Friday, 28 April 2017

29 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

29 Weeks Bump Shot Baby number 2

Baby -

At this stage a baby should weigh around about 2.5 pounds, we found out at our antenatal appointment that she is currently at 3 pounds which is a good weight and still around what she should be at this point. This week she measures up to be around the size of a butternut squash (15.25 inches). She starting to get pretty big in there and she's going to be growing more rapidly now.

Now that she is getting much bigger her movements have changed a bit and she isn't being quite so aggressive on my insides now. She is however still moving about just as much as she was before and around the same times as before. This is due to there being less space inside now that she is getting bigger.

Another exciting event is starting to happen this week too, the waxy white stuff (Vernix Caseosa) which has been protecting her skin is starting to disappear now that she can regulate her temperature. She is also losing the hair (laugo) which has been covering her body for most of the pregnancy.

Me - 

Last week I was pretty itchy and had been a little worried about my weekly bile acid results coming back. They did come back as being normal again and went down another 1 to be sitting at 13. My liver functions however did crop up a little again and are still much higher than what is considered to be the normal range.

The blood tests also came back to say that my fasting blood sugars on that day had been 5.6! No that may not mean much to many people (I had no idea why that was significant when I got the phone call) but it does mean that I have got gestational diabetes. This now means that I have got both the gestational diabetes and obstetric cholestasis which don't impact one another. They do however each have their own implications in pregnancy. I have spoken about getting diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis before which you can have a little read about using the link. I do plan to talk about the gestational diabetes soon, I have still to speak to a dietitian and the doctors about it before I do that post so it may be another week or so away. I have been taught how to test my blood sugars and been given some guidance on foods which can help to keep my blood sugars down. So far I think it is going pretty well and I am actually getting used to pricking my fingers 7 times a day.

We did have our 29 week antenatal appointment this week where we found out that she is doing well and is at a normal weight. She is also developing as she should be. We did also find out that she is currently breach (still up the right way) but at this point in the pregnancy there is still time for her to turn around. I did have  a feeling before we went into the appointment that she was breach as I was still feeling big kicks and movements near my cervix! I do however think that she has since turned around as those kicks seem to have moved much closer to the top with the smaller movements which I have been thinking are her moving her hands and arms around are much lower down now.

I am still feeling tired and seem to be getting into a routine of going to bed at around half past ten every night. I am starting to get a more restful sleep the first time I go to bed although I am still waking up 2-3 times a night to use the bathroom. I know that there is only more of this to come as she gets bigger and bigger. I haven't had to take a nap this week which is a bit of an improvement on last week.

I am starting to feel a little anxious about her arrival now that it is creeping up on me. I am not yet prepared for labour at all! I have an idea of the items I will be taking with me for her and some of the things which will go in my own bag. I have yet to actually get anything together and start putting it in the bags! In fact I don't even have a hospital bag for myself yet! That is on my to do list and hopefully I can get one this week to get started since there's not that many weeks left and they seem to be slipping by faster and faster.
Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Ravensburger 60 Piece Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle Review

Ravensburger 60 piece Endangered Animals Giant Puzzle

I am not sure about everyone else but in our house we love doing puzzles! D has always taken a great interest in doing jigsaw puzzles from a young age, at the moment he probably does at least one every day or two. He is pretty good and I have started to find that he only needs help with big puzzles or with ones which are a bit more complex and have similar pictures on the pieces. Otherwise he can do it himself either after the first try with a little help or from the get go. When I was contacted about reviewing the Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle from Ravensburger. I just had to say yes! It sounded perfect for us and D adores animals so I was pretty excited about introducing endangered animals from around the world to him.

Ravensburger is a German company which create and produce puzzles and games for all ages and interests. They have been doing so since 1884 when they published their first puzzle. They have since developed and published thousands of games and puzzles, many of which have become best sellers and are well-known around the world. The brands mission is to promote intellectual, social, emotional and creative skills. Ravensburger are also one of few companies which still produce and manufacturer almost all of their products in their own factories which helps them to ensure they are getting the best and highest quality puzzles and games possible. The founder of the company started it with the principle "Only the best" and that is still a driving principle used in the company today.

