Monday, 16 October 2017

The Siblings Project {October}

It has already been a month! D and Baby S are still learning all about each other and witnessing their progress is something to behold.

The past month Baby S has started to take much more interest in D and what he does. D has certainly noticed and is more than happy to show her all he has to play with. Although D would really love it if she would play with his toys too. (I think the day she does will be the best day of his life so far!)

Around the  middle to end of last month I set up Simon's green screen stand and attached one of our muslin swaddles to it as a make shift back drop.This was an effort to take advantage of the one area of really good light we get. It was all set up when D came home from school and I got some lovely shots of them both while they talked, posed, giggled and Baby S even tried eating D!

The Siblings Project {October} - Together.
The Siblings Project{October} - Talking

The Siblings Project {October} - I will eat you!

The Siblings Project {October} Photo time
I just couldn't resist turning this one black and white!

The Siblings Project {Otober}

Now that Baby S is awake much more and D has more interest in her I have noticed a few times when he might be slightly too rough and we need to remind him to be careful and gentle. However I think they are getting along great and I am loving watching them both bond and grow together.


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  1. Ahh they are so cute together. Looks like that sibling bond is forming and what a supportive big brother too. #siblingsproject


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