Friday, 14 April 2017

27 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

27 weeks bump shot baby #2

Baby - 

This week baby is roughly the same size as a cauliflower (14.5 inches) and she now weighs about 2 pounds.

Our little girl now looks like a tiny, wrinkled version of what we will see when she comes into the world! It is rather exciting to think that if we looked inside we would see what she will look like once she arrives. Over the next few weeks she will continue to put more fat on under her skin and she will have a much smoother appearance.

Her brain is now starting to go through the final stages of development and is almost fully developed. She also has taste buds that are very developed which is pretty cool.

She has reached another milestone too. If she was to be born now then she would have a good chance of survival since her lungs are well-developed and would be able to function with help which could be provided in a neonatal unit at a hospital.

Me - 

This week my bile acids have increased up to 22 which is still better than what they had been 3 - 4 weeks ago. I am getting more and more anxious about what is going to happen between now and when she arrives. With my third trimester starting next week I am thinking about the complications that can happen due to obstetric cholistasis. Up to now I haven't been too worried about it but the closer I get to the final trimester the more I think about it. I am getting prepared for an early delivery although I don't want her to be coming too early! I am now looking forward to my next appointment to see the doctors at the hospital as I have some questions and I am sure by then I will have some more!

At the weekend Simon felt her move for the first time! It was pretty amazing to be able to finally share the excitement of her moving around with him. She had always stopped moving when anyone tried to feel her. She is pretty strong and with the reduced space in there you can see her movements pretty well now. The next morning D was giving me a little cuddle when he starting telling my tummy to "please stop trying to push me" which was both exciting and adorable! usually D just watches her make my tummy move in the morning or he pushes in on my tummy to make her move around. He hadn't actually felt her kicking or pushing her hands out!

I do still have acid and heart burn which is getting worse now. It is starting to come throughout the day and stay for longer. I have started to sleep with an extra pillow under my own pillow and the end of my pregnancy pillow on top of that. I still wake once or twice with it but I also use the bathroom while I am up.


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