Sunday, 3 July 2016

My Sunday Photo - Cool Dude

On Thursday we deviated from our usual route to Nannies and ended up walking past some beautiful street art. I wanted to get some pictures of D beside the bright whimsical wall with the intention of brightening up our picture frames but I can't help sharing one as this weeks My Sunday Photo.


Towards the end of my picture taking I was paying attention to where D was more than what he was doing and I actually didn't notice his stance until I was looking back through the photos after. I thought he was so cute trying to imitate the way Simon stands against a wall any time we stop somewhere. He looks so cool, calm and relaxed leaning on that wall!

The colours of the coral behind him just  pop out at me, I love the shades used by the artist and simple but beautiful shapes each is made up from. I really like that you can really see by this point D is no longer impressed with having his photo taken beside the cool street art on the wall but is now bored and was probably asking me if I was finished  yet! He was quite happy to get back on his way and actually get to Nannies.

What have you got up to this week?


As always we are linking up to Darren from Phot A Life. You can pop over to his blog using the Badge below, why not pop by and check out the other #MySundayPhoto's linking up.


  1. A great backdrop to a very cool dude.

  2. He looks very chilled and I love the bright background.

    Thank you for linking up

  3. He does look very cool....That background is just perfect x

  4. I love the background too. Thank you for hosting

  5. I do adore the colourful backdrop here. #MySundayPhoto

  6. He looks so grown up with that pose and that a lovely wall as a background =) #MySundayPhoto


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