Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Zycom Zipster Scooter Review

In the run up to Christmas Simon and me talked a lot about getting D a scooter, we went through a few options when D's granny phoned and told us she had found one she wanted to get him and was checking if we'd decided yet. As we hadn't we took a look at the Zycom Zipster Scooter which she had chosen and it looked perfect for D.


The Zycom Zipster has a few great features which D has really loved.20160613_204325.jpg

They include:

  • Light up front wheels

  • Easy to use quick stop break

  • Large foot plate, perfect for smaller children

  • 3 Wheels

  • Pivot steering for easy turning

When D first took the Zycom Zipster outon boxing day he couldn't get to grips with turning or with stopping and for D the logical thing to do was to lift and turn the scooter. He would stop by putting his foot on the ground until he stopped.

D was so very proud of himself for making the scooter go! It was pure joy on his face every time he got to go out on the scooter.

With us living in Northern Ireland where the weather isn't great for most of the year D wasn't really able to go out on his scooter much. That meant he couldn't get used to the Zycom Zipster for the first few months. In facet he rarely used it between January and April.

Once the good weather came in D was raring to get out and play on the scooter. He was more than ready to get used to how it works. For the first few days we let him play in the back garden on the Zycom Zipster, Simon and I spent a little time each day teaching D how to brake safely and how he can make the scooter turn without having to get of. It took a minute for D to understand the brakes and work out a way he could use them while staying on the scooter. It also didn't take long before he started to get the hang of pivot steering. I noticed that D was growing more confident in his abilities on the Zycom Zipster, not only did his confidence grow but he was getting faster every day.


By the time we went out on the Zycom Zipster again D was ready to go all on his own! He didn't want any help other than lifting the scooter across roads. The Zycom Zipster has changed his outlook on getting out and going for a walk, well a little ride on his scooter in D's case.


D races along in front of me and Simon anytime we go out with the Zycom Zipster. I sometimes think he's racing ahead just to see the lights on the front wheels light up. He loves watching them and I have caught him in the back garden with the scooter upside down spinning the wheels and laughing as the wheels light up.


The pivot steering is fantastic for teaching balance. D has always had pretty good balance but has struggled with balancing using one leg, especially when putting his shoes on. When he first got on the Zycom Zipster Scooter he was very one-sided with his weight and the pivoting would put him off but he has become used to how his body weight is distributed through the foot board. He can now distribute the weight evenly and stay steady while still steering the scooter the way he wants it move with small movements.

 The only issue we had with the Zycom Zipster Scooter was the two small rubber covers that go inside the holes for the screws along the handle bar. They sit up a few centimeters from the frame, which was good at the start but soon D figured out that they could be removed. He would take them off and mess around with them any time we stopped. In the end I had to remove them completely. I think that replacing the rubber stoppers with a plastic version that sits flush with the bar would be a much better solution and children wouldn't be able to remove them.

The Zycom Zipster Scooter from Zycomotion is a great scooter for 3-5 year old's who are getting to grips with the motion of scooter or are getting their first scooter. The Zycom Zipster has so much to offer children and they will gain confidence with the mastery if its movement.

You can purchase the Zycom Zipster Scooter at Amazon using the link for £53.96 at the time of writing this.



  1. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops21 June 2016 at 20:25

    This looks so cute, I like the two wheels at the front, sturdy for little ones. I love the design

  2. The two front wheels are D's favourite part of the Zycom Zipster scooter. Yes it is very sturdy and easy for D to find his balance on. Thank you coming by Jenni

  3. Joanna @mumbalance26 June 2016 at 00:26

    It looks really fun with the bowed front :) I think my toddler would love it! I have been wanting to buy a scooter for him for a while (he's nearly three), but we live on top of a steep hill. And our local park is on a steep hill as well, so I am a little worried he'll go too quickly before he really got the hang of steering and breaking safely. I'll have to get over it soon, I don't want him to miss out!

  4. We do love the Zycom Zipster Scooter. I know now that it was the perfect choice for D. We do have some steep hills near us which D has used the scooter on. The wide handle bar along the front is the perfect size for you to hold onto and steady your son while going down hill. We also got D used to the brakes and steering by going up and down the garden together and working on his balance/ body position on the scooter. He got used to the scooter quite quickly after that.
    I would say to get you both comfortable with the idea of a scooter you could try a book or app that relates to learning how to use the aspects of a scooter. They tend to move slowly at the start and gradually build up on speed as they find their way too.
    Thank you for coming by Joanna


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