Friday, 29 September 2017

Baby S Birth Story - A Natural Breech Delivery - Part 2

Here it is, Part two of my birth story with Baby S! If you missed part one you can read it using the link.

They talked to us about how different this would be. I wouldn't be allowed to lie down and would have to be up on my knees leaning on the back of the bed where gravity would have more effect. I had actually wrote in my notes that I wanted to use this position rather than lying down so I was pretty good with it. They wouldn't be checking me anymore and would let it just happen. Which although a bit scary was also as natural as it could get. They warned us both that we would not be alone and that there would be quite a few people in the room during this process. They also told us that a theater was ready and on standby so that if something starts going wrong everything was ready to go straight away. I pretty much blocked the thought of things going wrong from my mind. There was no way I could think about rushing off to surgery in a whirl.

I was hooked up to the monitor again. This time it did work! Well most of the time. It fell off a few times and had to be moved each time she dropped further down. Not much changed for about an hour. (I think) I wasn't really keeping track of the time but both midwives went off on break and came back. One explained that we would be waiting for different things once she started to come out and that they would talk us through it.

I was incredibly thirsty and was literally drinking a glass of water every few contractions. Which had gotten incredibly close together. I only had enough time to get a drink in between. (almost a full glass!) Since I had left the house thinking I would go back and without our bags I had nothing I planned to use in labour. Mostly my hairbands, I had to ask the midwife if they had anything I could use! She magically came back
with a band they use to keep the baby heart monitors on wrapped around her head so she could tie it as a hairband. I was incredibly happy! In fact I think I hugged her. My hair had been getting stuck in my mouth and I was getting pretty annoyed with it!

After that it was a long cycle of drinking water and having contractions with a few baby monitor adjustments. The gas was awkward to use on the back of the bed especially since I wanted to sway from side to side with my head on the bed. I could do all of that fine but I was aware that Simon was somewhere on the other side. He looked pretty freaked out every time I got a look at him! I wanted to hold his hand and look at him but I couldn't be on the other side. The gas didn't reach or wouldn't allow me to move in a way that helped.

I found a rhythm and was happy to just move my hips from side to side while the contractions came. The midwives kept asking did I need to push. It was a bit strange to be the only one knowing what was happening inside. Only I could feel what was happening!

The moment to start pushing did finally come and I started to push while also pushing my whole body right down on the bed with my bottom out. (not a pretty picture I know!) I remember worrying about it and asked was it okay, they did say I would have to stop when I started to crown (a bottom not a head!). At one point almost everyone was behind me and I could hear them talking about seeing something. I wanted to know so I asked and they explained that a sign of crowning is a purple line on your bottom! I never knew that but I explained about having had an operation there at around 16 weeks  pregnant (if you missed that you can click the link to read about it) which had left a big purple scar on my bottom.

My waters still hadn't gone and I kept thinking "it should have happened by now" so I kept asking. (They never went with D either!) They did keep saying no they hadn't went yet but I knew I was starting to ignore or miss what was happening during contractions. I could only concentrate on pushing, everything else blurred away. Just after a contraction I asked again and she said "I've just scraped them" (I think they could see the bag.) I got a contraction right after that and oh my goodness I really felt them pop and then the massive gush of water! It was such a strange sensation but I got a good bit of relief just after they'd gone which was a bit strange.

It didn't take long for the contractions to start getting really strong and the need to push was getting so close together. At this point I know that someone told me I had to stop pushing my bottom so close to the bed and I was trying I really was! I however must not have been doing it very well as pretty soon after this I felt an arm pushing against my bottom up during each contraction. After a good long push I could hear "That's her bum out" next they wanted her legs to drop down one at a time and during the next contraction they did just that. I really remember her say " She is standing up on the bed" That was a surreal moment. I remember that I somehow had this moment of wonder thinking how is she standing on the bed with one half of her body still inside me? I will never forget that. Next we wanted her stomach to come out followed by the arms and shoulders (I honestly can't remember in which order!).I do know they came out the order they wanted with only 2 or three contractions. The last part was her head! This was the worst part of the whole labour and I remember actually screaming as she came out. I'm pretty sure it was a real primal scream, it certainly felt like it warranted one! Just at the moment I felt relief I also heard her cry and they handed Baby S to me through my legs and into my top. She was born at 10:51am just hours after that first contraction which seemed a lifetime away by then! She weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces and was just perfect!

I couldn't believe I had done it! I didn't have any tearing but I did have a small scrape (well they told me I did) She had her first poo on the way out, however it had happened after her bum had been delivered so she was safe! She was perfect and although this is certainly not the best photo it was the very first.We where both in love from the moment we saw her and we cried.  Moments after being born she was rooting around and wanting a feed! After she had her feed it was time for me to have some toast. I was so hungry! However after one mouth full I felt really sick and ended up throwing up all the water I had drank. After which I felt so much better and continued getting cuddle while we waited on my bag arriving (thank you to my sister!) During this time it was hard, she had no clothes and neither did I! I felt guilty that we hadn't brought it with us.It didn't take too long thankfully! After that I had the best bath of my life! It was amazing!

A family of 4 for the first time -Us Two Plus You

It was a few hours later that we got to share our complete family and D joined us at the hospital. Another magical and perfect moment!

Looking back on my delivery I now realize just how rare natural breech deliveries are. So rare in fact that no body in the room that day had experienced one actually happening! I am so glad I didn't know that then as I would have probably really considered changing my mind and I know I would never have really wanted that. We are lucky and we had the perfect "textbook" breech delivery which ended with our beautiful daughter and a happy complete family.


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