The endangered animals giant floor puzzle arrived during the Easter break and D was immediately intrigued by the box. I managed to hide it away with the promise that we would do the puzzle very soon! It didn't take long for me to cave in and get the puzzle back out once Easter Sunday was over!

Inside Ravensburger Endangered Animals Giant Puzzle Box

The second I had removed the plastic wrap D had the box and was opening it up ready to get started! Inside the box there was:

  • An information page containing the names of each endangered animal beside their number. The numbers can be matched to the picture of the puzzle above them.

  • The puzzles guarantee

  • 60 puzzle pieces

choosing a starting point for the endangered animals puzzle by Ravensburger

We got all the pieces put out on the floor and picked one piece where we wanted to start. Most adults start a puzzle with a corner or edge piece but that is not necessarily true for children. Most of the time it is not the case for D and right away I noticed that each individual piece had something that was immediately recognisable and could be matched to the picture on the box and we could see what might be on the pieces next to it! This for me was a great advantage as some puzzles have wide spaces where there are just patterns or very small pieces of whatever is in the puzzle at the edges.

Working together to complete Ravensaburger Endangered Animals Puzzle

D has found the endangered animals giant floor puzzle to be challenging and we have been doing the puzzle as either a family or with me or Simon helping him. He has done the whole puzzle a few times now but his excitement around the animals, the pieces and finding where the next piece might be or attach to hasn't even began to disappear yet. I think the puzzle itself is challenging enough to retain D's attention for longer than usual by the amount of animals and the differences in what he was looking for on each piece.

One thing he did notice was that many of the animals had been cut off at their bottoms! Meaning that he spent a lot of time looking for animals bottoms on the next piece he needed. Each piece does usually have more than one animal on it and no matter what we animal we said was beside it he would rather find the bottoms! He did think this added a funny aspect to the puzzle building process.

The puzzle itself is thick sturdy pieces which are soft to the touch and have beautifully rounded edges. There are no bumps or ridges on any of the 60 puzzle pieces and each piece easily fits into the others around without much effort needed. This also makes the puzzle easier to take apart at the end. The pieces are broken away from each other easily and the tidying up process is quite short!

Showing the illustrations on Ravensburger Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle

You can really feel and see the quality of the puzzle and each of the pieces while you are using it. The front of the endangered animals giant floor puzzle from Ravensburger is smooth to the touch. The illustrations on each piece of the animals are beautiful but they aren't too realistic while still staying true to the unique qualities of each endangered animal that is featured. For me this is perfect for D and children of his age, it makes the animals have a friendlier look and many of the animals in the illustrations seem to be smiling which D loved to point out. The puzzle is also bright and colourful, showing an array of  beautiful shades while still making all the animals stand out against the map of the world they are placed on.

Throughout the puzzle building process each time we would look at the information sheet and match up many of the animals to their names. After the first time of doing this D started to copy us and tried to pronounce each of the names. While we did this we also talked about what type of animal each was and in a few cases we talked about where the animals are from and where they live.

Pretending to be a penguin - Ravensburger Endangered Animals

We did advance on this a little more when we had finished the puzzle. At the end we talked about our favourite animal on the board and about why they are called endangered animals and what the word endangered means. D and Simon played at being some of the animals on the puzzle and jumped around making the animals sounds or moving like the animals in the puzzle would. D loved being able to copy some of the sounds and they even attempted to be whales and bats making the same types of sounds we would expect them to make. He was pretty disappointed to find out that some animals don't really make much noise, especially the fish and animals that live in the sea! That has now become my mission for the next time we do the puzzle. Hopefully I can find sounds that the animals make online and we can keep using the puzzle as a real learning tool to branch off from and discover everything we can about some of the endangered animals of the world!

