Friday, 24 February 2017

20 Week Bump Update - Baby #2


We're Half way through the whole pregnancy already!

Baby -  At the start of this week (Friday) we had our 20 week abnormality scan where we found out baby is a girl! We also found out that above all else she is healthy and doing just as she should be. We watched as the four chambers of her heart worked, seen her organs, watched as she moved, kicked, created a fist and even as she brought her hand up to suck her thumb. In fact we got the amazing close up scan picture above of her sucking on her thumb from a side view! I love this one, you can see so many of her features! During the scan we heard her heartbeat which is currently 158 beats per  minute, a large change since we last got a number at 7 weeks.

This week baby is roughly the size of a small cantaloupe (6.5 inches) and she weighs 10 ounces! During this week her skin will get covered in Vernix ( a waxy-like substance) and this will stop her skin from getting scratched. 

She is also now starting to produce meconium, which means she is digesting what goes into her body. The meconium will be passed in her first nappy or possibly during delivery.


Me - Other than testing and various hospital and doctors visits this week has been pretty great! She's really getting active in there and has a good 5 sometimes 6 sessions of movement every day. I can still feel her best during the evening hours but she's getting stronger. In fact as I type this she is moving around, I think she could be doing a little dance in there! I'm no longer the only one who notices my bump now and a few people have asked or commented on it while I been out this week. The only discomfort this week has been that every now and then I get a few cramp-like but not cramps (if that even makes sense!) feelings. During this week I have started to buy some girly clothing. Lots of pink so far! I have also started picking up a few little essentials like bibs and bits we may need if I have seen them while I am out.

After we found had our 20 week scan I was sent to be assessed and tested to try to discover the cause of my itching. My blood pressure, temperature, a urine sample and two vials of blood got taken to be sent off for various tests. The most important of those was to check my general liver function. I was thankfully given some anti histamines and a cream which I can apply 3 times a day to try and help stop or reduce the itchiness. The next day I phoned back to get the results of the blood test which had come up as abnormal. I was very worried about this as there are so many serious problems that can happen with your liver!

Come Monday morning I was back at the hospital having fasted for the previous 9 - 10 hours to get more bloods taken. This time they took 8 or 9 vials of blood for more in-depth liver function tests and for fasting bile acids. I was given the result of some of the tests later that evening. The major one I had been really worried about, Cholestasis came back as normal. This was a great relief although it did mean we now had no idea what is causing my abnormal liver results or the itching! There are some blood tests we will have to wait for a few weeks before we get the results.

I was also referred for a liver and gall bladder scan as I have had gall stones before (just before getting pregnant with D). This scan happened on Thursday afternoon and again I had to fast for this test although it was only for 6 hours this time around. They took very detailed scans, using every positioning they could to get the best views. During this scan they also checked my kidneys and other organs they may need some references for. I don't have gall stones so we have now crossed off another possibility.

I am really loving that I can keep track of everything happening this time round. I'm already struggling to remember some of the feelings and things that happened towards the start of my pregnancy now that so much has actually happened! I am looking forward to having all these posts to look back on.


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