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25 & 26 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

25 weeks bump shot baby #2

25 Weeks

Baby -

Our little girl is measuring up to be about the size of a
rutabaga (13.5 inches) and she now weighs around 1.5 pounds. This week she is still becoming more proportionate with her limbs all starting to be around the right size for her head and body. It is also during this week that she is starting to fill out her skin with baby fat and all the wrinkles are starting to slowly fill in which makes it look smoother. She is still growing her hair and it is now starting to develop a colour and have texture! Which is getting me a little bit excited.

Me -

This week my bile acids continued to decline although it didn't go down as much as had been expected going by the results we got last week after I started taking the medication which I had been given. My bile acid level came back as 18 which is much better than the place we started at! I am still outside of the normal range and my liver function is staying quite high with my ALT and AST both staying around the 200 range which is around 6 times higher than the normal range expected. So far I am not overly worried about obstetric cholistasis. I do think about it and some of the things which can happen because of the condition. Although it isn't starting to make me nervous or worried yet.

I did have my first appointment with the community midwife this week which was rather odd. I had missed my appointment at 16 weeks due to being in hospital and so this appointment is both my first and most likely my last. It was just a normal check up where she checked on baby's heartbeat with the hand-held Doppler, asked how I was and checked my blood pressure. She normally would have checked my urine too but since I had gone straight to the appointment from my normal weekly bloods at the hospital it was already noted. My blood pressure and baby's heartbeat had been noted too but she decided to check anyway. She did talk about what would happen the next time I see her which is most likely to be at home after I have given birth! That is quite a scary thought since it really isn't too long now until baby will actually be here.

Over the weekend I did manage to catch tonsillitis for the first time in my life! It is horrible and what made it worse was that through the horrible feeling of my throat seemingly getting smaller I was still trying to eat all 3 meals every day in order to take my medication which must be taken with food three times a day. Thankfully I got an emergency appointment with my doctor and was able to get some antibiotics which worked before it progressed to far. I was feeling more like myself by Monday night/ Tuesday morning.

I have started to get new cravings over the last week. Mostly I have been craving really salty chips in any form along with McDonald's Big Mac burgers. I have been trying to avoid those as much as I can but it seems to be getting harder and harder not to go get one especially since we have a McDonald's not very far from where we live!

26 Weeks Bump Shot Baby #2

26 Weeks

Baby - 

She is measuring up to be the same size as hothouse cucumber (14 inches) and weighs about 1.75 pounds. She is starting to put on a fair bit of weight every week now and I can see the difference with each of the bump shots in how big I am as she is getting bigger.

Her eyes are opening this week! She should now be able to see light now since her brain and her optic nerve are much more developed! She is able to hear noises from outside my tummy which is pretty cool. I do think that she can hear when D sings to her (usually each morning) as she gets very active during some of the little rhymes he sings. He loves that she moves around when he is singing although they do have a difference of opinion when it comes to the songs themselves! She doesn't like to move around so much when he sings "5 little speckled frogs" (his favourite) but goes crazy when he sings "you are my sunshine" (his least favourite).

Me - 

My bile acids are still getting lower and the results from the test done on Thursday (25 + 6 weeks) is 13! It is quite remarkable that it has finally got so close to normal. Though my bile acids came down my ALT and AST got higher this week. The bile acids are the main concern and those are mostly what we are keeping an eye on. I know that they will more than likely go back up again. Especially since I am getting much closer to the third trimester which is when obstetric cholistasis would usually appear. Over Thursday night and Friday I did start to notice that I was itching more than I had been the last 2 weeks or so which I admit made me worry a good bit as I don't want to get back to the point where under my nails itch. I am becoming much more aware of her movements and have started to freak out if she isn't moving around at her normal times (I know that she may still change these times slightly). Luckily she has moved around within half an hour or so of me starting to freak out and I have yet to actually need to phone the hospital.

This week I have started to get cramping when I either walk fast or walk for a long period without a break. It always catches me off guard and I need to either walk at the pace of a snail or stop for a few minutes. It does make walking places alone with D a little harder since he prefers to get moving and get there. The cramping can come and go but if I don't stop it will get quite painful and make walking very uncomfortable.

I have started to get a mixture of heart burn and acid which comes up my throat. It started to happen more at night when I am lying down. I have been using heart burn relief but it only works for a while. I did get quite bad acid and heart burn when I was pregnant with D and I remember near the end eating ice pops in the middle of the night followed by some milk just to get enough relief to sleep! I am hoping that it won't get that bad this time.

I somehow managed to get sick again this week. This time I caught a sinus infection which I had to go to the doctor about by day 2! It made everything taste like what I imagine off milk would taste like! Mixed with the taste of baby sick when I was taking my medication. It was disgusting, I did get used to everything tasting awful throughout the week. Sinus infections are very hard to treat while pregnant as there is a limited range of things that can give you any relief. This wasn't helped by the fact that some of the things you can have in pregnancy can have an effect on the liver. That meant that I wasn't allowed to have them.


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