Monday, 20 February 2017

19 Weeks Bump Update - Baby #2


Baby - 

This week baby is about the size of an heirloom tomato (6 inches) and weighs around 8.5 ounces. Areas inside the brain  which are responsible for some of the senses are starting to develop now! The neurons are firing away inside the brain too and baby can move around in a more controlled way. How cool is that? Now when I feel her moving it is likely to be because baby is choosing to move body parts!

Me - 

I can see a pattern starting to form in how active baby is at certain times of the day. I notice movement mostly at night after D has gone to bed and I can sit down for a while. I have started to track the movements when I can using a pregnancy app and am jotting down the times baby starts moving in a little diary in case. The baby is certainly getting stronger and I can really feel some of the jabs and kicks baby needs. I can also feel pressure on my bladder every now and then. The baby has a developed a liking to giving me a good kick just when the nurses are changing my dressing and due to sharp tools this is always when I must not move at all!

I have a bump! A real noticeable bump. I hadn't really noticed as most of my clothes have been baggy for comfort in the last few weeks and I felt that I just looked a bit fatter. I feel rather large and I'm pretty sure that I wasn't this big with D at 19 weeks. I am really looking forward to getting a weekly bump shot now. I think I only have one picture of my bump while pregnant with D so I am hoping to get lots this time round!

I am still itchy all over and it is getting worse. I am finding it harder to relieve the itchy feeling without actually scratching! The scratching is now causing little pin prick cuts all over my legs and they are starting to show up on my arms and my face.  I have also noticed some long cuts in areas where I would scratch like my stomach and back, I think my nails may be causing these.

I'm almost back to normal when it comes to being able to move around, sit for long periods of time and doing usual tasks around the home! At long last I am starting to find some normalcy again.

I am officially caught up with my bump updates now! I will be posting my weekly bump update posts every Friday from now on.


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