Choosing his favourite endangered animal on the Ravensburger puzzle

Once we had completed the puzzle and played around at being animals we also talked about which animal was our favourite and the ones we liked. We even talked about ome which D thought could be a bit scary like allegators and bats!

We as a family loved the Ravensburger Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle and I honestly couldn't find one aspect which I didn't like. I do think that the only way to improve the puzzle would be to add in a small booklet or double-sided sheet with a child friendly fact or two about each animal featured.

I think that Ravensburger have done an incredible job when it comes to the Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle. The quality of the puzzle is very high and it makes the pieces a joy to handle and use. Each piece is perfectly made for children and thick enough to withstand some heavy-handedness should it need to. Not only is the puzzle engaging enough for children to gain enjoyment out of it, but with the involvement of having the information sheet and reading the names of the animals by matching the pictures/ numbers it makes the puzzle a family affair or perfect for some quality time between parent and child.

There is so many versatile aspects which can be used with the puzzle for children of all ages. Learning about endangered animals is something we as adults need to be teaching our children. Pretty soon they are the individuals and the society that we will want to help protect those animals and ensure they survive. Ravensburger have provided a fun and engaging way to give parents and families a starting place to introduce the endangered animals to younger children. Even families with older children who may not find the puzzle as entertaining can still use it together getting the older children to find out some facts about the animals using the internet or books. Sharing the information and talking about it after  the younger children have finished the puzzle.

I would recommend this puzzle to all children and families with children of age 4 and above. I think that any child who enjoys animals and puzzles would love it.

You can purchase the Ravensburger Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle which has an RRP of £9.99 on Amazon by clicking the link.

Disclaimer: We received this puzzle in return for an open and honest review. All views and opinions expressed above are my own.
Tuesday, 25 April 2017

28 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

28 Weeks Bump Shot Baby Number 2

This week marks the start of my third trimester! It really won't be long before she is here with us.

Baby -

This week our baby girl should be about the same size as a Chinese cabbage(14.8 inches) and weighing around 2.25 pounds.

Now she has developed a much more regular routine of sleeping and being awake. She sleeps for around 20-30 minutes each cycle as she should be doing at this point and she does tend to do a good bit of moving around or pushing and kicking during her awake times.

Another pretty exciting thing that should now be true for us (I have not tried it yet but hoping to soon!) is that her heartbeat is now louder. This means that Simon should be able to hear her heartbeat if he puts his ear on my stomach.

Finally this week she has developed her eyes enough that they are opened and she can see to the point where she will be able to see my face while breast feeding. That is pretty amazing to think about. I have been wondering about what it might look like to be inside someone and seeing for the very first time. It's no wonder babies don't like bright lights or the outside world, everything inside is soft, squishy and I imagine a lot darker than the real world!

Me - 

My itching has been getting pretty bad over the week although last weeks bile acids did come back as being pretty low, they came back down to a 14 which is the very last number in the normal range! Yay!!

This week I have not actually caught any bugs or gotten sick which in itself calls for a little celebration. I feel like it has really been just one thing after another for the last few months and I have got a little breathing space.

I do think that this last week or two has shown big changes in my size. I am not sure if you can really see it in the bump shots but I can feel it. I have also been noticing that my stretch marks from being pregnant with D are starting to turn pink! I have not actually gained anymore as of yet but I do think the pinkness is a sign of the stretching beginning.

Another thing I have started to notice a little this past week is that I am starting to leak. I have actually been preparing for this to happen around now as I remember the same happening with D. By the time I was giving birth to D at 37 + 4/5 weeks I was changing breast pads every few hours and I actually leaked through them to my top one day while I was out. I was horrified and embarrassed!! Leaking at this stage can be pretty normal so if any other mama's to be out there are leaking don't worry! It is just colostrum and it will stay that way until after you give birth no matter how much you leak.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

D at 4 Years Old

D is officially 4 years old, I have no idea how that has happened quite so quickly. It doesn't feel like it was long ago that I was typing out D at 3 years old. This last year seems to have escaped us and so much has changed over that short period of time!

