Saturday, 14 May 2016

# My Sunday Photo - Splash!

It's Sunday! I know I can't believe another week has passed. It has been a wonderful week filled with sun shine and family fun. There has not been one day this week where we haven't left the house. I'm loving every day. We are all happier as a family and more importantly we are being active daily. There's very little time being spent in doors and where we are inside we are still playing games or reading stories. The TV and tech seem to be melting away in the distance which is another fantastic plus!

On Friday we got our D's firetruck ball pit/ pool which we have never used a s a pool before. D was a little annoyed that I was pouring so much water inside at first but he soon got over it when he realised he could get in the water and play! It wasn't long before bubbles where demanded and then came the balls. Before we put the balls in I managed to get a few good shots of D and Simon splashing each other. It is one of those shots that I chose as this weeks #MySundayPhoto.


There's so much I love about this one! I'll start with the moment itself, D was splashing water at Simon from the pool which was pretty funny to watch while simon tried to stop the water hitting him ( that didn't go well! ). Eventually they just started splashing each other. I love that you can see every little splash of water lifting up in the air to splash D. I think this is the best shot I got all day. everything is so clear even though there was a constant moment involved. I also really like the range of bright sun and colourful surrounds of the bright red pool compared to the shadowy area in the background. 

Every week I find myself loving more and more photo's. I'm always looking for new places and unique things to point my camera phone at. Finding the My Sunday Photo link up was a great discovery and it has really changed my view on my obsessive photo taking.
As always we are linking up to Phot A Life which you can view by clicking on the badge below!

P.S. Have a wonderful Sunday guys!



  1. That looks like a lot of fun! Glad you have been making the most of the sunshine :-)

  2. Such a lovely happy family fun moment to capture and a clever idea for a little paddling pool.

  3. That is an awesome pool. Beautiful natural moment to capture

    Thank you for linking up

  4. It was Louise. We have been enjoying ourselves this week 😊

  5. Thank you. We did have a lot of fun. Plus it only takes a few buckets of water to fill so we can use warm water 😊

  6. I love the pool too! It's getting a bit small but we will get a big one soon ☺ thank you for hosting Darren.

  7. I agree about this linky, it makes me look through all my phot's I've taken in the week and then try to narrow it down to one that captures either our week or maybe something magical in the photo I hadn't seen. This is great for all the reasons you share. Happy Sunday too #MySundayPhoto

  8. Yes! That's just how I feel too. It helps me to get rid of all the blurry photos too. Happy Sunday 😊

  9. Sun, pool and water can only lead to fun! #mysundayphoto


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