Sunday, 5 March 2017

21 Week Bump Update - Baby #2


This weeks bump shot is a little different from the rest, I took this one myself so it's at a strange angle and much closer too.

Baby - 

Now our little baby girl is measuring up to be about the size of a banana (10.5 inches) and currently weighs about 12.7 ounces. At the moment her digestive system is developing and she is starting to swallow some of her amniotic fluid and the sugars it contains are starting to get absorbed into her body. Her little body is starting to prepare for the time when she arrives and needs to get all those nutrients absorbed herself!

She is still small in there and that means that she currently has plenty of room to squirm around in and enjoy her movements. It won't be too long before she starts to take up more of that space.

Me - This week has been pretty quite for me compared to the last few where I had a lot going on!
I am really enjoying being pregnant, It is an amazing thing that the human body can do and during this week I did realise just how amazing it is that this little human is and has been forming inside me!

She has become much more active this week and sometimes she can catch me off guard if she hasn't moved at all for a while then decides to stretch out quite quickly. I love it! I am still the only one who can feel her movements but I don't think that will be for much longer as she is getting stronger every day.

My body is changing much more rapidly now and I can notice my bump getting slightly bigger when I look at pictures of the last 2-3 weeks. While I was pregnant with D I think I had started to notice those tell-tale signs of stretch marks starting to form although I have not yet reached that point this time round and have yet to notice any stretching of my skin. I am starting to see changes in my breasts  which I noticed over the last week but this is pretty normal for this stage in pregnancy as they are starting to prepare for her arrival.

Over the last week I have gone a little, tiny bit crazy for all things pink! So much so in fact that I now have a good few outfits and some baby grows, vest and other items put away for when she arrives. I have no doubt that by the time she comes I may well have a full wardrobe of clothing to do her for longer than the first few months! It's just so pretty! D is getting pretty excited about all the clothing and actually insisted that we hang up her dresses in his wardrobe. He cleared her a little area one side and every time we buy something to get hung up he has to hang it himself. It is so adorable!


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