One of the really big things that has happened over the last year is that D started nursery! Late last August was his first day and honestly we got a bit worried in the run up that he would get over whelmed by it all. D has been an only child and we never really attended mother and toddler groups or anything of that nature. So going into a classroom for 3-4 hours a day with over 30 other people was daunting (to us!). D however took it in his stride and after his first day simply wanted to stay there forever!

He is doing really well and has been meeting all of the expectations placed on children of his age. He is keeping up with all those little learning milestones they need to reach to follow the developmental milestones. The only issue we have had come up is that there are some sounds within words that he will skip. We know he can say the sounds as he uses them in other words. We are currently waiting for a speech therapy appointment.

He is still following along the lines of learning new words and phrases as he should be for his age. It is just that he isn't pronouncing some of the sounds properly in some of his words. D is now also able to full express his feelings as well as predict how others are feeling just from the expressions they are showing.  He is able to explain why he is feeling how he is at nay moment and can ask questions which would help him to understand why someone else is feeling the way they do. He is still a very loving and caring person. If someone is sad or upset he will try to make them happy if he can or he will be compassionate and share a hug if they are people we know.

Over the last year D has really taken an interest in reading and the words that are inside the books we read. Before he would have just loved looking at the pictures and listening when either Simon or I was reading the story. He started to make up stories for himself when he would sit looking at a book. Each of the stories he would make up would be relevant to the pictures on each page. However they did very rarely make any sense. We did try some spot the difference and Where's Wally type exercises to see how he would do as these can be used as signs that they are ready to learn how to read! D did wonderfully with all the exercises we gave him and was able to find Wally pretty easily alone. To start of we did use books aimed towards baby's. Those little books with one or two words per page that simply say what is on the page. D really enjoyed these types of books and was very interested in the words and the letters he could see and recognise from practicing his phonic sounds. To add another element and a bit of fun into his first stages of reading we starting doing some rhyming word activities and using a Say it, Make it, Write it board for sight words. D adores doing all the activities and can happily sit for over an hour doing activity after activity! We try to do them at least 3 times a week and he still gets so excited! He is now starting to recognise the common words we see in books all the time which is really encouraging. He can recognise words like the, it, and, is along with the word names for numbers and colours.

Over the last 6 - 9 months D has really developed a sense of adventure. He has become pretty curious about all the places we go and areas where he isn't allowed to be. When we are out and about he will tell us all about how we need to check his map to see where to go next and what we need to do. He now seeing going to the shop for milk or bread as a great adventure in the wild. I love that his imagination has developed so well over the last year. I enjoy getting sucked into his little world and having fun with him. We use everything around us including our hands which can go from being binoculars to a list of important items we need to find.


D has also started to enjoy playing dress up and pretending to be someone else. Last year it would have been a straight up no the minute dressing up at home was mentioned. He had a few outfits for playing dress up but refused to wear them. Now it is totally different and we all regularly have sword fights or go off on a rowing adventure in search of treasure. D really enjoys dressing up with everything he can. He has even started playing with my jewellery and my scarves which I regularly find in the dressing up stand.


It isn't just the dressing up side of pretend play that D has really started to love but all kinds of pretend play. He enjoys playing with his little characters and making up stories or lines for them all to play out. He can happily sit and play out what is happening in his imagination either on his own or with other children. I love walking past and hearing him blasting the bad guys in outer space or taking a fireman to the emergency so he can save the day.

 D really enjoys maths! All things related to numbers and shapes we must learn about. He is now able to count all the way up to 36 alone. He does miss out the number 16 occasionally however it is getting to be less and less often. He counts everything now and tells is about the numbers on signs, doors and anything else he can find! Now that he is able to count up pretty high we have started to learn all about addition and subtraction. He is able to add up numbers that equal a number below 6 and he can subtract below the number 5 and tell us the right answer to sums we make up with those numbers. As he gets better we will expand on the sums and advance up to those that equal 10 or below. However I do think that D is doing really well. Another aspect of maths that D really enjoys is shapes. He loves learning about shapes and drawing them out. He has been learning about how many sides each shape has and even asks about how many corners there are in each shape. He know about circles, semi circles, squares, rectangles, diamonds, triangles, hexagons, pentagons and even asked about the octagon shape on a sign recently. He gets so excited when we are outside and we see signs with shapes on or things that have shapes hiding inside them like windows or shop displays.

