Saturday, 7 May 2016

# My Sunday Photo - Crossing The Bridge

Last Saturday I took D to the cinema for the first time. We had a lovely day, the sun was shinning and it was pretty warm. On our way home we crossed over a bridge in the city centre. The bridge is still pretty new and is very modern with beautiful glass panels on one side while the other has steel cable wires. You get quite a view on either side of the bridge and I just couldn't help snapping a picture of D as we walked across.


I liked the photo that I took however I wanted to see how it would look in black, grey and white so I added a filter and I now love it. That is why I have chosen it as my Sunday photo this week.

We have lots of photo's of D over the last 3 years and some of my favourites are in black and white or sepia. I don't know why but I just love black and white photographs. I am considering getting this picture blown up onto a canvas or even just a poster which I can frame.

I love that you can see so much detail in the photo, everything from the ripples in the water behind him to the depth in the clouds. It all stands out and adds to the photograph in their own ways.

Although the photograph is just that, a photograph there's so much movement involved. D's body movements, his foot slightly off the ground and his arm shapes show that he was walking while I took the picture. Just like the water and clouds.

I also like the layering of the photograph. It's not just one area included in the picture. You can see so much. D being the focal point of the photo followed by the bridge's architecture, the water behind him which is followed by another bridge not far behind the first. Looking even further back you can see the buildings below the clouds and even then you can see the layering in the clouds. There's just so much there in that one shot, that one moment. It all comes together beautifully in black and white.

As ever we are linking up with Darren over at  PhotALife for #MySundayPhoto, you can visit Darren by clicking the badge below




  1. It is a lovely photo that works so well in black and white. I think it would make a lovely canvas

  2. Lovely photo that works so well in B & W

    Thank you for linking up

  3. I think b&w just gives that romantic mood! I love the photo too. He looks so grown up here and the way he looks at the cemara is just so serious! #mysundayphoto


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