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TheraPearl Pals - Hot & Cold Therapy Review

Summer is well and truly on its way now and if last year was anything to go by then we are in for a lot more bumps and bruises now! With the hot weather we tend to get out a lot more and inevitably that means there are more accidents where children hurt themselves while playing. It happened to D a lot last summer (the sun seems to bring out his clumsy side!) so when I was contacted about TheraPearl Pals which are little animal shaped hot or cold therapy packs which are perfect for children I knew it was something that we needed to try!

TheraPearl Pals Instructions

TheraPearl Pals are designed with children in mind. They are little animal shapes hot or cold pads which can either be frozen in the freezer ready to be used as an ice pack or they can be heated in the microwave and used as a heat pad. The TheraPearl Pals have little pearl type squishy beads inside which are various colours (to match whichever animal they are made to be). The pearls are designed to retain the hot or cold temperatures for up to 20 minutes and the funky animal designs are used to help keep children calm and stop fidgeting while the pals do their job. The other great news is that the TheraPearl Pals have been verified to be free of heavy metals, lead, BPA and phthalates. Not only that but the pals are reusable, hypoallergenic and designs to not leak or drip when used!

Personally we didn't use them in the microwave for two reasons, the first is that it has been lovely weather here for the last 2-3 weeks and the other is that we don't actually own one! I can however see the advantages the heat pad would have in the winter as you could easily pop them inside a child's coat pocket on the way to nursery or school to fight off the chill along with the many other uses for a heat pad.

TheraPearl Pals - Ribbet & Pearl - Hot or Cold Therapy

The TheraPearl Pal range has a variety of animal shapes and we received the frog called "Ribbet" and the pig called "Pearl". D loved them from the minute I opened them and was very interested in helping to get them ready to be used. He took both and helped to put them in a safe place (in the freezer drawer).

They didn't actually manage to stay in there for too long since D had a little accident at nursery the next day just before home time. He managed to scrape his arm while playing. The minute we got home he got his pj's on and wanted to use "Ribbet" the frog to help the stinging stop. I was pretty impressed with the temperature of the TheraPearl Pals when I took them out of the freezer! They had been in there for almost a full 24 hours and they hadn't actually frozen (which they are designed not to do) but they had become cold enough to retain the colder temperature for at least 15 minutes. Which is as long as D was willing to use them for!

Ribbet -TheraPearl Pals - Room for movement!

One big advantage of the TheraPearl Pals using the pearls inside is that the pearls are small and easily slide over and around one another and as you can see there is plenty of room in the pack for them to do so. This means that when they are applied to the skin the whole pack is completely flexible and can be bent or moved to a position where it can really reach any area a child might hurt and there is no need for any further ice or heat pads to be used! The other advantage this feature creates is that anyone is able to use the TheraPearl Pals making them the perfect addition to practically any home or first aid kit.

 TheraPearl Pals are easy to squeeze or shape

The pals themselves are the perfect size for little hands to use. Usually if I have had to use an ice pack for D they are big, bulky and actually have a fair bit of weight to them which means I end up sitting there to hold it in place hampering his ability to do anything and it gets quite frustrating for us both! Now D can happily sit for his 15-20 minutes while watching some TV or playing with a car to pass the time. He seems calmer and actually benefits more since he isn't trying to move the body part that hurts! As you can see in the image above D is able to squeeze the TheraPearl Pals quite easily which means he can comfortable lift the whole pack up and place it where he might need to use it since the size and weight are much smaller than that of any ice packs or heat packs we have used before!

I also used the TheraPearl Pals over the last few weeks, although not for the initial use they are intended. There have been times while the weather got much warmer when the itching (due to my obstetric cholestasis) got unbearable and not much would help. I actually figured out that by using the TheraPearl Pals over the areas that itched the most (usually my legs or feet) I was able to cool down enough to reduce the burning feeling which always accompanies the itching! I have since been using them almost every night when it gets very itchy.

