Monday, 27 February 2017

A Letter to D - Your almost 4 Years Old

Dear D,

Life seems to be passing us by in a blur at the moment. Each time I find myself checking the date and really taking a minute to think about it weeks have passed! I want to just hold on to you and ask you to stop growing up so fast and just stay little forever. You are convinced that you will stay small forever and never grow up but that, sadly simply isn't true. You also think that if you do grow up and get really big then you will grow so big you will break our house! It will have a great, big, ginormous hole in the middle and the rain will get in!

It has now been a year since I took the time to write down a letter to you and all that means is that I now have so much to tell you about! During the last year you have started becoming such an out going little boy who wants to be friends with everyone. You now have some good friends and the friendships you have made both inside and outside of nursery (Yes your started nursery!) seem to be strong. You have two 'best friends' who you get really excited to see. You love spending time with children of all ages most of the time but there are still some times when you will want to play alone. 

You have started nursery, in fact you are almost through the whole year at nursery and we are just around the corner from September when you will start school. You adore going in every Monday to Friday. I love that when you wake up in the morning the first real question is always "Can I go to nursery now?". Every day you have something new to tell us about the different toys you play with, the games you play or a story you have read. These are usually the topics of our little midnight chats when you wake up and come into my bed for a cuddle.

Now that you don't want to play on your own so much you are very interested  in both Daddy and me joining in with all your games at home. We usually spend most weekends playing together in some way.


Your love of puzzles is growing and growing! You still enjoy sitting down with a challenging puzzle and figuring out which pieces go where. The only difference now is that you are usually singing some songs to yourself while you concentrate.


We have also discovered you have a great love of board games! Who knew at 3 years old you'd love paying monopoly? You actually pretty good at it too. After monopoly became a regular event we got you lots of little games made for your age and you really do find them to be so much fun! You have two favourites the Baa Baa game from Orchard Toys and your Jake and The Neverland Pirates Treasure Hunt game.


This past year you have changed so much and your features are now starting to look more boyish rather than soft and much like that of a toddler. There are some days where I really see how much your facial features have changed and I love some of the facial expressions you use.

In the last few weeks you have become a much louder boy and you love being involved in the conversations of everyone. You have started to take an interest in really socializing with people around you. The only issue we have found you have when socializing is that the conversation has to be of great interest to you, if not you will just change the subject! I hope that over the next few weeks, months and years you will see and understand that not every conversation can be about Thomas the Tank Engine, water, food or toys. We are now starting to branch out into other topics you enjoy so we are getting some improvement!


You don't really enjoy art all that much. Since you have started nursery we have seen that you don't really have an interest in doing paintings, drawings or other arty type things. You much prefer to 'make' something. Which in a way is still very much art but we must not say we are going to do art! You love to cut up paper and other materials and stick them down to make pictures. We are growing quite the wall of your work in the dining room area and I love it!

The final thing to write about this time around is that you're not going to be an only child for much longer! We will soon become a family of 4 and by the time your old enough to read and understand this I am sure you will both be friends (well that is my hope anyway). You got very excited when we told you that we would be having a little baby and have since grown to be quite impatient with the waiting around it takes. We found out just over a week ago that baby is going to be a little girl. You certainly didn't like that outcome and you almost cried when we told you at the hospital after we found out. You have since grown quite fond of the idea of having a little sister rather than a little brother which you had really wanted. We have since spent some time together finding some pretty girls clothing that you approve of and you keep telling everyone all about how she will be sleeping in your room with you! That won't be for at least another year though.

I am looking forward to seeing how much you will change and all the new things we will find out in the next year!

Love from,



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