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What I've Won November & December 2016

I am incredibly late at writing this post considering my November wins should have been posted at the start of Decemeber! I did however take a break from November time through to this month and am finally getting round to getting my wins sorted. I've actually been pretty excited about doing this post as I also get to count up my yearly wins and can even compare them to 2015 for the first time ever.

I'm going to start with November 2016. I had a pretty great month when it came to wins. In November I had a total of 7 wins. Which  for some may not be a lot but for me that is a good month and I must say I did have one fantastic win!


The first prize I won was actually won in October however a friend found the post and told me about it on the 6th of November and I have counted it in my November wins for this reason. I won this Tassimo Fidelia T40. I have been trying to win a coffee machine for so long I can't actually remember when I started! I was absolutely delighted to find out I had won eve though we had not long found out I was pregnant and wouldn't be able to enjoy until she comes along. We have had hot chocolate using the machine and Simon has enjoyed some coffee too. I will use it more when I can but I am very much looking forward to it. This competition was run by Cooking Fever on their Facebook page, they run a competition for different prizes every week on a Friday and I have been entering for months now . It was a simply like and share competition, I did also comment on the post which I usually do in any competition that is like and share. 


Next up was actually a twitter win and another from a company I have been entering regularly with. I won with Lovedrobes. I won this beautiful dress and I must say I do love it! To enter I had to follow and retweet their tweet. I have loved so many of their items of clothing. I had planned to wear the dress on Christmas but I felt rather fat (due to being at that stage in pregnancy!) and decided I will keep it until baby is born and wear it to a family dinner or a similar event. (This picture is not great, the dress is beautiful!)

[gallery ids="8459,8461" type="rectangular"]
My third win was another that I won on twitter. This time I won with Harper Fiction Pr I won this great signed book called Built. This was another follow and retweet competition and I actually entered a few minutes before it ended by chance. I am pretty happy with this as I really am such a bookworm and I love similar books to this. I did start reading it when it arrived but I somehow stopped and have yet to get back to it and I think I'll do that soon now that I remember!


I also won this lovely little Peter Rabbit book and a cute little alarm clock. I won this in a group I am in on Facebook. It was a small competition offered to members by another member. I was delighted to win these as I know D will just love them! I was also very thankful for the member who held the competition.


My next win was another twitter win which I won with Aston & Parsons was this lovely and very much enjoyed bag from Hotel Chocolat. I have been wanting to win something from Hotel Chocolat since last Easter when all the amazing Easter eggs ended up everywhere! This was another competition where I had to retweet and follow them to enter. I was pretty amazed that I had won! I must say I loved the contents and managed to indulge a little bit every now and then to satisfy my love of all thing chocolate.


My sixth win was a blog win from They Grow So Quick  and is actually my first win for baby too. I won a MAM bottle and dummy set. This was a Rafflecopter competition where I had a few entry options and competed all that I could, using various social media channels. I know this will come in very handy and will be used for baby when she comes. I love little wins like this as they are so handy!


My final win of November was actually a little advent win in a group on Facebook. It was held by members and for members. To enter each participant had to offer a prize therefore ensuring that everyone would get something. Over November they picked daily winners and each person got to choose a prize from the list. I was one of the last sets to win but I was delighted with my prize of this Star Wars Ravensburger puzzle which I am keeping for the moment as it is for a slightly older age bracket than D can complete but it will most likely be given to him or to a friend or family member.


During December I really struggled to actually want to enter anything and when I did get entering it was very little. I got pretty comped out and I wasn't feeling great and suffering with nausea on a daily basis. I did however have one win which was from a children's magazine. Technically D won this and I have put it away to add to his birthday stash which is actually not far away now! I know that he will love them and will enjoy having new puzzles to attempt too.

That is it! All of my wins for 2016 complete and accounted for. Now onto the exciting part, in 2016 I managed to win a pretty amazing 64 prizes/ competitions which come in at £2135.40! Compared to 2015 when I won a total of 23 prizes that came in at £1132.37.

I am really excited about 2017 when it comes to comping and I am hoping to beat 2016 as so far it is my personal best!

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  1. wow.. of to an amazing start! Hope there are many, many more for the rest of this year :)


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