I would say that since we have started to use the TheraPearl Pals D is much calmer and seems much more easily soothed in the eventuality that he does hurt himself or needs to use the pals to help make him feel better (if he has a sore head or has got too warm). Personally I find I am much more willing to give him the TheraPearl Pals than I would have been with an ice pack or other such items with the same purpose. The pals are perfect even when something happens just before you have to leave the house for important meeting or appointment (children always seem to pick that perfect moment for an injury don't they?) as you can just take one with you since all they condensation as the pals are used is contained inside the pack itself! They can safely be popped into your bag after use and they are easily cleaned after use with some water and a little soap. (I just used my hands to clean them and dried them off before popping back in the freezer)

I would recommend TheraPearl Pals to any family with young children. They are a great piece of equipment to have around the house especially with the warmer weather coming. They are versatile and have many uses while being completely drug free. The TheraPearl Pals have given me piece of mind and allowed D to feel calmer after the shock of getting a bump, bruise or any injury. They really are the perfect addition to a first aid kit and you could even take the pals on holiday with you thanks to their size, weight and the TheraPeals.

You can purchase your own TheraPearl Pals  at Lloyds Pharmacy, the RRP is £5.29
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Bean and Boy Baby Soap and Lavender Soap Review & Giveaway

One thing you might not know about me is that I do have a teeny tiny obsession with all things bath related that smell good! I am not kidding. I have an extensive range of my favourite products which I rotate depending on the time of year, my mood and if I want an extra special relaxing bath (that one happens so rarely!). When it comes to soaps, shampoo's and other bathing products I struggle with not getting more all the time.

One of the things I have struggled with over the last 4 years is finding good quality soaps and products which I can use on D. He does love smelling all the goodies hidden in my bathroom cupboard but he can't use any of them! He has very sensitive skin and has done since he was born. Many of the soaps and products made for babies and children make his skin break out or make him uncomfortable with itching or other symptoms. In fact we have only ever came across one or two ranges of products which don't! That is why when I was contacted by Bean and Boy about trying out their baby soap. I was delighted and really looked forward to the soap arriving! They did send me my own lavender soap which was perfect for me to try as I adore lavender!

Bean and Boy is a  family run business right here in the UK. Their journey to their natural handmade soaps all started when their daughter developed a mild form of eczema. They did a lot of researching and trialing soaps which would work for them all as a family. Through this process they did settle
on high quality ingredients, essential oils and a slow soap making process which is pretty close to ancient traditional methods of soap making! Incredibly they still make their soaps in the very place where they started, their kitchen. Each batch of soap made takes 6 whole weeks before it's ready to be sent out.

Bean and Boy Lavender and Baby Soap Packaging

When the soap arrived in the post I got rather excited and spent half the day going over to the area I had set it just to smell the incredible fragrance which came from them! The soaps came individually packaged in simple but beautiful brown paper and each had a small bit of coloured twine tied around it with a small label telling you the name of the soap.

[gallery ids="9409,9408" type="rectangular"]
Printed onto the brown paper the soap is wrapped in is the name of the soap and all the ingredients which are used in it's making! On the back the paper is held together with a Bean and Boy brand sticker which stays intact upon opening the soap up. I love the rustic but simply beautiful look of the packaging and you can tell they really thought about how the soaps would look all wrapped up. I think that the presentation of the soap shows from the start a level of luxury and quality. They would also be perfect to pop into a beautiful gift basket for any special occasion!

Bean and Boy Baby Soap

The Bean and Boy baby soap has its own unique kind of smell which isn't too strong but is still subtly distinct and as equally delightful. I personally couldn't quite but my finger on the fragrance but I loved it. D however thinks that it smells like one of my shampoo's! In a way I do think he's right but it doesn't smell quite the same. The combination of the Shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil and the other ingredients used in it's making mix to give it this unique smell.

Bean and Boy Lavender Soap

Once opened The burst of fragrance which comes off the soap is rather delightful. The lavender soap from Bean and Boy is not only beautiful to smell but it is rather lovely to look at. It has some lavender added to the top. I love that you can really see that it wasn't mass-produced into being a perfect shape as a batch.