The final thing I think has really changed in D over the last year is that he has really started to show his sense of humor. He loves to tell us things he finds funny or to do silly things that make people laugh. He is certainly becoming quite the little entertainer. His laugh is also very infectious and when he really laughs you just can't help but laugh along with him!

I am really looking forward to finding out all the new things that will change in D over the next year! I just hope it goes a little bit slower than the last one.
Friday, 14 April 2017

27 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

27 weeks bump shot baby #2

Baby - 

This week baby is roughly the same size as a cauliflower (14.5 inches) and she now weighs about 2 pounds.

Our little girl now looks like a tiny, wrinkled version of what we will see when she comes into the world! It is rather exciting to think that if we looked inside we would see what she will look like once she arrives. Over the next few weeks she will continue to put more fat on under her skin and she will have a much smoother appearance.

Her brain is now starting to go through the final stages of development and is almost fully developed. She also has taste buds that are very developed which is pretty cool.

She has reached another milestone too. If she was to be born now then she would have a good chance of survival since her lungs are well-developed and would be able to function with help which could be provided in a neonatal unit at a hospital.

Me - 

This week my bile acids have increased up to 22 which is still better than what they had been 3 - 4 weeks ago. I am getting more and more anxious about what is going to happen between now and when she arrives. With my third trimester starting next week I am thinking about the complications that can happen due to obstetric cholistasis. Up to now I haven't been too worried about it but the closer I get to the final trimester the more I think about it. I am getting prepared for an early delivery although I don't want her to be coming too early! I am now looking forward to my next appointment to see the doctors at the hospital as I have some questions and I am sure by then I will have some more!

At the weekend Simon felt her move for the first time! It was pretty amazing to be able to finally share the excitement of her moving around with him. She had always stopped moving when anyone tried to feel her. She is pretty strong and with the reduced space in there you can see her movements pretty well now. The next morning D was giving me a little cuddle when he starting telling my tummy to "please stop trying to push me" which was both exciting and adorable! usually D just watches her make my tummy move in the morning or he pushes in on my tummy to make her move around. He hadn't actually felt her kicking or pushing her hands out!

I do still have acid and heart burn which is getting worse now. It is starting to come throughout the day and stay for longer. I have started to sleep with an extra pillow under my own pillow and the end of my pregnancy pillow on top of that. I still wake once or twice with it but I also use the bathroom while I am up.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

25 & 26 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

25 weeks bump shot baby #2

25 Weeks

Baby -

Our little girl is measuring up to be about the size of a
rutabaga (13.5 inches) and she now weighs around 1.5 pounds. This week she is still becoming more proportionate with her limbs all starting to be around the right size for her head and body. It is also during this week that she is starting to fill out her skin with baby fat and all the wrinkles are starting to slowly fill in which makes it look smoother. She is still growing her hair and it is now starting to develop a colour and have texture! Which is getting me a little bit excited.

Me -

This week my bile acids continued to decline although it didn't go down as much as had been expected going by the results we got last week after I started taking the medication which I had been given. My bile acid level came back as 18 which is much better than the place we started at! I am still outside of the normal range and my liver function is staying quite high with my ALT and AST both staying around the 200 range which is around 6 times higher than the normal range expected. So far I am not overly worried about obstetric cholistasis. I do think about it and some of the things which can happen because of the condition. Although it isn't starting to make me nervous or worried yet.

