Friday, 17 February 2017

Baby #2 is a...

Earlier today we had our big 20 week scan. We found out that baby is doing well and is growing just as they should be. Everything checked out and baby is healthy, which is amazing news for us. I will go into more detail about the scan and share the scan pictures with you in my bump update next Friday.

This is just a quick post to share the other news that we got about baby today at our scan. We have found out what gender baby is! 







I just love D's expression and pose in the last photo! He wasn't to happy that baby isn't going to be a boy like him but he is okay with it. He got a little more excited when we told him that baby would still want to play with him and his toys when she is a bit older and that he will still be her big brother.

Simon and I are delighted and I am looking forward to shopping and adding all those girly colours and baby bits to our house and lives!

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