting from £19.99 by clicking on the link.

Gift Ideas for Babies

I am not sure about you but I tend to find babies really hard to buy for! Especially when they are still very young. Baby S will only be 6 months this Christmas and at the minute she's only starting to be really interested in toys. Each year we usually have at least one baby in our family to buy a gift for. Something which usually means I stand in a shop staring at the various items thinking 'what does a baby need at Christmas?'  So I thought I would share three ideas with you.

Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set    

[gallery ids="12294,12295" type="rectangular"]
As I mentioned above I have recently just discovered that Childs Farm do gift sets of their products for children. They do also have a baby range which they do gift sets of too. One of which is the Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set which comes in this lovely box. The box allows you to see the three products included in the set by opening the front section of the box.

Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set - Products Included

Inside the Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set there are three full size 250ml products from the Childs Farm Baby Range along with a voucher for 50p off your next purchase. Now I know that all Childs Farm products are suitable from newborn age however the baby range contains products which are either fragrance free or have a very little scent to them. The three products inside are Childs Farm Baby Wash which contains Argon oil and is fragrance free, Childs Farm Bedtime Bath which contains organic tangerine and Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser which contains both shea and cocoa butter.

The whole baby range from Childs Farm is made to be used by babies from birth. Since Childs Farm only use natural ingredients in their products which is perfect for babies delicate skin.

Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Bath being added to the bath

The first product from the Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set we used was the Baby Bedtime Bath which I just love the smell of. We did use this version of Childs Farm Bath after the children's Bubble Bath which is above. Having used the child's version and the Baby version I have to say that the scent is much more subtle in the Baby Bedtime Bath.  I also noticed that it didn't bubble up quite as much, it did create a good amount of bubbles. I find that having too many bubbles in a bath while I'm trying to keep a good hold on Baby S can be difficult. I think Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Bath is perfect for when Baby S is getting in the bath on her own.

[gallery ids="12297,12298" type="rectangular"]
The second product is the Childs Farm Baby Wash. I love that this one is fragrance free. One of my favourite scents in the whole world is that unique baby smell! Any one else? I love that Baby S still has her baby smell. the Childs Farm Baby Wash allows that smell to shine through even just after bath time. I find that with Childs Farm Baby Wash a little really does go a long way. A small amount allows me to wash Baby S entirely.

Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser in use

The final product in the Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set is the Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser. Which unlike the other to products in the set comes in a handy pump bottle. I much prefer a pump bottle when it comes to moisturisers, even for myself! I find a pump easier to use since your hands are rather slippy straight after use. Trying to add a baby into the slippy hands, moisturiser and getting them dressed means pumps are a god send!

I love this Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set, bath time in our house is always at the end of the day. That means it usually happens as part of our bedtime routine. Although sometimes we like some lovely scents in the bath for both D and Baby S, there are times when we'd like to encourage them to fall asleep too. The Bedtime set is perfect for this with subtle scents which as far as I have seen with Baby S and D helps make babies and children sleepy.

The Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set is a great gift for babies you know this Christmas. The products are all perfect for babies and would be a great little gift for parents to open on Christmas eve too if that is one of their traditions.

You can purchase this Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set (RRP £12.99) by clicking on the link. The Childs Farm range is available from Childs Farm, Boots, Tesco and Superdrug just to name a few stores.

Childs Farm Baby Essentials Set

If you aren't sure about which bath products the parents of the baby you are buying for use or might try then you might be better suited with another gift set from the Childs Farm Baby range. Perhaps the Childs Farm Baby Essentials Set would be a good pick for you.

Childs Farm Baby Essentials set in box.JPG

This set is a little different, as you can see it comes in a lovely little box which is shaped like a little gift already. Inside the Childs Farm Baby Essentials Set contains four smaller products from the Baby range.

Childs Farm Baby Essentials Set- Out of the box.JPG

Inside the Childs Farm Baby Essentials Set you can find a 50ml bottle of Baby Bedtime Bubbles, 50ml bottle of Baby Wash, 50ml bottle of Baby moisturiser and finally a 15ml tube of Nappy Cream.

Childs Farm Baby Essentials Set - Bedtime Bath & Baby Wash

Most of the products inside the Childs Farm Baby Essentials set are the same as those in the Baby Bedtime Set above. The difference being that they come in smaller bottles. This actually makes them perfect for families who are off to spend Christmas anywhere that isn't home.

Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser after bath time

I have found that I use the Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser in this set much more in the bathroom as it is easier to have the smaller bottle to hand beside Baby S's clothes and towel than the bigger bottle. Plus I use a mat to dry her so I am able to use both hands to apply it!

Childs Farm Baby Essentials Set - Nappy Cream

Inside this Childs Farm Baby Essentials set contains a product which I have never seen let alone used. (Maybe I am just looking in the wrong place?) That is Childs Farm Nappy Cream. I have used many nappy creams since D was a baby and most feel quite thick, sticky and dare I say oily. Childs Farm Nappy Cream is none of those. The little tube in the Baby Essentials Set is perfect for popping in the changing bag for on the go use. Baby S has recently been teething and with teething usually comes nappy rash. I have been using the Childs Farm Nappy Cream for the last few weeks and I am so impressed! I love that it feels so silky soft going onto Baby S's skin. It works brilliantly and has been quickly added to my shopping list.

I love the Baby Essentials set from Childs Farm. It would be a great gift to add into a babies stocking or gift basket for either babies or even for parents who are expecting their baby around Christmas. Not only that but this would be perfect to give as a gift to anyone with a baby who is spending Christmas abroad or those spending it with family or friends. The smaller size of the Childs Farm Baby essentials set makes it perfect for travel and adding into small stockings. With great products inside they are fantastic gifts.

You can purchase the Childs Farm Baby Essentials Gift Set (RRP £9.99) by clicking on the link. The Childs Farm range is available from Childs Farm, Boots, Tesco and Superdrug just to name a few places.

Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor

Over the last month or so one of the big things on my mind has been getting Baby S up into her own bed in the evening. She doesn't usually sleep too well in the evening and I think a lot of it has to do with being down stairs and all the noise. Since I can't be the only parent out there trying to set up a routine I thought a great gift idea would be a baby monitor from a reliable baby brand. I know this one would be a gift I would be delighted to receive!

Tommee Tippee is a very well-known brand. The brand started out when a doctor requested a non spill cup with a weighted base from three brothers in America. A cup which the doctor refused to buy, leading the brothers to add a picture of their dog Tommee to the cup. That was the start of Tommee Tippee, although it wasn't until the late 60's that a business man brought the cup and other feeding accessories to the UK starting a manufacturing unit and the Tommee Tippee we know today was really born. With a range that branches out from non spill cups, bottles and feeding accessories to nappy bins and baby monitors.

Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor in box
When D was a baby I vaguely knew Tommee Tippee had their own baby monitors. However we got given a baby monitor from a family member just before D was ready to go to his own bed alone, I didn't need to look into which ones I might like to try. With Baby S I have researched the brands I wanted to try, along with ones which I thought would be good for most parents. One that falls into both those categories is the Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor. 

Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor Baby and Parent Units
The Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor comes with the monitor unit and a parent unit which you see above. Both come in a sleek black and white look meaning they'll fit well in any nursery and be able to integrate as part of the room. Both Units have a backlight on the LCD as you can see. Considering the Digital Sound Monitor uses Digital enhanced cordless technology ensuring there little to no interference and has a range of 300 metres there really isn't any need to worry when using the Digital Sound Monitor

The Digital Sounds Monitor from Tommee Tippee is so easy to set up! Once I removed all the items from the box I had to add the rechargeable batteries (which are included, perfect since I would have forgotten to buy them for months!) to the parent unit and place it on the docking station which charged them up. It is recommended to leave this charging for 6 hours before you turn the parent unit on. After charging I set about figuring out how it all worked and which settings we wanted to try, using the manual in the box.

Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor Parent Unit
I set about getting the main  baby unit set up. The Tommee Tippee Digital Sounds Monitor, main baby unit boasts a whole host of features, an easy to read LCD screen which displays the room temperature and battery level if batteries are added. Just below the LCD are two lights which indicate when the unit is on and when the batteries are low (if they are added).

The buttons on the unit allow you to control the sensitivity of the unit, I first set this up to be 4 although I later changed it to 5 after we used it for the first time. I use it at this level as it allows me to actually hear Baby S if she moves around and on occasion I have heard her breathing!

Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor light feature
Another feature built into the Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor Baby Unit is that it has a low-level yellow light behind the main white front of the unit at the top. This low level light has 3 settings which enable you or the baby to see should it be needed. I love this feature. Baby S screams if she wakes up in complete darkness. Using the low level light means she can wake up with some light but wouldn't be disturbed by it at night. To make this feature even better the level can be adjusted using the parent unit.

[gallery ids="12310,12309" type="rectangular"]
The real star of the Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor is the parent unit. Since it contains the rechargeable batteries the parent unit is portable. An essential feature for any parent in my opinion! I know it has been invaluable to me. I can take the unit with me as I manage to squeeze in some cleaning. The parent unit has a lot more information available on the screen including the temperature from the baby unit, light level of the baby unit, battery life and the signal level all at a quick glance. There are also five lights along the top of the parent unit for the Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor which will light showing the level of sound when there is sound coming from the Baby Unit. Baby S hasn't made it go past the 4th even when she is shouting!  From the parent unit you can adjust many settings using the menu button including language, sensitivity and the volume at which the baby unit sends out sound from the talk back feature.

Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor talk back feature and clipon the back
I adore the talk back feature on the Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor. There have been times when I simply can't get to Baby S the second she wakes up, I mean it takes a little time to actually get up to her. The talk back feature in the Digital Sound Monitor allows me to talk to Baby S and calm her while I get up to her. I've actually made it up to find out that she has gone back to sleep with me talking through the monitors. It's so easy to use too. Just click the little button on the side and hey presto! You can also see the clip on the back of the unit which can be attached to clothing if your going to be busy going room to room. I love this.

The final feature for the Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor is the paging function. I have not had to use this yet although I have given it a test and I know it will be invaluable when I do have my moments of baby brain and forget where I have put the parent unit! You simply hold in the up and down buttons on the baby unit and it will send out a paging signal to the parent unit which will last for 2 minutes if you don't deactivate it. This makes a sound allowing you to go in search of the parent unit. Now I just wish all the other portable items in my house did the same!

[gallery ids="12305,12307" type="rectangular"]

Thanks to the Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor we have been able to get Baby S on the path to a good bed time routine in her own bed. Giving us some time for ourselves!
The Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor would be perfect for parents who like us who are ready to start thinking about getting baby up into bed on their own at night. This would make it the perfect gift for babies and parents you know who could use  some time for themselves or to get a little extra done in the evening this Christmas. I think that has got to be one of the best gifts you can give to a parent at any time of year! It is certainly one I will always be grateful to get.

You can purchase the Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor (Currently £52.99) by clicking on the link. It's also available from Argos, George at ASDA, Kiddicare and Toys R Us.

I hope you have found my suggestions helpful this Christmas Season and do pop back to see what other ideas for gifts I have to share.


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Disclaimer: The products featured above have been received in return for an open and honest review featured in the guide. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
Sunday, 26 November 2017

My Sunday Photo {26/11/2017}

My Sunday Photo 26-11-17.JPG

This past week we've been so busy doing pretty much everything from appointments to celebrating Simon and I being together for 10 years, yes 10 years! We've all caught some kind of bug too which hasn't helped. However last weekend before all the craziness began I spent an extra hour lying in bed with D and Baby S being incredibly cute together. Luckily I had the camera nearby, and caught a few lovely shots of them both bright eyed and bushy tailed on a Sunday Morning.

I think this will be making it on to my list of favourite photos of them together.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Baby S at 5 Months Old

It's so hard to believe that Baby S is actually 5 months old as I write this. Time is just flying by and before I know it (more than likely before I get round to posting this) Christmas will be upon us. I sometimes wish I could just freeze time and keep both Baby S and D small forever.


Baby S is showing us little bits of her personality all the time now. It's lovely to see her own little quirks shine through. She has learnt how to blow raspberries in the last month and thinks it is brilliant!  She adores attention from everyone, especially me.

I think we have hit that age when Baby S is starting to realise I can leave her. Any time I leave the room she cries and cries, it is so heart breaking! She does calm down almost immediately when I return and loves to smile when she sees me.

Baby S has been smiling for quite some time now but over this past month she has really started to smile sociably and laughs at funny faces rather than just when you tickle her. She thinks D is funny and loves to laugh at him, although she does have a little mean streak and loves to laugh if he gets in trouble! 


