Saturday, 30 September 2017

The Me & Mine Project - September

It has been a long time since we last joined in with the Me & Mine link up. Too long I think and now that we are a family of four I really do want to remember to get family photographs and have photographs with me in them. It may only be one every month but it is much better than having none!

D's picture of our giraffe family

While I was pregnant with Baby S, D and I would do lots of art together. We did a lot during the weekends and over school holidays. One of these little art sessions D made this lovely little picture of a family of giraffes. Me, Simon, D and a little baby S in my tummy. Two big adult giraffes and two small children giraffes. It is just so cute!

So when I found a selection of stuffed giraffes online I knew I just had to get one for each of us! So Simon got the biggest in blue, I got the medium in Yellow, D got the smallish one in green  and Baby S got the tiny little baby giraffe in pink! I switched the colours of D's and Simon's from the picture as green is D's favourite colour. The sizing of the giraffes also comes from D who always tell us that Daddy is big, I am medium, he is small and Baby S is teeny tiny. I think this is one of the pictures that I will always love as it really makes me smile to think of how happy D was the day they all arrived and he got to give everyone their own giraffe that matched his picture!

Me and mine project September 2017Me and Mine September 2017 - reality

Now I had envisioned a lovely picture of us all each holding a giraffe. That didn't happen. Not at all! I do however love these anyway. We are all together even if it isn't perfect. But hey what point of life with children ever is?

This month I have loved:

~Long bath times alone!~

~Family walks and discovering new places~

~Hot Coffee (on the rare occasion that one is in school and the other is asleep)~

~Chesapeake Shores on Netflix~

~Cute autumn baby clothes!~

This month Simon has loved:

~Destiny 2~

~Designing on photoshop~

~Family days out~

~Baby wearing for the first time~

~Surprises in the post~

This month D has loved:

~Starting School~


~Going to breakfast club~

~Numberblock number 4 (his favourite one)~

~Chinese chicken with rice and sweetcorn~

~Family movie days~

This month Baby S has loved:

~The apple pattern on the inside hood of her pram~


~Babbling to everyone~

~Reaching the toys on her toy bar~

~Sitting upon her own in her chair~



  1. Sometimes you have to let photos tell the story of life with children don't you! And these have you all in it so are I am sure precious for that x

  2. Yes you certainly do.
    They will be. We don't have many family photos but all of us in one picture will always be precious.

  3. Oh I agree I used to do this with my two as little babies as they are close in age try to capture family snaps one was always running away or crying. But it's reality and it's family moments taken, documented and shared that's why I love this project so much. Lovely. #meandmineproject

  4. I can imagine trying to get two very young children in a shot. We'll look back and love them all the same. It's part of life and we don't always have perfect days or photos :)


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