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Lansinoh breastfeeding products review

While I was pregnant I had a lot of things on my list of items that I needed to get and decide which brands I would be using. I had tried many different brands with D and some I loved and some I hated. However I was very aware that in 4 years there could be a major difference in the products. I wasn't sure if the products would be the same so when I was contacted about trying some Lansinoh products I had to say yes. They had been my favourite brand with D especially for their Lanolin.

Lansinoh was founded in 1984 by Resheda Hagen who after having her first child suffered incredibly painful nipples while breastfeeding. She was advised to try some lanolin, which back then wasn't available in shops. Her husband who was a doctor was able to get a jar from the hospital where he worked. She got immediate relief from the pain. Resheda founded Lansinoh to offer breastfeeding women a safe alternative that works. She bought the lanolin in one pound jars which she repackaged herself into smaller containers that would be better for mothers. Lansinoh believes that breastfeeding mums should have the support and encouragement they need to really experience the benefits of breastfeeding.

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin

I am going to start with their HPA® Lanolin which is the bestselling nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers in the UK. With no added chemicals, preservatives  or additives it has no taste, colour or smell and it is BPA and BPS free. It is simply pure medical grade lanolin, which for myself and I am sure many of you mums out there is just what a baby needs. Personally I love this lanolin, it is the best product out there for the first few days and weeks of breastfeeding. During these days your nipples are beyond the point of sore and feeding can be incredibly painful. The soreness started much sooner this time round for me and I was incredibly grateful that I had this in my hospital bag. Baby S pretty much cluster fed from day 2 since she had been topped up with formula for her low blood sugar. I loved that in this haze filled period of cluster feeding and sleeping for about 2 -3 hours a night I didn't have to worry about removing the lanolin before feeding. I probably would have spent all my sleeping hours awake and worrying if I was using another product.

Lansinoh Lanolin - small amount

Lansinoh's Lanolin is certainly the case of a little goes a long way. A very small dollop like the one on my finger above is enough to completely cover both my nipples and provide immediate relief. It is not just a fairy godmother during those first few days either. Baby S has started to go through another period of cluster feeding at the moment and I find myself reaching for the lanolin the minute I feel the soreness ebbing in. I did also find out that it amazing as a lip balm! I must say I was very impressed with the results of using the lanolin as a lip balm. I am forever forgetting to put my lip balms in my bag but I will always have the lanolin in the changing bag ( I don't leave the house without it).

Lansinoh Nursing Pads Review - Indivual Packet

Another essential from Lansinoh is their Disposable Nursing Pads with Blue Lock™ core which are new and improved from their old nursing pads which I had used with D. I was very interested in seeing just how different they would be since I had used Lansinoh breast pads as my go to brand with D. I had loved them and as I mentioned above I wasn't sure if I would like the improvements. I was however suitably impressed! Some of my favourite features are still in use. The fact that each pad comes in its own little packet is fantastic! It is perfect for when your baby only feeds from one side during a feed like Baby S. I don't need to open a packet and leave one inside the open packet since one side won't have leaked.

Lansinoh Nursing Pads in Changing Bag

It also means that you can just throw a few in the changing bag for when you are out and they'll stay perfectly clean and in shape.

Lansinoh Nursing Pads - Stay put feature

I personally just pop my nursing pads inside my bra and they do stay in place but Lansinoh's Nursing Pads do have two peal away sections on the back which provides a sticky surface where you can attach the pad to you bra orclothing to keep it in place!

Lansinoh Nursing Pad shape

The shape of the nursing pads from Lansinoh is still the same and perfecting shaped to hug the breast and prevent leaks from the pad before it has a chance to soak up the liquid. This has actually happened to me when I ran out in hospital! The shape also helps the pads to sit seamlessly under non padded bras.

Lansinoh Nursing Pad with Blue Lock feature - full

The blue lock core in the Lansinoh nursing pads is pretty amazing in itself! This core means that the nursing pads can hold an amazing amount of liquid inside! As you can see above the pad has expanded quite a lot compared to the pad before. I added about 50 ml of water to the pad here so much more than you would need it to hold! I also like that the pad will turn to more of a jelly like substance inside once it has absorbed liquid. I think this is a great feature since upon compression it won't leak out! The pads are perfect for night-time use when babies don't tend to feed as much and I find I leak more at night too. I always keep a few Lansinoh nursing pads with blue lock feature beside my bed. The little pack they come in is also great for slipping used pads inside while out so you can dispose of them once you find a bin.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags Review

The final product I received was Lansinoh's Breastmilk Storage Bag which are made from polyethylene which means they are food safe and will not let any toxins in to reach the milk. I have not used a breast pump yet and actually only expressed during the first few days while I was in hospital. I did take the bags with me to hospital since I knew I may need to store breastmilk in syringes to give to Baby S in the hours after her birth. This was due to my gestational diabetes. Turned out these storage bags had the perfect amount of space to pop a filled syringe inside. I used them to keep a few filled syringes inside during the night. There wasn't really time between changing and feeding Baby S to walk to the end of the ward where the fridge for breast milk was and you can keep it at room temperature for 12 hours so the 6 hours when I was getting sleep was perfectly fine. Using Lansinoh's bags meant that the syringes stayed sterile and could be filled and stored instead of fiddling around in the middle of the night to give Baby S some top ups.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags Details tab

The bags also have a tamper proof closure which needs ripped of before use. This allows you to feel safe that the bags are sterile. The durable seal at the top means milk is safe inside. Below the seal is an area for you to fill in some details to keep trackof when the milk was pumped. I love that there is a time section since milk is different during the night than during the day!

I have loved all three Lansinoh products and will keep using these as my go to brand for Breast Pads, Lanolin and Breastmilk Storage bags as I need them. My personal favourite of the three is the nursing pads and I am always stocked up! I would recommend these products to all breastfeeding mothers but I would also recommend the nursing pads to all new mums. They are perfect for those first few days when your milk comes in and you leak/ might leak.

You can purchase Lansinoh Lanolin 40ml (RRP £10.49), Pack of 60 Lansinoh Nursing Pads with Blue Lock feature (RRP £6.00) and Pack of 50 Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags (RRP £9.99) from Boots by clicking on the links.

Disclaimer: I received the above items in exchange for an open and honest review. All opinions expressed above are my own



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