Baby S refusing to sleep

Now that baby S is more able to move around and turn over to her sides I am noticing that she is not a fan of lying on her back. She much prefers to lie down on her side and seems to sleep a little better when she does. The hardest part of sleep at the moment seems to be getting her to sleep and putting her down. It isn't much of an issue in the day as I can sit holding her but in the middle of the night when I can't even lay her down without waking her, I'm running into problems. We are pretty much functioning with 20-30 minute naps between an hour or so of feeding and calming Baby S down again.

Physical Ability

Baby S using her teething ring
Now that baby S has started taking more of an interest in toys she is more able to grab and move them with her hands. She is really starting to use her gross motor skills a lot more recently too.

Most of the items she wants to get to her mouth now get there in the first try or two. A great plus since she is now starting to show more signs of teething from the back sides rather than the front.


Baby S is starting to notice more every day items around the house and is taking an interest in more than just those we give her.

She is already trying to pull herself up any time we hold her hands and she much prefers to stand up when we hold her. She hasn't really taken much interest in trying to crawl, since she learnt to roll onto her back she seems to do it not long after going on her tummy. That or she cries until you lift her up! She is able to move a little on her tummy and push herself around to try getting closer to what she wants.

When she does want to sit up and play with toys she is much more able and interested in sitting up properly rather than leaning over to one side like she had been before. The further on in this month as we got the straighter she seems to be getting which is a big relief, I was worried she was going to keep sitting on to the one side.


Baby S on her first Halloween

October saw Baby S celebrate her first Halloween. She seemed so excited by it all. Completely in awe of the fireworks. She got to explore new textures from the costumes to the pumpkins and decorations.

This month Baby S has sat up unaided for a few seconds! A big first for us to add to those milestones! She has been doing really well seems to enjoy trying to sit on her own. SO long as someone is nearby. We do still have lots of pillows surrounding her but she doesn't seem bothered by them. She is certainly not a fan of waiting while we get them all on the floor for her to use!


This past month has seen Baby S get the cold again. She doesn't cope to well with being sick especially when it concerns her nose being blocked up. I have found it increasingly hard to get her to feed properly if she can't breathe freely through her nose. Other than the cold she has been in pretty good health this last month even when D is bringing home what seems to be bug after bug! I am hoping that my breast milk is giving her some help in that department!


Like I said above we have been having some issues with breastfeeding when Baby S isn't able to breathe through her nose properly. Those are to be expected. Our main issue is that she has to keep stopping which means we both end up covered in  milk! Now that we have reached the end of the cold I do hope we will be going back to normal now.

We have reached that point when thoughts will soon be turning to weaning and I am so unprepared to deal with weaning from breastfeeding. It has been such a different experience than I had with D and I will miss the amount of feeds but I am also looking forward to some time without feeding while she is having food!


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Baby S at 4 Months Old

Considering Baby S will be 5 months old by the time I post this it's safe to say I am running a little late with this update. When I wrote her 3 month update I missed a good bit out, unintentionally. As a result I have decided to try a new, more organised way of recording how Baby S is developing and what milestones she is hitting. I've been using post it notes to remind me of little things that have happened!


As I mentioned in her 3 month update Baby S has certainly got her own opinion and is learning just how she can express that opinion to get what she wants! She is such an independent little lady. Well as much as she can be at 4 months old! She still isn't so keen on crying and will only resort to crying if she really must or has just woken up. She prefers to shout instead.

Baby S lovs to smile - 4 Months

Over this past month she has really started to smile much more. The same goes for giggling. She has been giggling at everything this month including talking teddies, D being silly, funny faces and peek-a-boo. We have discovered her tickles this month two which invokes cute giggles and squirming to try getting away.

Baby S loves holding my finger.

Baby S loves to hold on to you and show you affection through cuddles, finger holding and trying to eat your nose. I'm convinced she's trying to give kisses as I kiss her little chubby cheeks a million times a day which always makes her smile and giggle.


Baby S doesn't like sleep anymore.

In Baby S's 3 month update I mentioned how well she slept and was taking at least 2 naps every day. I don't think I had even  hit publish on that update for more than a few days before Baby S decided that we don't do naps anymore! Although naps went completely out the window during the day she seemed quite content, for the most part. After a week or so Baby S got grumpy around the times she would usually have been napping. That was hard. I hate when she is upset! At the same time her bedtime routine was shot (Not that we had a great one to begin withand getting her to sleep could take hours and hours of feeding and cuddles. Mummy perks right there!