I did have my first appointment with the community midwife this week which was rather odd. I had missed my appointment at 16 weeks due to being in hospital and so this appointment is both my first and most likely my last. It was just a normal check up where she checked on baby's heartbeat with the hand-held Doppler, asked how I was and checked my blood pressure. She normally would have checked my urine too but since I had gone straight to the appointment from my normal weekly bloods at the hospital it was already noted. My blood pressure and baby's heartbeat had been noted too but she decided to check anyway. She did talk about what would happen the next time I see her which is most likely to be at home after I have given birth! That is quite a scary thought since it really isn't too long now until baby will actually be here.

Over the weekend I did manage to catch tonsillitis for the first time in my life! It is horrible and what made it worse was that through the horrible feeling of my throat seemingly getting smaller I was still trying to eat all 3 meals every day in order to take my medication which must be taken with food three times a day. Thankfully I got an emergency appointment with my doctor and was able to get some antibiotics which worked before it progressed to far. I was feeling more like myself by Monday night/ Tuesday morning.

I have started to get new cravings over the last week. Mostly I have been craving really salty chips in any form along with McDonald's Big Mac burgers. I have been trying to avoid those as much as I can but it seems to be getting harder and harder not to go get one especially since we have a McDonald's not very far from where we live!

26 Weeks Bump Shot Baby #2

26 Weeks

Baby - 

She is measuring up to be the same size as hothouse cucumber (14 inches) and weighs about 1.75 pounds. She is starting to put on a fair bit of weight every week now and I can see the difference with each of the bump shots in how big I am as she is getting bigger.

Her eyes are opening this week! She should now be able to see light now since her brain and her optic nerve are much more developed! She is able to hear noises from outside my tummy which is pretty cool. I do think that she can hear when D sings to her (usually each morning) as she gets very active during some of the little rhymes he sings. He loves that she moves around when he is singing although they do have a difference of opinion when it comes to the songs themselves! She doesn't like to move around so much when he sings "5 little speckled frogs" (his favourite) but goes crazy when he sings "you are my sunshine" (his least favourite).

Me - 

My bile acids are still getting lower and the results from the test done on Thursday (25 + 6 weeks) is 13! It is quite remarkable that it has finally got so close to normal. Though my bile acids came down my ALT and AST got higher this week. The bile acids are the main concern and those are mostly what we are keeping an eye on. I know that they will more than likely go back up again. Especially since I am getting much closer to the third trimester which is when obstetric cholistasis would usually appear. Over Thursday night and Friday I did start to notice that I was itching more than I had been the last 2 weeks or so which I admit made me worry a good bit as I don't want to get back to the point where under my nails itch. I am becoming much more aware of her movements and have started to freak out if she isn't moving around at her normal times (I know that she may still change these times slightly). Luckily she has moved around within half an hour or so of me starting to freak out and I have yet to actually need to phone the hospital.

This week I have started to get cramping when I either walk fast or walk for a long period without a break. It always catches me off guard and I need to either walk at the pace of a snail or stop for a few minutes. It does make walking places alone with D a little harder since he prefers to get moving and get there. The cramping can come and go but if I don't stop it will get quite painful and make walking very uncomfortable.

I have started to get a mixture of heart burn and acid which comes up my throat. It started to happen more at night when I am lying down. I have been using heart burn relief but it only works for a while. I did get quite bad acid and heart burn when I was pregnant with D and I remember near the end eating ice pops in the middle of the night followed by some milk just to get enough relief to sleep! I am hoping that it won't get that bad this time.

I somehow managed to get sick again this week. This time I caught a sinus infection which I had to go to the doctor about by day 2! It made everything taste like what I imagine off milk would taste like! Mixed with the taste of baby sick when I was taking my medication. It was disgusting, I did get used to everything tasting awful throughout the week. Sinus infections are very hard to treat while pregnant as there is a limited range of things that can give you any relief. This wasn't helped by the fact that some of the things you can have in pregnancy can have an effect on the liver. That meant that I wasn't allowed to have them.
Friday, 7 April 2017

23 & 24 Week Bump Update Baby #2

23 week Bump shot - Baby #2

Week 23 - 

Baby - This week my little girl is about the size of a large mango (11.5 inches) and is now weighing in to be about 1.1 pounds!

