Sunday, 5 June 2016

My Sunday Photo - Little Soldier

It's Sunday, not only that but it's June! What has happened to the first half of this year? I really have no idea where the last 6 months have vanished to. Anyway let's get back to Sunday, it's time of my Sunday photo and this weeks photo was taken on Monday while we attended our local maritime festival.

I'm not sure what we where expecting but we certainly weren't expecting to see all kinds of emergency responders and soldiers there with a full array of protection, armer, guns (without ammunition) and their vehicles to explore and discover. D was fascinated by everything that was happening and that they where doing there.

One of the things D enjoyed was dressing up in the soldiers armer/ protective gear. That was one of the reasons I have chosen this photo as my Sunday photo.


There's just so much I love about this photo. How proud D looks all dressed up like a real soldier, The expression on his face and the fact that he has his hands all scrunched up so he can show his "big muscles" off in his soldier outfit that looks about a hundred sizes to big for him. Most of all I love that this picture reminds me of just how small he still is. He's growing up so fast and time is really rushing past us. He insists on being a "big boy" so much I lose sight of the fact he is three years old and still just my little boy, well for another while at least!

As always we are linking up with Darren over on Phot A Life for #MySundayPhoto. You can visit Darren's blog by click on his badge below. Pop over and take a look at all the other My Sunday Photo's out there.


  1. That must have been brilliant fun getting all hands on with the soldiers' gear. I'd have quite liked to try that too!

  2. Mine love things like this with a chance to dress up, a great way to learn history.

  3. The time does fly by for sure. I love the look on your little cuties face. Those eyes say it all ;D

  4. Aww! Just look at his face! How adorable. It looks like a lot of fun is been had x

  5. That look is priceless. I bet that kit was heavy to wear.

    Thank you for linking up

  6. Yes it was very heavy! The two soldiers where happy to hold it up while he got a picture though.
    Thank you for hosting ☺

  7. Yes Kim, we had a fantastic day. It's certainly one we will remember for a long time too.
    Thank you for coming by.

  8. Yes, it does. I feel like I could blink and miss something! Haha
    Thank you for coming by. ☺

  9. Yes it is a great way to learn history. D loved meeting all the brave people who where there, he kept stopping to listen when other people where asking questions. He learnt a lot!

  10. Yes it was a lot of fun! He got to explore all their vehicles too.
    I don't blame you Tim, Simon had to try everything too!

  11. That's so great that he managed to dress up, although the kit does look heavier than he is! I bet he was made up; it's a fabulous photo!

  12. Yes I think it was heavier than D! He was so excited to get to wear it. Thank you ☺

  13. Awww he looks so cool in that gear! And his expression is so priceless and the soldier looks so nice too and happy that he is making a boy day awesome =)


  14. Gosh that kit looks heavier than him. Looks like he had a good day!

  15. He had a lovely day and the soldier's where more than happy to tell him everything they could

  16. It was! They're holding it up for him but he was so proud! He had a lovely day. Thank you for coming by ☺


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