Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Finding Out We're Pregnant

As I type this we have only found out we will be having baby number two 4 days ago. I am not entirely sure when this post will actually be published as we don't know when we will be telling everyone. I am really bad at keeping secrets and we have already told a few family members that we are having baby number 2! (Oops!)

Simon and I decided to start trying to have baby number two over two years ago now. I had actually started blogging after we came to this decision. Now many people will read this and look back over previous blog posts and think well why did we come to that decision? Honestly we knew our journey to baby number two would never be easy. I suffer from Polyscystic Ovarian syndrome known as PCOS and found out as teenager when my periods stopped for over 9 months. Doctors told me that it would be almost impossible for me to get pregnant without help. Before I got pregnant with D we lived in England with Simon's dad for a short 6 months and during those six months we had a lots of investigation done on the subject. I had various tests, many of which where invasive and damn right uncomfortable! Through these tests we never really got much of an answer other than that I had more of the male hormone in my body which was throwing off my other hormones. We did however find out that it was our only real obstacle and that I didn't have any other issues when it came to conceiving.

In the end I got pregnant with D around 6 months after moving back to Northern Ireland. We didn't actually find out about D until I was 8 weeks for the same reason. I ended up being really ill and having bad stomach pain which was due to implantation and a kidney infection. We found out D was coming when I went to the out of hours doctors about the pain. I never really had any typical pregnancy symptoms with D that would have made me think I was other than mood swings which Simon really picked up on and actually asked was I pregnant about 2 weeks before when a test had came up negative we didn't think any more of it.

So we knew going into this that getting pregnant was never going to be a sure thing and that it would never happen in the first few months to year. Up to now since we made the decision to start trying I have had 7 full cycles which ranged in time from 10 months to 2 months. There wasn't really any way for us to track my ovulation times other than taking ovulation tests and after having to take them every few days over a year and a half I started to give up. I had never actually got a positive test to say I was ovulating and I did have 3 periods during this time so I knew it was happening but I was just missing it. I did stop doing them for months and although I didn't really feel like they helped I ended up going back and doing them but much more sperratically as I was getting frustrated when after months I still wasn't ovulating.

During last week (Halloween weekend) D came home from his last day of nursery with a flu or cold and he was feeling really sick. He practically sat on the sofa all day every day this past week huddled up watching TV while coughing and sneezing. By Sunday night I was feeling really off and I kept feeling nauseous when I was doing things around the house and sometimes when I was just sitting down. It was much worse in the morning for a few hours and by Monday I wasn't sure that I was actually catching what D had as he hadn't been sick or said he felt sick at all. I had planned to take a test later on the Monday as we do always have them in the house anyway. In the end I remembered when I was almost asleep in bed on Monday night and just pushed it off telling myself I would do it in the morning. Morning came and went and I forgot again until I almost threw up and I decided to just do it anyway if it came up negative I could always try the next morning.

I went up and locked the bathroom door while I did the test. I got everything ready and I did it. I don't think I was ever going to be prepared to see those two little lines and while the test was working I looked at it thinking that line is really close to the edge, should it not be on the other side?? I ended up grabbing the box and reading before the second line had even appeared. By the time I realised that my mind wasn't registering that it was the test line not the control line the control line had actually appeared and I literally almost jumped for joy! I did let out a little squeal though.

I practically ran down the stairs and had to take a few deep breaths before I asked Simon to come in the kitchen. I asked if he was feeling okay as I was very worried about his anxiety level . I didn't want to make him have a panic attack if he wasn't feeling great. He did tell me he felt fine though and I pulled the test out of pocket and said we're having another baby! He was shocked as like me he hadn't expected it at all and was surprised by my announcement. I phoned the doctor and made an appointment to be referred to the maternity unit. The doctor at this point thinks I may be about 5 weeks although we won't know until we actually get a dating scan which going by last time should be around the 8 week mark. (or 11+5 if we go by D's dating scan. )

We have not yet told D but he hasn't been feeling well and I want to wait a little bit to let him get better before we tell him. I know he is going to be really excited as he adores babies and loves when we go visit some of the younger children and babies in our family. I will write another post when we do tell him and post it after we announce baby number two.


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