This week she is more proportioned in relation to the size of her head compared to the size of her body. She now looks much more like a tiny version of a newborn baby! Her skin however is still translucent and if you looked inside you would be able to see all her organs underneath, which seems both amazing and slightly scary. Her eyes are also now fully formed, they are only missing their colour now.

Me - This week has been hard when it has came to my itching. On the Thursday of week 22 I had my blood test for liver functions repeated. For the whole week before that I was itching like crazy. By Thursday night I had the result, my bile acids had jumped from being a very normal 4 to being at 111! I was asked to go up to the hospital that night and pick up some medication that the doctors wanted me to start taking immediately and to attend the next morning to speak to the doctor. It was at that appointment that I was diagnosed with having early on set obstetric cholistasis which you can read all about by clicking on the link. After 2- 3 days I started to really get some relief from the itching! At last. It certainly wasn't gone by any means but it was much less intense and I wasn't wanting to pull my hair out any longer.

This week I have been feeling a fair bit more movement and she is certainly starting to get herself into a little pattern every day of when she moves around and her stronger movements all mostly happen at night. I love feeling her little kicks and movements now and she can still surprise me every now and then which always makes me smile. I have started to notice that if I am sitting down at night I can see her big kicks and movements making my tummy move around, I have been attempting to catch this on camera but I am yet to be successful!

24 Week Bump Shot with baby #2

Week 24 - 

Baby - At 24 weeks baby is measuring to be around the same size as corn (12.5 inches) and now weighs around 1.25 pounds.

This week she is developing her senses which means she can most likely now tell if she is upside down! I have noticed that she spends a lot more time kicking my pelvis this week rather than her usual area which would be around the middle of my tummy. Her ears are now much more developed and she can start to tell the difference between sounds. She can now hear my heartbeat and my voice which is pretty cool!

She is also quickly developing her respiratory system which will allow her to be able to practice breathing using the amniotic fluid!

Me - My blood results from my Thursday appointment to keep track of my obstetric cholistasis have shown that my bile acids are down by a lot! They are now sitting at 24 which is much better than they had been. I am feeling a lot better when it comes to the itching. I no longer feel incredibly self-conscious about being outside and itching all the time. I was really worried that people would think I had chicken pox or something else!

This week I have managed to really enjoy some time to relax which has been hard so far during this pregnancy. Between having D to run around with, trying to keep up with everything that has needed done around the house and all of the appointments I have had along with not actually being able to do things due to feeling so ill and the limits of time.

I have started to really notice my bump now and on many occassions this week I have noticed I will touch or hold my bump without even realising. I am starting to feel pretty big at this point and I know I will only get bigger from here on out!

I feel like even though so much has happened medically speaking during this pregnancy that I should really be frustrated. That is not how I feel, yes I have had moments where I felt like the whole pregnancy has been a disaster but I am really enjoying being pregnant this time round. While I was pregnant with D I don't think I really did enjoy it as much as I should have. I remember feeling awkward and tired for most of my pregnancy with D which looking back now I realise I had it rather easy!

Towards the end of this week I did manage to catch tonsillitis! For the first time ever, which is pretty amazing considering both D and Simon get it at least once a year.

This week I have started to really crave ice in all forms! The one thing I really do love at the moment is slush puppies and ice pops. I have yet to reach the amount I remember consuming with D but I am certainly wanting them on at least a daily basis! I have started to really enjoy all things that are spicy at the moment which is a bit strange as I would usually prefer to have things that are much blander and have very little spice.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Taste Inc 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets Review

If you are a regular reader of mine you will know that I have been making daily trips to one appointment or another for the last few weeks and in general these trips have been to my doctor's surgery which is actually around an hour to an hour and a half away! So that has meant daily trips that can take up to and sometimes beyond 3 hours. During that time I usually do get hungry at some point and I will admit I haven't been leaving prepared with snacks and have been eating whatever takes my fancy in the nearest shop. So when I was contacted about trying Taste Inc's new 100% chargrilled chicken  fillets I got pretty excited! They sounded like the product I didn't know I had needed.

