Tuesday, 25 April 2017

28 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

28 Weeks Bump Shot Baby Number 2

This week marks the start of my third trimester! It really won't be long before she is here with us.

Baby -

This week our baby girl should be about the same size as a Chinese cabbage(14.8 inches) and weighing around 2.25 pounds.

Now she has developed a much more regular routine of sleeping and being awake. She sleeps for around 20-30 minutes each cycle as she should be doing at this point and she does tend to do a good bit of moving around or pushing and kicking during her awake times.

Another pretty exciting thing that should now be true for us (I have not tried it yet but hoping to soon!) is that her heartbeat is now louder. This means that Simon should be able to hear her heartbeat if he puts his ear on my stomach.

Finally this week she has developed her eyes enough that they are opened and she can see to the point where she will be able to see my face while breast feeding. That is pretty amazing to think about. I have been wondering about what it might look like to be inside someone and seeing for the very first time. It's no wonder babies don't like bright lights or the outside world, everything inside is soft, squishy and I imagine a lot darker than the real world!

Me - 

My itching has been getting pretty bad over the week although last weeks bile acids did come back as being pretty low, they came back down to a 14 which is the very last number in the normal range! Yay!!

This week I have not actually caught any bugs or gotten sick which in itself calls for a little celebration. I feel like it has really been just one thing after another for the last few months and I have got a little breathing space.

I do think that this last week or two has shown big changes in my size. I am not sure if you can really see it in the bump shots but I can feel it. I have also been noticing that my stretch marks from being pregnant with D are starting to turn pink! I have not actually gained anymore as of yet but I do think the pinkness is a sign of the stretching beginning.

Another thing I have started to notice a little this past week is that I am starting to leak. I have actually been preparing for this to happen around now as I remember the same happening with D. By the time I was giving birth to D at 37 + 4/5 weeks I was changing breast pads every few hours and I actually leaked through them to my top one day while I was out. I was horrified and embarrassed!! Leaking at this stage can be pretty normal so if any other mama's to be out there are leaking don't worry! It is just colostrum and it will stay that way until after you give birth no matter how much you leak.


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