Not only do the ingredients create that uniquely beautiful smell on both soaps we received but they also mean that the soap is suitable for vegans too!

D creating a lather with Bean and Boy Baby Soap

Come bath time both D and I got pretty excited about being able to use the Bean and Boy baby soap! One of the big plus sides for D was the size of the soap. It is smaller in size than most soaps we have tried before and this actually made it perfect for him! The size meant that he could for the first time be completely independent and hold his own soap and sponge to create the lather required to get washed. Not only is the soap the perfect size for small hands to use comfortably but I can see the larger advantage it would provide when using it with a baby! You could use the soap completely one-handed to create a lather on your hand or on a soft cloth!

D using Bean and Boy Baby Soap

The baby soap makes up a lovely lather which feels thick and foamy. D was rather impressed by the "soft bubbles" on his sponge.  He has been spending a few extra minutes on getting washed since we started using the soap! It is no longer a quick rush to get washing over with and back to playing. Now he seems to be enjoying the feel of the soap on his skin and actually found 2 reasons why he had to start all over again the last time he got in the bath!

Bean and Boy Lavender Soap in use

I have really enjoyed using the lavender soap over the last week or so. While pregnant one of the things that I have had both this time and with D has been eczema. I don't have it normally and that means that many of my usual soaps are out the window! Leaving me with few that I can actually use. The lavender soap actually helped with my eczema which is a first! It didn't irritate it in any way and using it in combination with some cream has helped to keep it somewhat at bay which I really hadn't been expecting.

The lather created by Bean and Boy Lavender Soap

The Bean and Boy lavender soap, much like the baby soap creates a lovely lather which is thick and foamy. It feels silky and smooth to the skin and really feels incredible! So much so that I have been using the soap twice daily to wash my face both in the morning and at night! I do think that the lavender smell soaks into the skin too, meaning it stays around almost all day (although that could be my sensitive pregnancy sense of smell at work too). I have found that my skin has been much softer and I have not had any problems with dry areas on my face. I am pretty sure that the soap is to thank for this! (please excuse the two images of the lavender soap in use. It is incredibly hard to take a photograph while using a soap yourself!)

The soap itself feels hard and smooth right from the start and even after many uses both soaps are still almost the same as the day they arrived! I know now that these soaps will last a long time to come and neither D or I have had any issues with our skin since we started using them. Which is a big plus for us. I have loved using these soaps and after having a look around the rest of Bean and Boy's range I plan to buy it all at some point! The Bean and Boy range have a soap for everyone! Some lovely sounding fragrances and they even have a beer soap which I plan on getting Simon, maybe for Father's day this year.

I think Bean and Boy soap are a fantastic product which can be used by anyone! They are perfect for Vegans and anyone who has sensitive skin as they are so mild and gentle on the skin. I also mentioned above that the soaps would be perfect for popping into gift baskets or hampers if you make them for friends or for family. Finally I think that the Bean and Boy soaps are extremely great value for money! The quality of the product is far above any I have tried before and the whole range of soaps are under £5 each!

You can purchase the Bean and Boy Lavender Soap (£4.95) & Bean and Boy Baby Soap (£2.50) using the links.

Bean and Boy have very kindly given me a Mummy/ Daddy and Me gift box to give away which is so popular that every time they get enough made they sell out before ever making it on their site!

Bean and Boy Mum and Me

The Bean and Boy Mummy/ Daddy and Me gift box is made up of two Baby soaps and a soap from their range all together in a beautiful box like the one shown above. The winner of the giveaway will be able to choose which soap from the Bean and Boy range they would like.


Above you can also see the whole range of Bean and Boy soaps together. Aren't they beautiful all lined up?

You can enter the giveaway using the rafflecopter form below

Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions of the giveaway (found on the rafflecopter form).

Disclaimer: We received the product featured in return for an open and honest review. All opinions and views expressed above are my own.

*I have been given permission to use the two images featuring Bean and Boy products which we didn't receive.*

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