Physical Ability

Baby S can grip toys and move them around - 4 Months update

Last month she was starting to sit up in her little seat, she had tendancy to lean on one side most of the time and really depended on the support but she loved it! Now Baby S seems to be starting to sit much straighter and using her balance a little more. She is still only able to stay sitting up alone for 3-4 seconds at the minute. She isn't a fan of the falling over onto the cushions part of practicing sitting up.

Her grip is getting better and better, this last month she has started to get her hand in a better position to lift and grip items. Although her movements are slightly slower she is improving well. She now opens her hand for a few seconds before tightly gripping onto the item. Baby S has started to bring the items towards her face in an attempt to get it to her mouth or to feel the texture. Her aim isn't perfect but she can get it up to her face and push her hand away when she wants to let go. She's very recently learn that if the item doesn't drop she can shake her hand and it will fall. Clever girl!

Baby S can remove some of her bibs.

Baby S is certainly not a fan of bibs! We have a few which have a small amount of Velcro and big pulling (quite hard) you can remove them. Baby S has figured out which bibs come off this way. We are lucky if they last a minute!


Although I tend to forget that Baby S came rather early and was considered a premature baby (She was born at 36 weeks + 3 days) it does mean that her developmental markers are a bit out of wack and she hits them at different times from other babies her age. She's not far behind but now it is becoming a little more apparent that she should be that little younger. 

Baby Sloves toys that jingle

Over the last month Baby S has really started to actively show an interest in her toys on her toy bar while having playtime on her mat. She loves trying to touch them and making them move. There are a few small toys which interest her outside those on her toy bar, she loves the few which make a jingly tune. She also enjoys babbling away to them! Most recently she is showing an interest in toys which light up as well as making sounds. She gets so excited when she about them.

Her babbling has started to advance further and she tries new sounds and shapes with her mouth. Some are a work in progress but she mostly gets a sound to come out instead of just mouth movements now. She certainly loves to talk so far! 


A big milestone I forgot to mention in last months update is that Baby S can roll over from her tummy to her back! She thinks it's funny and giggles just after she's done it. Each time she does roll over she moves herself into different positions to do it. So far she's taken no interest in trying to turn back over to her tummy but she shouts to let us know she wants to go back on her tummy.

This last month Baby S has started teething. She seems to be cross teething with some of her back teeth coming through. There is one in particular on her bottom right side which seems to be causing her a lot of discomfort. I don't think she will be waiting too long for it to break through. You can already see the whole tooth shape under her gum if she is screaming (usually when I put her in her pram!). She really enjoys biting down on anything firm she can get her hands on, daddies skinny fingers are her favourite. 


So far we have been very fortunate and Baby S has managed to avoid all the bugs going around, considering D has had one or two so far she's doing well. I'd like to think breast feeding is giving her the extra anti bodies she needs to keep most of the bugs at bay! I haven't got her weighed this month but I did measure her (myself and she is now measuring up at 66 - 67 cm. She's fitting perfectly into her 3-6 month clothing now. I must admit I am a little worried she will out grow them before too long.


We are still exclusively breast feeding. This month I have been breastfeeding Baby S for longer than D and I had managed to! Breast feeding is going well. She is still feeding around 10 times a day and will have 2 - 3 night feeds. Although she's not sleeping through she is only waking up for a feed and a quick change before drifting back to sleep.


Sunday, 12 November 2017

My Sunday Photo {11/11/2017}

My Sunday Photo 12-11-2017.JPG
Last weekend we took a trip to our favourite museum. We do visit regularly (Once or twice a year) and every time we do it is a hard job to get D past this display case. The only case in the whole of the museum which contains a whole host of dead animals. Yes they're all dead in a museum, I know. These however are dead animals being.. Yep, you guessed it dead animals! Hung up to display how food was kept to stay fresh and dry out.

D loves this case and has to stop and talk about every animal! Despite the awkward and strange looks from every single parent who walks through to door directly opposite. Thanks to whoever decided this particular case must be placed right at the entrance. 

I just had to share his curiosity, here is asking what animal it is. I possibly definitely neglected to add in the dead part when we spoke about the fish..


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