Taste Inc are a brand of snacking products which are produced here in the UK and are a brand which put taste at the forefront of the products they create. They produce healthy snacks using sustainable sourced ingredients.

Taste Inc 100% Chargrilled chicken fillet fridge packs

Taste Inc 100% chargrilled chicken fillets are just that, a steamed and chargrilled mini chicken fillet in a small packet. They come in two varieties which are spicy and original. The spicy version has a peri peri marinade.

The packs are to be kept in the fridge and come as a single pack with one fillet or in a fridge pack of 5 which you can pull apart to take them with you on the go. They are the perfect addition to any lunch box or to simply pop into your bag on your way out to appointments (my main use for them!).

Taste Inc chicken fillets ingredient lists

One thing I noticed as soon as they arrived was their ingredient list and I was pretty surprised that I knew all the ingredients listed! That is something that I try to do with many of the products we use. I hate the thought of buying food for taking with us on the go and not actually knowing if it is as good for us as we are led to believe! I know that many foods made for those of us who have a busy life and snack while we are out are certainly not the healthiest options we could make but Taste Inc 100% chargrilled chicken fillets are in that category for me. Both the original and the spicy fillets are high in protein, low in saturated fat, salt and carbohydrates which makes them a fantastic healthy option to have around!

Taste Inc 100% chargrilled chicken single packs

I was most excited about the original one before they arrived as I would normally prefer things I eat to be quite normal and not really up there on the spicy scale. I actually wasn't the biggest fan of the original chargrilled chicken fillets and D ended up eating the last two! Now I am not saying they didn't taste nice as they tasted just fine and in fact reminded me of eating chicken made on the BBQ in the summer the day after the actual BBQ (because it just tasted better the next day!). They didn't get me too excited nor would I choose them over the spicy version which also reminded me of BBQ chicken but just a spicier version. In all honestly I do think this is one of my pregnancy things as I have been enjoying food that is much spicier than normal.

One thing I really loved about the 100% Chargrilled chicken fillets is that you can eat them straight from the packet! This meant that while I was walking or sitting on the bus I was able to snack on the chicken fillets by simply tearing open the pack and eating it. This worked out to be perfect as I found the spicy fillets to leave an orange colouring from the spice rub on my fingers when I touched them which is fine at home but would cause problems if I was out.

Taste Inc spicy 100% chargrilled chicken in a salad

Not only are Taste Inc's 100% chargrilled chicken fillets perfect for when you are out and about but they are great for adding to meals, wraps, salads and sandwiches along with many others that I simply didn't think of to try. I did really love being able to add the fillets to salads as simply making a fillet to add into a salad actually takes a fair bit of time especially if you want to add extra flavour to it with a rub or marinade. Using the Taste Inc 100% chargrilled chicken fillets with meals and salads meant that even if I was running late with lunch or dinner or really needed to eat something quickly I could still have a healthy and balanced meal. Most importantly it was also something I would enjoy! As you can see in the above picture I loved to pair the spicy fillet with a quickly put together salad for a quick and easy lunch. I did also add the original flavoured fillet to some rice, peas and sweetcorn which has been one of my go to quick meals recently and this really made the simple dish that little something more. I did forget to grab a picture of that one.

All in all I would say that the Taste Inc 100% chargrilled chicken fillets are a great addition to our fridge for a variety of different reasons and I have in fact got them on my shopping list to purchase more when I make my next shopping trip! I loved them as did Simon and D who both preferred the original fillets to the spicy fillets. They are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule and I would recommend them to anyone who snacks on the go and even those of you who find they need quick and easy meals that don't take 20 minutes to prepare.

You can purchase your own fridge pack (£3) or individual packs (90p) of Taste Inc 100% chargrilled chicken fillets in Morrisons (Currently only have the original fridge pack available online), Ocado or Nisa.

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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